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Ice Man Comments
Thanks for the support so far everybody. Just had a quick re-arrangement of the thread so far so some of the replies might be a little off!

* * * * *


Brisbane Roar FC

November, December & January 2016



Never have I found a team more frustrating than this Brisbane team. The inability to score is frustrating but even more so is the fact that we can’t stop conceding when we score.

As you can see from our results there are way too many draws. There is also a very clear pattern of what is going to happen. If we score 1 goal then we are very likely to end up drawing 1-1. On the rare occasion we score 2 or more goals then even we can’t throw the game away. (The Melbourne Victory game was 1-0, 1-3 & 2-3)

The draws are just so infuriating. We have given up 6 points from winning positions, and even then there is no second wind from the players to go and get the lead back.

At least we started January with 2 wins otherwise this would have been an unforgivable start to the season, especially considering how we started.

* * * * *



The main thing despite how badly we have played so far this season is that we are in the playoff positions. Melbourne and Adelaide are running away with it and after playing the both I am a little surprised they are so far ahead.

If we can find some consistent form in the second half of the season then I don’t see why we couldn’t end up finishing 3rd or higher.

* * * * *



Despite all the doom and gloom there have been some shining lights. The midfield paring of Matt McKay & Javi Hervas have been unbelievable. Both of them are averaging over 7.5 for the season and never miss a match. Javi playing at times like his namesake Xavi leads the team with 5 assists and with better strikers could easily be in double figures.

Speaking about strikers Solórzano and Borrello have both scored 7 but what that doesn’t say is that Solorzano had scored 4 after only 4 league games so that is a very disappointing return, although he has missed about 2-3 weeks through injury. While he has been on the side lines Borrello has stepped up and scored some vital goals including 2 in the impressive 4-2 win away to Central Coast.

The discipline has been a problem and I have to take a big proportion of the blame for that. We have been tackling hard and closing down very tightly. This doesn’t seem to combine very well especially when we are trailing and rushing around trying to get the ball back. Hopefully this will be sorted soon as I look to change the way that we play.

* * * * *



http://i66.tinypic.com/244aarm.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/2u5attx.jpg

When the January transfer window opened I was very keen to try and improve our team at both ends of the pitch. I wasn’t very pleased with our defending and with a change of tactic I wanted to move Rhys Williams into the defensive midfield position so a central defender was a must. Thankfully I managed to find Joe Rodon who was in our wage range and was willing to make the move out here on loan for the rest of the season.

At the other end of the pitch I was hoping to bring in Fulham’s Aussie striker Adam Taggart. Unfortunately for us, with his contract running out at the end of the year, French team Angers offered him a contract and as we couldn’t offer him a decent contract (bloody finances) he was off to France. After taking a long look around the globe we ended up going over to America and bringing in Jordan Hamilton who was out of favour at Toronto.

The downside to bringing in Hamilton was that we had to lose a foreign player and the unlucky player was Spanish midfielder Corona. It was a shame to lose him but there were a couple of reasons why he was an easy choice to release. Firstly he is retiring from football at the end of the season so this will get us ready for that. The other reason is that he only managed to play in 4 games weather that was through injuries or through the good form of Hervas & McKay.

A final transfer note is that we have managed to extend the contracts of McKay, Williams & Petratos which are going to be key players for a long time.

http://i64.tinypic.com/e9yphs.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/zo98j7.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/hs72fp.jpg

* * * * *

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Thanks Sankalan, Dan & itchycoo - Also Sankalan, in answer to your question hard tackling & hard pressing don't seem to work very well together.

* * * * *


Brisbane Roar FC

November 2016 FFA Cup Report

Tuesday 1st November – Game Day | FFA Cup Quarter Final (H) Western Sydney Wanderers


http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/130220.png v http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/15035999.png


We managed to come through this hotly contested game thanks to 2 goals in 2 minutes.

After a relatively mundane opening to the match, the whole game changed in just 2 minutes. Firstly a superbly taken goal from Brandon Borrello gave us a 1-0 lead. The Western Sydney defense certainly didn’t help themselves with opportunities to clear the ball, yet they failed to do so.

If things weren’t bad enough for the visitors we made it even worse exactly a minute later. Straight from the restart Sydney gave the ball away needlessly, and within 5 or 6 passes the ball was on the right wing being crossed in to a waiting Jean Carlos Solórzano to make it 2-0.

The 2 goals really seemed to knock them for six, as they were unable to really muster any kind of attacking threat for the rest of the half. From our point of view we were very happy with the 2-0 lead and our main focus was keeping it that way into half time.

After the break the Wanderers started positively and for the next 20 minutes or so, started passing the ball around and although they didn’t create any real chances they were frustrating us as you can see by the amount of yellow cards we picked up.

Just as they were looking like scoring and making the game very interesting, we struck with a killer blow. Some slow but meaningful build up play was rewarded with a bullet of a shot from Borrello to score his 2nd and our 3rd.
This goal absolutely killed them and we were able to control the ball for the remainder of the game and come away with our first clean sheet of the season.

The reward for winning this game was an away Semi Final match against Newcastle Jets.

* * * * *

Tuesday 22nd November – Game Day | FFA Cup Semi Final (A) Newcastle Jets


http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/426430.png v http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/130220.png


We left it late and it was certainly great, and we are into the FFA Cup final!

After a nervy 10 minutes on our part, we suffered a blow in our final chances when Ben Kantarovski scored an absolute screamer from 25 yards out after we only managed to half clear a free kick in a dangerous position.
The disappointing thing in the remainder of the half was the lack of chances that we created. We were keeping possession well and getting in and around their box but were relying on long shots as we couldn’t create any clear cut chances.

After some Alex Ferguson hairdryer treatment at half time I was hoping that we would come out fighting, and I didn’t have to wait long to see that my words had really worked.

In the previous 5 minutes to us scoring our goal we had 3 shots on target and another 3 corners but just couldn’t find that cutting edge. In the end it was our 4th corner of the half that did the trick. After it was only half cleared the ball came back out to Javi Hervas who’s initial shot was blocked by a defender, but with the goalkeeper out of position he was left with an open goal and just like that the game was tied 1-1.

For the remainder of the half things got very tetchy. We were going all out for the win, while Newcastle seemed confident in taking the game into extra time. The amount of yellow cards just shows how much we were pressing them down trying to get the ball back. Although it clearly didn’t work!

Just when the game was looking like going into extra time we found our way ahead thanks to the brilliant cross from my substitute Paulo Retre. Retre was having a very quiet game since coming on, but as he picked the ball up on the left wing he cut inside and put a wicked curling ball in towards the back post where Jamie Maclaren smashed the ball in and booked our place in the FFA Cup final.

The Final will be held on Sunday 22nd January at the Adelaide Oval against Perth Glory. Unfortunately we will be without our first choice right back Jerome Polenz after he was suspended for picked up 3 yellow cards in the previous rounds.

Bring it on!!

http://i64.tinypic.com/e9yphs.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/zo98j7.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/hs72fp.jpg

* * * * *

Just a side note. I am generally going to be doing 3 updates per season. There will be an early season, mid season and then an end of season. If I try to do an update every month then I find myself hardly playing the game and making sure that the updates look right. This way I can play most of the games and then just do an update here and there.

There will however be an individual update for the FFA Cup final.


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TheMazzeRunner - Thanks mate, will try my best!

* * * * *


Brisbane Roar FC

October 2016



So the first month of league fixtures are over and it has been a mixed bag. We didn’t start off well against Melbourne City especially considering the previous month we had beaten them in the FFA Cup.

We bounced back well with consecutive 3-2 wins. In both games we rushed out to 3-0 leads only for us to concede 2 goals and make what was a simple job a whole lot harder. In the Perth game it was 3-2 at half time but pleasingly in the 2nd half we dominated Perth and didn’t allow another shot on goal. The Phoenix game was more comfortable until we conceded goals in the 88th and 92nd minute but thankfully there was no time left for them to come back.

The Newcastle Jets game was our performance of the month and details are down below.

The final game was decided in the 18th minute when defender Luke DeVere was sent off. We had created some very good chances up until this point but thereafter we were never in with a shout. In the 2nd half we rallied but couldn’t find the back of the net. We went attacking but got hit on the counter and Sydney walked out deserving winners.

* * * * *

Saturday 22nd October – Game Day | Hyundai A-League Match 3 (A) Newcastle Jets

http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/426430.png v http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/130220.png


Our best performance of the month came in the away trip to Newcastle. We were coming of the back of 2 good wins and I was very keen to continue that run here. The game didn’t start off very well for either teams but was soon bought into life when some good wing play from Petratos combine with intricate passing from Solórzano presented Henrique with a chance at goal. That shot was well saved but Mullen could do nothing but see the ball rebound off him and into the back of his own net.

The 2nd and 3rd goals were very similar. Both were combinations of great crosses from the right hand side. The 2nd goal was thanks to a great ball in from right back Polenz which went straight to the head of Petratos who was able to knock it down to Solórzano who tucked the ball away.

The 3rd was from another cross this time by flying winger Borrello. His wicked cross was in between the goalkeeper and central defenders, which gave Solórzano the easiest of finishes and made the game 3-0 in the 64th minute.
The game was over right up until we conceded again in the last 10 minutes. A nice passing move by Newcastle dragged defenders out of position and allowed Crowley to score past an on rushing Schwarzer.

* * * * *



So overall we are looking pretty good in the league. The pleasing thing is that we are only 4 points off the leaders Adelaide and looking at the games that we have lost it we can easily get the points back that we need. Add to the fact that we still have to play Adelaide then I am still very confident that we can get top spot and look to pull away.

At the bottom of the table Perth have started the season in complete contrast to how they started last season. The other significant team there is Western Sydney. We are playing them in the Quarter Final of the FFA Cup next month and I’m hoping that the cup game won’t allow them to free up and play well against us.

* * * * *


http://i67.tinypic.com/18ixe0.jpg http://i66.tinypic.com/25fst1l.jpg

The final bit of news this month is to announce our 2 new signings. Rhys Williams will be a familiar name. The ex Middlesbrough player has joined our club and immediately goes straight in at centre back. Still only 28 years old, I am hoping that he will be around for as long as I am here at Brisbane.

The other new player, Bruce Kamau joins after being released from last year’s champions Adelaide United. He had been on trial with us all through pre-season and I was very keen to add him as he offers us options not only on the wing but also up front.

http://i64.tinypic.com/e9yphs.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/zo98j7.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/hs72fp.jpg

* * * * *

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Thanks a lot guys. Appreciate it!

* * * * *


Brisbane Roar FC

Monday 18th July
With the amount of pre-season games we have I was keen to try and narrow down my roster. With a total of 11 players in on trial I decided to offer contracts to 5 of them with a potential of 2 more getting offers.

Along with the 5 from the trial squad, I have also gone against my own rule and bought in somebody over 30. In fact he is over 40! Aussie hero Mark Schwarzer will come in and fight for the number 1 role. If he impresses when he comes in then I will look to move on current keeper Michael Theo. Theo played well last season but he has a very high salary of £1,700 p/w and I could use that much better elsewhere.

http://i65.tinypic.com/rco8kx.jpg http://i67.tinypic.com/bewivo.jpg
http://i64.tinypic.com/11bp82h.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/2m4sn69.jpg
http://i68.tinypic.com/2lm2ixc.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/2ykgj74.jpg

* * * * *

Tuesday 16th August – Game Day | FFA Cup Round 1 (A) Melbourne Victory

http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/1300489.png v http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/130220.png


And we start my reign with a fantastic comeback victory. The first half was pretty poor and the lack of competitive fixtures seemed to show as neither team created any chances during the whole half. It wasn’t until the 2nd half that things brightened up.

We went behind to a scrappy goal from our clubs leading all time goalscorer Besart Berisha. Fortunatly for us it only seemed to spur us on. Solorzano scored a tap in thanks to great build up play from winger Borrello. The final and match winning goa was scored by substitute Maclaren after some ping-pong play in the box.

Great win and in the next round of the cup we will play at home to the current holders Melbourne City. Melbourne knocked out another A League team in Central Coast Mariners. The game will take place on Tuesday 20th September.

* * * * *

Monday 12th September
Today we got this years youth candidates through from our Head of Youth Development. The class wasn’t exceptional but we could have found our goalkeeper for the future. There is also a decent left back although I am not expecting great things from him.


http://i68.tinypic.com/psj8y.jpg http://i67.tinypic.com/25t9esk.jpg

* * * * *

Tuesday 20th September – Game Day | FFA Cup Round 2 (H) Melbourne City

http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/130220.png v http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/15051934.png


What a game this was. It was a match that was back and forth but in the end, we have now knocked both of last year’s finalists out of the FFA Cup.

We made it 1-0 thanks to captain fantastic Matt McKay getting on the end of Javi Hervas’s cross and sending his header across goal and into the far corner. We were then however bought back down to earth after 30 minutes when Fornaroli capitalised on a poor touch by Riley Woodcock and made it 1-1. We were very quickly losing 1-2 when another error allowed former striker David Williams to score.

We regrouped in the 2nd half and after a great counter attacking move, McKay was on hand to equalise with a neat finish part keeper Sorensen. It was looking like the game was heading into extra time, but 2 late goals from Borrello and Clut saw us home and into the Quarter Final.

* * * * *

Thursday 22nd September
Today the bookies have announced their odds for the forthcoming season. Leading the way are Melbourne Victory on 7-4. Last season’s grand final teams are 8-1 for Adelaide and 25-1 for Perth Glory. We are priced at 14-1 and having seen how we have played in the 2 cup games, I wish that we could put the clubs money on the line and get ourselves out of debt!!


The other bit of news announced today is who we will play in the Quarter Final of the FFA Cup. I was hoping that we could avoid the remaining A League teams (Adelaide Utd, Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory & Western Sydney Wanderers) but as I expected it wasn’t to be. We were drawn against Western Sydney but thankfully the match will be played at home on Tuesday 1st November.

http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/130220.png v http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/15035999.png

* * * * *

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* * * * *


Brisbane Roar FC

Sunday 22nd May
My new coaching setup is complete. It has taken less than a week and my coaching team is now rated as one of the best. I have bought in 5 new coaches (including ex Australian & Brisbane manager Frank Farina), 1 physio, 1 scout and my new assistant manager.


* * * * *

Monday 30th May
We have announced the first signing of my reign at Brisbane. 23 year old Aussie striker Matt Thurtell has joined for £2.3k from Bentleigh Green. Thurtell has played for the club before but never made an appearance before joining Brisbane Strikers where he scored 54 goals in 44 appearances. That impressive form got him a move to Bentleigh Green where in his one and only season he scored 18 in 34 with an average rating of 7.25.


* * * * *

Wednesday 1st June
Today is the day in Australia when clubs in Australia release players at the end of their contracts. We have released 4. The only immediate knock on effect this has on us is that we now have no backup keeper and lost a versatile full back.

However, we have offered trials to 8 players who have been released from other clubs across the country. By position we have 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders and 3 midfielders. In all likeliness we will probably sign 3-4 of them.

In another bit of transfer related news, I have decided to offer Thomas Broich the opportunity to move back to Germany. While he would be an important player for the upcoming season there are a couple of reasons why I see this move benefiting us. Firstly he is 35 years old and I want my team to be young and quick which he simply is not. Secondly he is occupying a Marquee Contract. We are only allowed 2 as a team and I have already lined up somebody that is going to need that contract.


* * * * *

Monday 6th June
Thomas Broich has agreed to a move back to Germany. He will join Furth for £50k and will move on Friday 1st July.

Sunday 19th June
Today we received our fixture list for the upcoming season. We will start the season off with a trip to Melbourne City. Our first home match will be against last year’s beaten finalists Perth Glory. I really like the end to our season with our last 3 games all at home. That could be vital for an end of year push towards the title or the playoffs.


We also received £713k in TV rights for this season. This is an increase of £30k compared to last season’s TV money. While every little helps, £30k isn’t going to make a splash in the water for us when we need a further £1.2m just to get back into the black.

* * * * *

Friday 24th June


As well as announcing our friendlies for our upcoming pre-seasons we also had the draw of the FFA Cup. With the FFA Cup first round happening a month and a half before the league season starts we are going to have 2 pre-seasons.

In the FFA Cup we have been very unlucky to be drawn away to Melbourne Victoy. Last season they made it all the way to the final where they lost to their Melbourne rivals. With Melbourne also competing in the Asian Champions League, I am hoping that they will be more focused on that then our FFA Cup game.

http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/1300489.png v http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/130220.png

* * * * *

Friday 1st July
With teams in Europe releasing players out of contract I have offered 4 trials to Australians just released by their clubs. The most well-known player is the 9 times capped midfielder Neil Kilkenny. The other 3 players offered trials are Goalkeeper Danijel Nizic released from Burnley, Defenders Callum Elder and Joseph Konyit released from Leicester City and Bahlingen respectively.

After agreeing to sell Thomas Broich, I said that I had somebody eyed up. That player was Japanese goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima. Unfortunately that move will now not go ahead. I couldn’t offer him a contract until Broich was off our books and now it is too late as Bolton Wanderers have jumped in and offered a contract.

Kawashima would have been perfect for us, as he would have given the team a very stable and dependable last line of defense. Oh well, wasn’t to be.

* * * * *

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gaz12321 - You're not the only one that was surprised!

clloyd - I know that I limited myself but I thought that if I could get a start then it would save time, rather than working up the ladder. If Brisbane had turned me down then I was going to add some new leagues into the game.

* * * * *


Brisbane Roar FC

So there we have it. Finally somebody has given me a chance. I was shocked yet thankful to even be given an interview, and it will be an honour to try and get Brisbane Roar back to winning ways.

Early impressions of the club are generally quite pleasing. We have a fantastic 52,000 capacity stadium which is completely superb, although we do have to pay a staggering £951k per year just to rent it. Not sure there is any value there and this will have a massive knock on effect.

The training and youth facilities are both average and I imagine that they will be good enough for what we are going to be doing here.


* * * * *

After taking a tour of the ground I took a look at the most important thing, the players. On first impressions we have a very old team that I will be looking to change around. We have an average age of 28, but have 9 players the other side of that, 5 of whom are key players.

Our goalkeepers and defenders are nothing to write home about but upon looking around the other teams in the league it seems there isn’t a team with amazing defenders. We will be looking at 26 year old Luke DeVere to be a leader at the back for us.

The strong point of the team is our midfield. Lead by our captain and last year’s star performer Matt McKay this will be where we look to dominate the league. Alongside him in the middle we have ex Sevilla midfielder Javi Hervas who at only 26 should be leading this team in the years to come.

Other veterans who I’ll be looking to contribute are German left winger Thomas Broich, Brazilian right winger Henrique and another Spanish midfielder Corona.

Up front we look short of options. The main option is Costa Rican Jean Carlos Solorzano who only managed to score 4 goals in 13 starts. Our backup option is youngster Jamie Maclaren who didn’t seem to get a great chance last year starting 10 games but coming off the bench 11 times. He only scored 1 goal.


* * * * *

After reviewing my players, the next place to look was at the coaching setup. This is where things started to go downhill. Upon arrival I was told that I had no assistant manager and the staff that are here are pretty rubbish. I have already sacked the goalkeeping coach and if I could, I would sack everybody but with limited options available, I’m going to have to stick with what I have for now.


When doing a quick comparison with the rest of the league it is very easy to see just how bad the current coaching staff are. After looking around for some coaches to bring in, I have found maybe 8-10 that could be a potential option. There is 1 decent goalkeeping coach to bring in which is a bonus!

Unfortunately there isn’t a very good assistant that really meets my requirements; however I have managed to find a Brazilian assistant working in Malaysia that will come in and open up some new doors and hopefully unearth some Brazilian gems!

The only respectable part of our staff is our scouts and physio. The scouts will be lead by Director of Football Craig Moore who will work alongside Chief Scout Jacob Vujica. I am hoping to bring in a couple of other scouts, preferably with the knowledge of nations other than Australia.

Our one man medical team is run by Tony Ganter, who will be aided by former Newcastle Jets head physio Rob Dingle once our contract talks are finalized.


* * * * *

After comparing the playing squad and the current staff to the rest of the league, I thought that I should look at how we did last season and where we can improve this year.

Firstly looking back at our results we had an appalling end to the season in which we haven’t won in 10 games. We lost the last 4 including 2 games to teams that finished below us. This really comes into consideration when you look at the final league table and see how many points we were off reaching the playoffs.


Despite this there were some better moments throughout the season. We won all 3 games against Wellington Phoenix and won 2 out of 3 against Sydney FC. The best win of the season came early in the year against eventual 2nd place team Newcastle United. We won 2-1 away from home with both goals coming from youngster Dimitri Petratos.


* * * * *

The final piece of the puzzle is our finances and they aren’t looking good. We are currently
–£2.3m and it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better. This season we have made a loss of £1.1m and when you add in our rent for the stadium of £951k it becomes very clear where the majority of our loss comes from.

I wish that was as bad as it is going to bet but looking at our projections for the end of this year and the next it is already looking like we are going to need some new investments from somewhere.



http://i64.tinypic.com/e9yphs.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/zo98j7.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/hs72fp.jpg

* * * * *

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Dan - Thanks, I think that I am going to need it.

* * * * *


Saturday 31st December
Good news came at the end of the month as Mauro Biello decided to step down as interim manager. That is as good as the news gets for me, as I publicly declared my interest in the job, hoping that will somehow give me a chance at the job.

Apparently I don’t have a chance at the job. A day after declaring my interest in the job, Montreal Managing Director has laughed off my interest.

Wednesday 17th February
As expected I wasn’t even considered for the job.

I am seriously going to have to reconsider where to look for a job. I’ll wait a while and see what happens in Australia and then how the MLS starts next season but may have to start looking at new countries.

Sunday 20th March
Still alive, still waiting for a job!

http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/130220.png http://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/15051934.png

Sunday 10th April
Finally, another opportunity to be rejected for a job. Today Brisbane has sacked John Aloisi. The former Coventry striker was released after failing to make the league playoffs. They were expected to finish 5th in the league and came a disappointing 7th.

Melbourne City parted way with manager John Van’t Schip. Melbourne of course a sister club of Manchester City came a very disappointing 9th. With the link to Man City they were expected to finish in 2nd place. This is a major failure and it is unsurprising to see Van’t Schip sacked.

Monday 2nd May
The A League season is over and it has seen runaway leaders Perth Glory fall at the final hurdle to Adelaide United. The final much like the one in America was settled by the 1 goal. Spanish midfielder Isaias put Adelaide ahead in the 19th minute and Perth couldn’t anything going, only having 1 shot on target the whole game.


Throughout this and nearly a month later I am still to hear from either Brisbane or Melbourne. No news is good news though!!

Tuesday 17th May
It has finally happened…..

* * * * *

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* * * * *


Monday 2nd November
More bad news unfortunately as both New York and Real Salt Lake have dismissed my applications. I am still waiting for a club to take pity on me and offer me a job interview.
Maybe that will be Toronto after they sacked manager Greg Vanney. Although no reason has been given for his sacking it must be due to the fact that they didn’t qualify for the playoffs again.

Monday 9th November
As expected I didn’t make the grade either with Toronto. The wait continues.

Friday 25th December
Merry Christmas!! I am still waiting for a job!

Friday 1st January 2016
Happy New Year! While recovering from the presumable hangover I thought that I would recap the MLS Cup final and show the current standings of the A League.


The MLS Cup will be in Chicago for the next year. The match wasn’t a classic but a goal in the 29th minute from Gilberto was enough for the win.

Man of the Match was Joevin Jones for Chicago and the left back impressed me greatly and I will make it a priority to try and bring him to whatever club I take over, whenever that will be!


Over the other side of the world the massive surprise is that league favourites Melbourne Victory are performing abysmally and are rightfully bottom of the table.

At the other end of the table Perth are basing their success so far on their defense. They have only conceded 6 goals in their 11 games and with a game in hand could open up a good gap on the chasing pack.

* * * * *

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Shedender - Thanks a lot. If I don't manage to get a job soon then your right this will be a complete disaster!

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Wednesday 9th September 2015
Vancouver have sacked manager Carl Robinson. It’s not a very surprising move as Vancouver have only amassed 9 points from 28 games.
Of course I have applied for the job, so we will wait and see what happens.


Saturday 3rd October
Still no word about the Vancouver job, however another job has opened up. New York Red Bulls have sacked Jesse Marsch for a recent run of bad play. New York are sitting in 17th place with 35 points.
Once again I have applied for this job, and would love the chance to manage New York.


Wednesday 14th October
Another club has my job application! Real Salt Lake dismissed Jeff Cassar after feeling that all parties needed a change. Salt Lake sit in 19th between Vancouver and New York on 28 points.
This would be an interesting job, trying to return them to their winning ways having won the MLS Cup in 2009. This job is my least preferred option of the 3 with New York and Vancouver taking priority.

Monday 19th October
I have finally heard back from Vancouver and it wasn’t good news. My application had failed to make the shortlist and this doesn’t bode well for the other 2 available jobs.

* * * * *

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Trophy Cabinet

2016 - Australian FFA Cup (Brisbane Roar 3-0 v Perth Glory)
2017 - Australian FFA Cup (Brisbane Roar 2-1 v Western Sydney Wanderers)
2017 - Australian A-League Grand Final (Brisbane Roar 4-1 v Western Sydney Wanderers)
2018 - Australian A-League Regular Season Title
2018 - Australian A-League Grand Final (Brisbane Roar 4-0 v Adelaide United)
2019 - Asian Champions League (Brisbane Roar 6-5 v Al-Ahli KSA)

Challenge Progress

1/10 top domestic leagues (Australia)
1/10 domestic cups (Australia)
1/5 club continental championships (Asia)
0/1 club world championship

0/5 continental tournaments ()
0/2 world tournaments ()

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The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney

I am giving THIS challenge a go, and hoping that it will last a long time. I have recently been struggling to get into and stick at a game so I am hoping that this game can keep me interested as I go for a really big challenge.

These are the titles that need to be won:
La Liga (Spain)
Premier League (England)
Bundesliga (Germany)
Ligue 1 (France)
Serie A (Italy)

Champions Leagues
Champions League (Europe)
Champions League (Asia)
Copa Libertadores (South America)
NACL (North American Champions League)
ACL (Africa Champions League)

International Tournaments
UEFA Euros (Europe)
AFC (Asian Cup Of Nations)
Copa America (South America)
Gold Cup (North America)
ACON (African Cup Of Nations)
FIFA World Cup
Confederations Cup

10 Domestic Cups required (Where Top Level Teams can Enter)
FIFA Club World Cup

So as you can see I have got my work cut out for me! I have changed a few cosmetic things in the database (Club Kits, Right Stadiums & Managers etc.) so hopefully I should be set to begin. I have had a few problems with updated databases since the new patch came out so hopefully it won’t affect the game.

This is my initial game setup


* * * *

Manager Profile & Available Jobs


So as you can see nothing to write home about. I am a Sunday league player with no coaching badges but hopefully I can blag my way into a manager’s job.

I decided to start with USA & Australia for a couple of reasons. Firstly they all speak English so that shouldn’t affect my job chances. (Not sure if this is actually a thing?) Secondly if I can somehow land a job then I am a lot closer to my goal of winning that continents Champions League.


However, as you can see there are no available jobs so I am going to be unemployed for a while. I have applied for the Bermuda job as it will give me something to do and may increase my reputation.

* * * * *

Due to the fact that I started at the start of the Australian league the MLS is already well underway so here is how the teams are sitting.


* * * * *

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Just recently I came from 2-0 down to win 6-3 away to (I believe) Morton - then I suffered a crash dump and the results no more.

Funny you should say that, I thought that I would save the match highlights. When trying to do this I also suffered a crash dump and had not saved the game so it was all for nothing!
I have just had this comeback win, so I was wandering what is yours?

Cagliari/Torino screwup fixed - extract files to your C...metallic logos\clubs folder or wait for the next pack...sorry again

Does anybody else have a problem extracting the small logo from here? I can only seem to extract the normal logo.
Have only just seen this. Shame really, but will be in for the next challenge.
Here are a few USA logos. The AC Connecticut logo is the wrong one in the FM 2016 database.

AC Connecticut - 20018919


Miami City - 20040262


Palm Beach Suns - 20040264


Thanks for the new update. Ready for the next update here is the new DC United logo (ID: 1913):

I don't understand the 'ignore it' reference tbh.

As soon as the full game is released and I have it I will see what needs doing and get as much done as i can in the free time that i have.

I dind't mean it in a bad way at all.

What I meant was will it be overlooked and just stick what has worked so well with the logos, or will it be added.

I probably didn't word it very well.
Spectre - Really enjoyed it. One of the best Bonds if not the best. (I slightly preferred Casino Royale!)

I really hope that Daniel Craig decides to do another couple of movies as it won't be the same without him. He has really changed Bond and made better, relevant and believable.

If it is to be his last though a fantastic way to end.
As you may or may not be aware but in FM16 you can now have individual logos for competition trophies. So I was wandering are they going to be part of a new update or will they be ignored and just leave things as they are?
While it is still early in pre season, I am pretty impressed with Jarryd Haynes. I think it's pretty safe to say that he is going to be an NFL player this season. If for some strange reason the 49ers decide not to add him to their roster (why?) then there is no doubt that a franchise will offer him a contract.

I'm also interested to see what Reggie Wayne will bring to the Patriots. I think that it's a decent signing and it is a very typical Belichick pick up. Odds on him scoring the winning TD against the Colts on what could be Brady's first game back???

Would love to see that!
Kifla6 is currently W.I.P. on 2015 MLS mate, here are some of the kits he's already made.

Thanks, I had no idea somebody was already on these.
Some more MLS Kits:

Seattle Home & Away



Colorado Away


FC Dallas Away


Houston Home


Portland Home


Sporting KC Home


San Jose Away


Thats all of the new MLS Kits for the upcoming season I think. If I find anymore if anybody needs any other pics then give me a shout and I'll find them.

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Cracking season. Looks like everything is moving forward. Now to march on Bayern!! The added Champions Legue money will be a boost as well I would imagine.
Wow really close at the top. At least there is a 4 point gap over 3rd.

I'm sure you will finish the job off. Win 5, draw 2 and you'll be fine.
Thanks SBR hopefully but not counting my chickens yet!!


Black Leopards



This month was going to be about keeping up the recent momentum and solidifying our position at the top of the table. The disappointing fact throughout this month was players moaning which resulted in one of our best players leaving.


Not a bad first game of the month. Don’t really know what to say here! Highlands park were sitting in 3rd place before this game and were in decent form. We just played them off the park and then some! Here are the goals!

After the 10-0 win it was imperative that we didn’t rest on our laurels and put in another good performance. We did just that. The first half wasn’t the best and we really should have scored more. Thankfully we came out after the break with real menace. 3 goals in 6 minutes took the game away from Baroka and we just saw out the game for the remaining 30 minutes.

If there was ever a game that we needed to win well then this was it. We owed Cape Town for the last game of the season and I made sure to remind the players of this. Yet again we struggled in the first half only scoring the one goal but thankfully in the second half we scored a couple more and the game was put to bed. It was another impressive performance from our defence as we only allowed them shots from 20 yards +.

The final game was against newly promoted Stars of Africa. It was a real poor game with the Stars intent on parking the bus and not attacking us. We found it hard to break them down which was disappointing. A trade mark free kick from Munganga in first half stoppage time gave us the lead. The second half was more of the same. We struggled to carve the defence open while at the other end we could have played without a keeper! We finally scored our second of the game and the match ended soon after.

Another fantastic month. Not only to win a game 10-0 but we’ve had another 4 clean sheets. I really hope that we don’t start getting too far ahead of ourselves and start looking at our start as job done.


Things weren’t all rosy this month. Throughout the last month and a half players have been coming to me demanding to play more football, wanting to move to a bigger club. It is really starting to take the piss a bit.

Munganga wanted to move to a bigger club, which happened to be SuperSport United. I couldn’t believe what he was saying so I told him no way. Of course he kicked up a fuss so to avoid disrupting the other players he was sold to Al-Jaish (QAT) for £64k. It’s a big loss for us as he was playing fantastically well. Oh well time for somebody else to step up and impress!


Finally we had the draw for the preliminary round of the Nedbank Cup. We will play at home to Jomo Cosmos. The main thing was to avoid SuperSport and Ajax and thankfully we have done just that. Hopefully we can beat Jomo and get an easy draw in the 1st round.


* * * * *


Black Leopards



After a good month in September this month was going to be even more crucial. With games against Ajax and unbeaten Santos this was going to be a real marker to see where we are likely to finish towards the end of the season.


Before the 2 important games we had to play Witbank Spurs. At home I was very confident and after 2 goals inside 12 minutes I knew that we were going to win. A 3rd just after the half hour mark ended the game. The 2nd half was very poor to watch with neither teams having any real shots on goal.

The important game of the month. We started the game nervously, which was to be expected playing in a 64,000 seater stadium. Once we got over our nerves we grew into the match and had our finishing been better then we may have come away with all 3 points. As it was it wasn’t to be and we had to settle for a point. I was happy with our performance and still believe that not losing away to Ajax is going to massive at the end of the season.

The final game was away to Santos. Santos had had a horror month having lost their last 2 games this was a perfect time to play them. We made hard work of beating them but thankfully we did. Goals in either half saw us home although I would have liked the third goal to have come a lot sooner.

The massive positives from this month is the fact that we are still unbeaten and that we didn’t concede a goal all month. The defence have looked solid and although we haven’t scored a lot of goals we sit top of the league unbeaten.



* * * * *


Black Leopards



After starting the season well I was very keen to keep our good start going but with a tough game against SuperSport it could be tricky.


We started the month off with a money earning friendly. We had 2 weeks off so I was keep to keep the match fitness of the players up. Although we lost the game to Orlando it was a good measure to see where we are. We’re not too far away from a decent Premiership level I think.

Our first league game of the month was a convincing 3-0 win away to Vasco. After scoring early we looked dangerous and was a little disappointed that we only scored 1 more in the first half. The second half was a procession and we offered very little going forward apart from the third goal.

The second league game was going to be a massive test for us. If we want to be in the top 3 at the end of the season then we need to be beating the good teams at home. Thankfully we did just that. The goal in the 15th minute got us on our way and we could and should have scored more in the first half, but our finishing was poor. The second half started better and thanks to an own goal we were in complete control. SuperSport made things nervy with a 79th minute goal but the points were decided in the last minute thanks to a penalty.

The last game of September was away at Ga-Rankuwa and this was a very easy convincing win. A goal in either half was enough for the win. More impressive was that we didn’t allow a single shot on goal.


* * * * *