Backgrounds Megapack

Welcome to the biggest and best backgrounds pack available. For many years I have wanted to make a large pack using the many backgrounds by myself and others. Well here it is, got to be a must for every FM fan a super pack full of quality images to enhance your gaming experience. All have the correct xml/config files to work correctly and I have fully tested the whole pack with no problems. Certain backgrounds will show on certain screens.... City pack images will show on all Cub screens. Stadiums will show on all Team screens, etc.

  • 32,661
  • 2017.01 - Released on 16 Nov 2016
Backgrounds Megapack

Version 2017.01 - Football Manager Backgrounds Megapack Megapack

You are looking at Version 2017.01 of the Football Manager Backgrounds Megapack Megapack.

Date Released 16 Nov 2016 16:03:30
Complete File 32,661 Images 6.53 GiB
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