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rossiheslopi Comments
By Tommo. | Permalink | On 24 April 2013 - 15:27 PM
Not sure if this is why but Defoe probably got nothing after the game because the ref had dealt with if by giving him a yellow card. The same reason the FA gave to not punishing Aguero after the challange on Luiz because the ref had spoke to Aguero

Fair enough I suppose, but the outcry about Suarez is way more than I ever remember it being for Defoe? I may obviously be wrong but I'd forgotten about the Defoe bite until this came up, can't see this being allowed to be forgotten as easily.
I expected a decent length ban but think 10 is excessive, personally would have thought it'd be about 6 tbh. Especially considering previous bans for other offences, i.e only an 8 game ban for Ben Thatcher almost killing Pedro Mendes, and Defoe only getting a yellow card and nothing else for biting Mascherano
Top banter by Evra
By Hibee | Permalink | On 22 April 2013 - 19:21 PM
All the players fines etc the Liverpool dish out automatically go to the Hillsborough charity don't they?

Think it goes to the club who then decides which charities etc the fine may go to, think they're pretty involved in multiple local charities so the decision is ultimately up to them
Obviously it's a PR move, anyone who can't see that is pretty deluded. Surely the money would otherwise just go to the club so they've obviously told him to donate it to the charity
By KEV0 | Permalink | On 21 April 2013 - 19:41 PM
I think he bit off more than he can chew this time for them to be able to defend him.

First of all I'm obviously pretty happy we got a point and thought Sturridge was fantastic when he came on.

However, I didn't want Suarez to score after what he did. Obviously he shouldn't be on the pitch at all and should get a pretty hefty ban, personally I'd say anything between the 7 he got before, up to 10 games. I love the guy as a player and his passion but he's too much of a liability at times and I'm slowly coming round to the idea that he's really more trouble than he's worth. Obviously he's a pretty unique player and is going to be extremely hard to replace, but every player has his price and that price is looking more tempting now he's done something like this.
Awesome golf. So happy for Adam Scott, especially after his disappointment at the open last year
I hate united, but I hate stoke as well and considering that the title is won I'm actually hoping for a united win to send stoke down!
Absolute scum, there were kids there crying and being carried out of the stadium to get them away from it all
McCarthy had a blinder in goal for Reading, made at least 4/5 awesome saves
Tiger could be getting DQ'd. Could make things interesting
Yeah, I'm 22 and pretty damn good at golf, but then this guy just shows how far away from that level I actually am
I'm on Colsaerts, Rose and Snedeker. Last 2 looking decent on -2 but Colsaerts on +2. He's the sorta guy who can go low tomorrow though
Love the Masters, although that's probably mainly due to the fact I play golf. Cannot put into words how happy I'd be if Sergio could break his major duck
By Flash. | Permalink | On 11 April 2013 - 14:12 PM
Tbh I always thought it was some drunk slut who wanted to make some money, but after finding out his names Chedwyn, he deserves all he gets.

My favourite bit:

"The only evidence of what sexual activity occurred came from the accounts of his co-accused Clayton McDonald who also had sex with the complainant and was found not guilty of rape, Ched, and the night porter who was listening outside the room."

Agree on Stoke.

Also, Tony Pulis is a cunt
YES DORTMUND! Keeps my bet on them to win the Champions League alive as well
By bluemoon. | Permalink | On 09 April 2013 - 19:12 PM
I can't believe this many of you care about wrestling.

To be fair a lot of people in America who like wrestling would be surprised that there's so many people who care enough to make a whole forum based on FM....
By Patty | Permalink | On 08 April 2013 - 23:20 PM
I love Dirty Dutch!

Another highlight of Mania was this.


The Undertaker's entrances are insane, one of my many regrets is that I've never seen it live, and likely never will. Getting to see it done at Mania where they go all out with it would be awesome
Can't believe I stayed up and watched it even though i had to be up for work 3 hours later. Was so poor, and so so predictable. Punk Taker the match of the night, just makes you wish Taker wasn't old/beat up as you just want him to keep going forever and ever. The only result that surprised me was the Tag Title match as I was half expecting Big E to get a big Wrestlemania debut
Just a couple of weeks after being sacked by England for failing to achieve world cup qualification Roy Hodgson bounces back into management:


Loving the whole album though tbh
Wow. They're gonna be a touch tired
Well going along with that my local team (Halifax) have 12 games to play in the month of April plus the players have other jobs to go to as well. These boys in the prem moaning about twice in 3 days need to man the fuck up and get on with it considering how much fitter and how much better paid they'll be
If Kean had stayed d'you reckon you'd have gone up? Obviously you were high up the league when he walked so interesting to see how you feel he'd have done despite your obvious dislike (hatred?) of him? Wonder what a bit of stability could have done.
Can't believe Dortmund - Malaga is still 0-0, has been such an open game, just some awful finishing
By Ninja | Permalink | On 29 March 2013 - 20:53 PM
England's media snuck up on Roy Hodgson as he was resting ahead of a night of hunting voles and attempting to mate with the female's of his species.