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Ice Man Comments
if you use SSKCC you have to start a game, other you can use save game with in-game editor ok

What I meant was if I did it before the game starts with the full editor, would it be better to edit your SSKCC file or should I just start a brand new file from the default database? Also, by using the default database, it shouldn't matter if I use an updated database as long as I've got my newly created file loaded as well. I don't want to have to update the updated database every time a new one comes out.

Hope that makes sense!
ill do them but im do 18/19 to finished first then ill do 19/20 SSKCC ok so but you can do yourself with in-game editor its up to you.

That was going to be my next question. If I wanted to do it myself, is it best to start from where the last kit update ended or start from the default database?
Is there any plan to update the kit colours for the English leagues to go with the new download, or are you (or whoever updates them!) going to wait until there are more leagues to do? Hope that makes sense
New Sichuan Longfor logo - 23366038

Just a heads up, there is a mistake with the new Bristol City logo. It currently has the id (691) of Norwich when it should be Bristol City (619)
well they are all going in the updates.There are over 40 new or updated trophies in update 5. But if you are impatience you can always just add them yourself. The last three from 9. march didn't make it and will be part of the next update along with hopefully more trophies

Thanks a lot!
Sorry, bit of an idiot question! Will these be added to the new update packs or do we have to download them individually ourselves and add them to the existing ones?
Could somebody please make these logos. These are for the new Chinese clubs that have appeared after the update:

Beijing Sports University - 23489763

Guangdong Huananhu - 2345693

EDIT: Just saw that Tianjin has already been done.

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Just a random one but does anyone know where the 3 new Chinese teams have come from? Ever since the latest update these 3 new teams have sprung up. Are they new teams or have old teams just re branded or re named?

Super League
Tianjin Tianhai - 23485773

Jia League
Beijing Beijing Sports University - 23489763
Guangdong Huananhu - 23485693

Great work buddy. Shame it didn't work out with England but now you can focus on winning the Champs League and the Prem. If you did think about leaving where would you be looking at?
Yes to the bit in bold

Brilliant, thanks for the quick reply!
Just want to check something, I have just got a new pc and don't really want to be copying all of the graphic files over from one pc to another. So, if I download the torrent will that give me all the base logos for fm19 and then I will need to just individually download the updates or will I have to download all of the updates from fm18 as well?

Fantastic season, hopefully next year you can progress and enter the top 4.








League: Winners = 50 pts
Cup: Winners = 25 pts
Qualify for Europe via Cup or League: Yes = 15 pts

Rivalries - HJK x4 & TPS x4 = 40 pts
Awards: Manager of the Year, Top Goal Scorer = 10 pts

Total = 135 points





La Liga - 4th - 8th = 20 pts
Club World Cup - Winner = 10 pts
Spanish Cup - Winner = 25 pts
Champions League - Winner = 25 pts

Rivalries - Barcelona x2 At Madrid x1 = 15pts

Total - 95pts
I haven't had any trouble with getting the game to load. Here are the usual starting screenshots


Glad this is back.

Just a bit of a personal request, if we end up playing in Portugal or Brazil etc, then is it possible to have the real names for clubs.






Eastern Conference - 1st - 30pts
Supporters Shield - 1st - 25pts
MLS Playoffs - Winner - 25pts
US Open Cup - Winner – 25pts
Rivalries – 7 wins - 35pts
Manager of Year - 5pts
Top Goal Scorer – 5 pts

Total - 150pts


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Here is the new Leeds badge (671)

Here you go.

San Marino Calcio H/A/T

https://i.imgur.com/jTpxglC.png https://i.imgur.com/0MVmr8h.png https://i.imgur.com/3bnxkZs.png

Thank you very much. Keep up the great work, loving the England lower league kits that you have been doing.
I'm hoping that somebody can help me. Is there anybody that could possibly make these current San Marino Calcio kits please. If you need any other pictures then I can try and find some more.

Home 1 . Home 2

Away 1 . Away 2

Third 1
Here are my results: (Does anybody know if there is a play of the tournament award? I haven't received any new item about it?)

2018 Results
2019 Results
Qualifying Group

Group Table
Knockout Tree

Top Goalscorer

60 Points for me: Winner 50pts | Beat Tunisia 5pts | Top Goalscorer 5pts
Here are the top scorers from my game. @Joe Boy

Good job man. How did you get on top scorer-wise? I'm halfway through the season and there's already a player with 28 in 18 playing for FC KOMU

None of my players made it into the top 15-20 I think. I will have a look later on to confirm. It was the one position that I really struggled to get any players for.
Nice quick challenge. We didn't get to play RoPS.

Won the league on the last game of the season so just the 50 points for me.





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I'm in. As a purely anal and ocd thing I don't suppose anybody has or could make the home and away kit?


Here is my results:




So I believe that puts me on a grand total of: 15 points

I don't know what everyone else did with the finances, but I went for the very drastic option, and tried to sell everybody and bring cheaper replacements. Here's who came and left.

I'm in:


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