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netherlands lower leagues, a PM request.






Request not completed. @Erikeagles68

Hi guys,Could somebody make this kits?

Club: Blauw Wit Amsterdam

ID: 101026

Umbro / Kappa / Adidas

home : Blue White striped (like Celtic)

away: own input

3e: own input

Sponsor: Tesla

Standard Liege (Belgium Jupiler Pro League)


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Hi, just wondering if anyone could make any Parma kits modern or vintage 90s looking open to any ideas.cheers


Tell me if you want me to change anything.
Hi guys,

Could someone kindly create some fantasy ASC De Volewijckers Jordan kits for me please?

home kit

away whit/red

third purple

Shirt sponsor KLM

Hi guys,

Could someone kindly create some fantasy MNK Izola, Umbro or Kappa kits for me please?


home kit blue/white

away white/ blue

third suprise me

Shirt sponsor Lasko beer

Home Away Third
Farense Home/Away/Third
Seriously, those Tesla kits are absolutely beautiful!

Ty. Here is the final set for me.
FC Porto update home and away. Third waiting for pictures with players.
Thanks my friend.

Input from any other designers would be incredible also. As I said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good selection for different seasons, between the different sponsors. The more the merrier

Just increase the sponsor side. Didnt change the colors because i made this

Yellow because Aberdeen played in yellow from 1904 to 1938.
These are a great start, thank you so much! Is it possible to get the Yokohama logo just slightly bigger and slightly lowered? Also black and red in the white kit? Akin to what it's like for Chelsea - here.

I can make the other kits with that colors.
Hi everyone. Could I please request a few kits for my long-running Aberdeen FC save?

I'm looking for a selection of home, away and third kits, which I can switch between before new seasons. I'm pretty easy on the designs, but some great-looking Adidas / Nike ones. I've definitely been inspired by, for example, the massive selection of Arsenal, Chelsea, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter and Marseilles tops on the last few pages here. Anything even close to that would be incredible and much appreciated.

Badge - The club tends to change the badge colour to compliment each strip's colours, for example.

Sponsors - I'd like the following for different seasons - 3 / Tesla / Yokohama Tires

Colours (Home) - The home kit should always be red, with white trim.
Colours (Away / Third) - This is where I'm very open-minded. Traditionally, Aberdeen go for a white/red/black or gold/black away kit. So, we could follow that approach for one set. For example. Otherwise, perhaps dark navy and yellow, or blue. I'm not saying to use those designs exactly, but they may give inspiration. Another great-looking white one, if you perhaps swap the blue trim for red and the current red for gold, would be this.

Hopefully that all makes sense. If I can get a selection of kits for each of the sponsors, that would be incredible, as I can then switch between seasons and as the club grows. I appreciate it's a bit of work! There are some incredible designers on here and I've been admiring your designs for years, so I really do appreciate your time.

So i did 1 set only. Hoping people make more. If not, later i make others.
You chose what is the away kit the white or the navy blue.

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KV Mechelen Away

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FC Porto Fantasy
RSC Anderlecht

Hey all, I'm looking to get some kits for my FC Pripyat save.

Please see attached!

Manufacturer - Adidas

Sponsor - None

Thank you


Hope you like it.
K.V. Mechelen
First time posting in the forum.
Club Brugge 2020
PSG 2020

Collars not mine.Brugge away not 100%

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