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Ice Man Comments

Black Leopards


April & May

With 5 games over 2 months could we get into the playoff places and amazingly have a chance at playing football in the Premiership next season?


We started an import 5 games with a trip Golden Arrows. The Arrows were sitting in 2nd place and looking good for a playoff place. We were looking to get off to a very quick start and we did that by scoring after 7 minutes. We extended our lead on 29 minutes and managed to hold onto that lead till half time. Unfortunately that’s where the good news ended for us. We couldn’t see out the lead and didn’t create any real chances in the second half. In the grand scheme it was a decent point but after being 2-0 up against a playoff team this was 2 points lost, rather than 1 point gained.

We knew that we had to win our remaining games to have any chance of getting into the playoffs. We started off with 2 home games and we won them. They weren’t fantastic wins but what was pleasing is that the defence was holding up.

Against the All Stars the game was won by half time. We slowed the second half down and kept possession really well. An individual mistake led to their goal but overall it was a decent win.

Our last league game at home was nothing to report on. The first half was a dull, boring half and thankfully we scored early in the 2nd half because the remainder of that half was exactly the same. A win is a win but it wasn’t a good one.

Our penultimate game was against mid table Maluti. Just like the last game it was a poor game for the neutrals but ultimately we got the win that we needed. We got our goal from the penalty spot, but then settled down and played keep ball for the remainder of the game. The defence here was quality as they nullified any attacking threat that Maluti had.

After the game we found out that we had moved into third place and were ahead of Santos on goal difference. This meant that heading into our final game, our destiny was in our own hands.

We blew it big time. 2-0 down after 20 minutes and although we scored just after the half hour mark we couldn’t seem to get back into the game. At half time I decided to go all-out attack, even playing the last 30 minutes with only 2 in defence. At the time Santos were winning so we knew that we had to win. We pushed and pushed but no matter what we couldn’t find a way to break them down. Cape Town scored in the 95th minute to confirm what we already knew. We had lost a great chance at promotion and would be back next season to do it all over again.


This is the final league table. Golden Arrows won the playoff and will replace Ajax CT in the Premiership. Champions Milano United will be replaced by SuperSport United. I’m looking forward to playing Ajax in their 64,000 seater stadium and hopefully showing them South Africa’s version of Total Football!

As for next season I would imagine that Ajax and SuperSport will be up the top but I am hoping that we can be the top dogs. Our home form is going to be key next season. Since I took over we have only lost 1 game at home and that was on penalty’s in the cup. If we can go unbeaten at home then I firmly believe that we will at least be in the playoffs.

* * * * *

Poor youth intakes Screenshot of two stars rating player?

Here you go Johno, nothing to write home about.


Black Leopards



Our good run came to an end against the league leaders and a bad performance knocked us out of the cup.


We continued our winning run by beating Vasco 3-1. We started like a house on fire and before our first goal in the 13th minute we had managed to hit the crossbar, the post twice and had a shot cleared off the line! After the initial onslaught we settled down and after another penalty we took a comfortable lead into half time. Our third game just before the hour mark with a nice finish from Amidu, but unfortunately the team thought the game was won and Vasco gave us a wakeup call by scoring a screamer from 25 yards. We woke up after that and finished the game off.

A trip to runaway league leaders Milano was always going to be a struggle but with the form we were on I was positive about our chances. That attitude soon went away after being 2-0 down after 10 minutes. While we were able to score shortly after half time we couldn’t find the equaliser and I had my first league loss.

For the cup game I once again rotated the squad and it came back to bite us. The players looked like they were complacent and although we were winning at half time, it was a very poor half. We conceded on the hour mark and I was hoping that the players might wake up and it looked like it had the desired effect but once again they switched off in the last 10 minutes and an 87th minute goal sent the game into extra time. Extra Time was rubbish, both teams were tired and there were no chances so it all came down to penalty’s. They scored all 4 but we could only score 3. We were out of the cup in a very disappointing manner which I made the players well aware of.

We had to get our league form back on track and we did just that. The first half went by in a flash with nothing happening. After telling the players to believe a bit more we came out swinging and got the early goal that we needed to settle down. After that we added a second and controlled the game. We put the game to bed in the 79th minute from the penalty spot.


After the Vasco game we received news that we had won the third period of the First Division. It gave us a nice £25k and just showed how dominant we had been since I took over.



Throughout the month we received some interesting news that there was talk of a takeover from one of the board members. It was disappointing that it was a promotion from within as it was unlikely to bring in any big money, but the only plus is that there wasn’t talk about replacing me as manager!


Towards the end of the month I found out who this year’s youth intake were. I wasn’t expecting there to be anybody good as our youth facilities are average and our recruitment is basic at best. Add to this our head of youth development is a joke we were never going to be onto a good thing.

After looking at the players my initial thoughts were completely true.


* * * * *

Thanks Dan and Johno it's much appreciated!


Black Leopards



So how do we follow up an unbeaten month? We do the same again, including progressing in the cup and Sithole scores 5 in a game!


We started the month in convincing fashion beating Santos. We scored on the 1 minute mark which calmed the players down and allowed us to play some magical football. For as good as we were it took us until the 33rd minute to double our lead. In the second half we were a little slow after the break and if it wasn’t for our keeper we could have conceded. Thankfully striker Amidu scored just after the hour and put the game to bed.

African Warriors was a really poor game for us. We just couldn’t create any good goal scoring opportunities, no matter what we did. Thankfully the Warriors never looked like they were going to score so we went very attacking in the last 15 minutes and the pressure finally resulted in a tap in for Sithole.

I rotated the squad for the Roses United cup game and after 10 minutes it looked a really bad decision. We were 2-0 down and looked appalling. The good news came through hot prospect Tshabalala who took over the game by scoring 3 goals and assisting in the 4th. As soon as we got the lead we never looked like letting it slip.

The final game saw an amazing individual effort from right midfielder Sithole. After racing into an early lead there was an amazing 3 minutes which saw the lead go from 2-0 to 2-1 and then onto 3-1. Sithole had scored his hat-trick and he wasn’t finished as he scored his 4th in the 32nd minute. At half time I decided that we would go really attacking and try to get Sithole the further 2 goals he needed for his double hat-trick. After adding him to take all set pieces and penalties, we of course got a pen. Naturally in this game he smashed it home and with 20 minutes left there was an outside chance of his 6th. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and as we pushed hoping for his 6th Witbank caught us on the break twice and made the score line look closer than it ever was.


So after that fantastic month we are within touching distance of the playoff places. It looked unlikely when I took over but our form has been unbelievable which included a club record 7 games won in a row.


* * * * *

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You can, albeit in a roundabout way...

For example a country: http://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2015/nation/1649/argentina
a league: http://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2015/league/102421/premier-division
a club: http://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2015/team/96/san-lorenzo

If searching for a club change the number in the url to the club's unique ID, followed by the name.

However, the name is sometimes hard to get right, so generally it's easier to go via the nation.

Once you've found the club you can then right click and 'save as' the badge at the top, for the icon, go to the league page for the team and right click the small logo next to its name.

Hope this helps/makes sense.

Thats brilliant, didn't even know that existed!!

Thanks a lot
Good luck in South Africa Dan. Will be interesting to see how you get on!!

Black Leopards


During my first couple of months I have bought in quite a few players. A lot of them have been bought in just to add some squad depth which we really lacked but there are a couple that have already stepped up to the plate and will be key players for us.


3 key new defensive players.

Jayrad Visagie is my new number 1. Again like so many he came in as backup but with a view to becoming my new number 1. He has taken his chance so well and having only conceded 3 goals in his 6 starts he looks set to be our number 1 for the remainder of the season.

Ashley Volschenk has quickly become Mr. Dependable at left back. Initially he came in as cover on either flank but due to injuries and suspensions he got his chance in our cup win and hasn’t looked back.

Lebogang Shomolekae was signed as a starter and hasn’t put a foot wrong yet in his 6 starts. He has formed a great partnership with our other centre back and the two of them have really steadied the ship and combined with the previous two players it’s no surprise that the form of this team has improved.

2 young attackers to keep an eye on

Tumi Moshobane has initially come in on loan from Kaizer Chiefs but I am confident that we can convince him to join full time when his contract expires in the summer. His stats show that he has fantastic technical skill and at 20 years old this kid can become a real force in South Africa.

Thabiso Mokoena joined from FC Cape Town on a free transfer and I can’t believe that they didn’t want to keep him. My scouts came across him and he looked quality. After some negotiating with Cape Town we had agreed a deal of about £60k with some clauses thrown in. Just as I was about to offer him a contract I found out that his deal was expiring in 6 months! So of course I pulled out of the deal and agreed to sign him at the end of his contract. I asked Cape Town how much to sign him now and amazingly they said £0. Bargain.

So with that this is our squad who will finish out the season.


* * * * *

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Black Leopards


Rest of December


The rest of the month was relatively quiet. I have been trying to bring in some new staff but at the moment their either isn’t anybody decent out there or they just don’t want to join our team. Looks like I’m going to have to make do!

We only played 2 games in the rest of the month and thankfully we won both which is vital for this team. We need to get into a winning frame of mind.

The cup was a nervy tie which was to be expected. We struggled early and for most of the first half, and as predicted they scored early in the second half. Thankfully we scored a break-away goal and tied the game and put it into extra time. In the first half of ET we had our right back sent off for a second yellow card. The game was heading for penalties until our left back playing his first game for us scored in the 120th minute handing us the win.

Not too sure about the friendly as I let the assistant take control of the game. It was good however to beat Swallows who are currently sitting 5th in the Premiership.

* * * * *


Not really sure what to say here. We had the perfect month, winning 4 out of our 5 games including a thumping 8-0 win in my first league game.


After two decent results in the cup and the friendly game, the lads were looking a bit more confident and boy did it show. It was the perfect game. We were 4-0 up at half time which was very impressive but perhaps even more impressive was that we kept going in the second half. It was a game where we simply couldn’t miss! Munganga scoring a fantastic hat-trick including a 25 yard screamer for his third goal.

The Highlands Park game was a missed opportunity. I felt that we had done enough to get the win, but a poor error from our full back allowed Higlands to score from their only real shot on goal. After that we struggled to create any chances so had to settle for a draw.

Our third game of the month was another convincing win. Ga-Rankuwa’s manager had come out in the press and said that he was looking forward to thumping us. So…. We came out firing straight away and a goal after 40 seconds set us on our way. The chances kept coming and we put them away to race to a 4-0 lead at half time. We slowed in the second half and despite scoring another we let in a soft goal in the last 10 minutes, which disappointed me.

The Thanda game was a proper game of two halfs. First half was rubbish from both teams with no real chances being created. After letting the team know I wasn’t happy at half time they got their act together and became a real threat on goal. We had to wait till after the hour mark to get our goal but once the first went in it was really a tale of how many we would score. Sithole scored all 3 of our goals, and it will be a shame when he leaves at the end of the season.

The final game of the month proved to be an interesting game. Looking at the score line it was look to be an easy win. It was looking that way after 35 minutes with us 3-0 up but then in the remaining minutes of the first half we had 2 players go off injured. We slowed yet again in the second half, but still managed to score another goal. The Eagles pulled one back and then in the next 5 minutes we had our centre back get a ‘light’ injury which left him with 20% fitness. So of course I took him off, but no more than 10 minutes later our right back also got injured leaving us to finish the game with 10 men. Can’t remember the last time we had 4 injures in a game.


The table is looking a lot better know. I know that it is ambitious but I really think that we can make a push at the playoff spots this season.

One of the most pleasing things for me is that we are now the highest scoring team in our division. Our goal difference has gone from -7 when I took over to an impressive +11. We are also winning games now which was the problem before.

* * * * *

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I realise that a lot of work goes into these logos so not really sure how feesable this would be, but I was wandering what the chances are of having the ability to search and save individual metallic logos.

I know that there is an option for the cut out player faces megapack so I just wandered if it would be possible to do so. Might be easier then people asking if it has been done etc

Here is a link for the Faces search option incase I didn't make much sense above.

Megapack Picture Search

Today is the day. I am finally a professional football manager. I have taken charge of South African first division team Black Leopards. The team are currently in a bit of a rut. We are sitting in 15th place in the league which happens to be the last relegation spot. We have not won in 9 games and have lost 7 of those 9 games.

The board want us to finish mid table and I firmly believe that we have got enough in the team to do that, especially if I can bring in a few extra players and get them playing my way.


We have got 16 games left in the league and if we can win half of them then we will be looking at the top half of the table. The immediate concern is to stop the losing run. I don’t want to lose more that 5 or 6 league games for the rest of the season.


My first game in charge will be the preliminary round of the Cup. This is a good chance for the players to play without pressure as I really don’t care about the cup this season. This season is all about finishing well in the league.


As you may have seen from the job offer, we have been given a fantastic amount of funds to spend and were also under our wage budget which is fantastic. I’m not too sure about the money in and around this league but I would imagine that £230k to spend is up around the best in the league.

I probably won’t spend too much of that money. I will be adding some of it into the wages so will look to probably have around £150k to spend on transfers.


This is the team that I have inherited from the previous manager. Going on the assistant’s star ratings you would think that it’s a very strong team. The only snag in this prognosis is that the assistant is crap. His ability to judge players is appalling (JPA 9 JPP 8) so I am already looking at bringing in a new assistant as well as some better coaches and scouts.


Saturday 6th September 2014
So 2 months after deciding to become a football manager I am still unemployed. I applied for the Chivas USA job as I felt that it would be the perfect one season job, but instead they appointed Jimmy Conrad. Oh well, time to wait for the next opportunity.

Saturday 25th October 2014
It has been some time since my last report and things are starting to get interesting. Yesterday Bakora FC & D.C United have sacked their managers. I have applied for both with Bakora being the only realistic chance at getting the job but you never know!

Today I awoke to some comical news. The Jomo Cosmos chairman Jomo Sono has sacked his son Bamuza Sono as manager due to their poor league position. I have also applied for that job but if the chairman is willing to sack his own son after only 8 games, I’m not too sure if I want to work for him!

Sunday 26th October 2014
For the third straight day, another manager has lost his job. This time in Denver, Colorado. Pablo Mastroeni has been dismissed after guiding Colorado to 15th in the MLS. It seems a bit harsh as the Rapids aren’t the team they once were.

The Sporting KC boss Pete Vermes has expressed his interest in the vacant job which is strange as Kansas finished in 12th place.

Monday 27th October 2014
Unsurprisingly the Sporting Kansas board didn’t react well to Pete Vermes expressing his interest in the Colorado managers job. In fact they were so unhappy that they have sacked him!

My application is in the post as Kansas would be a fantastic first club to manage, but we will wait and see.

Sunday 9th November 2014
After a successful interview with Jomo Cosmos I have been offered the manager’s job. I have delayed my decision for a week as I am waiting to hear back from Sporting KC. I also thought that it would give me chance to watch Jomo’s next game but after agreeing to delay my decision, I found out that their next game is in 13 days. Oops!

Sunday 16th November 2014
I won’t be the new manager of Jomo Cosmos. When they returned with their offer I asked for a promotion wage rise of 30%, turns out that this was a bad move. They negotiated the offer to 15%, so when I forcefully said that it was 30% or nothing they kindly showed me the door and I am still unemployed.
They are going to rue this decision. I am making it my mission to ruin that team. I don’t know how, when or where but I can guarantee that it will happen.

Sunday 14th December 2014


The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge


“Borrowed this pic from Dan. Hope he doesn't mind!”

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney

I am giving THIS challenge a go, and hoping that it will last a long time. I have recently been struggling to get into and stick at a game so I am hoping that this game can keep me interested as I go for a really big challenge.

These are the titles that need to be won:
La Liga (Spain)
Premier League (England)
Bundesliga (Germany)
Ligue 1 (France)
Serie A (Italy)

Champions Leagues
Champions League (Europe)
Champions League (Asia)
Copa Libertadores (South America)
NACL (North American Champions League)
ACL (Africa Champions League)

International Tournaments
UEFA Euros (Europe)
AFC (Asian Cup Of Nations)
Copa America (South America)
Gold Cup (North America)
ACON (African Cup Of Nations)
FIFA World Cup
Confederations Cup

10 Domestic Cups required (Where Top Level Teams can Enter)
FIFA Club World Cup

So as you can see I have got my work cut out for me! I have changed a few cosmetic things in the database (Club Kits, Right Stadiums & Managers etc.) so hopefully I should be set to begin. I have had a few problems with updated databases since the new patch came out so hopefully it won’t affect the game.

This is my initial game setup.

“This is from an earlier try that didn’t work. I am actually starting in July, not January”

* * * *

Manager Profile & Available Jobs


So as you can see nothing to write home about. I am a Sunday league player with no coaching badges but hopefully I can blag my way into a manager’s job.

I decided to start with USA, Australia & South Africa for a couple of reasons. Firstly they all speak English so that shouldn’t affect my job chances. (Not sure if this is actually a thing?) Secondly if I can somehow land a job in either Australia or America then I am a lot closer to my goal of winning that continents Champions League.


As you can see there is not a lot of available jobs. I am applying for the Chivas USA job despite the fact that they are only going to be in the MLS for 1 season. This would be the ideal first job as it allows me to show my ability with the worst team in MLS.

I am not going to apply for the Royal Eagles job just yet because A) I want to see if I can get the Chivas job and maybe a different MLS job first, and B) with the game starting in January 2014 the South African leagues haven’t kicked off yet and I don’t really want to be in charge for all that time with nothing to do, so I’ll just wait it out.

I also will not be applying for any of the international jobs yet. I want to be settled at a club before I even think about international management unless the right opportunity arises.

* * * * *

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Mising logo's from South Africa First Division

Team: Garankuwa United
ID: 65029898


Team: Royal Eagles
ID: 65029901


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Start unemployed with Sunday League experience and no coaching badges, load up several leagues and go on a long term journeyman save because that's similar to what I have been doing and "twenty two years" later, I'm still enjoying the save - started with Kvik Halden in Norway and now I'm w/ Lugano in Switzerland.

Thats what I am trying at the moment. Hopefully the save will last longer than my usual 2-3 months!!
Just wandering if anybody has any tips for starting a long career game. I constantly find myself starting a new game, maybe enjoying it for a while and then either want to move clubs for no reason or just start a brand new game.

What do people do to keep going?
Ah yeah, i'll edit the datafile and reupload for others. Forgot all about loans

Thats ok. At least now you could maybe redo the database including the new official database?
Just loaded this up, seems like a really good interesting challenge.

One thing to note is that there are currently 11 players at the club becasue of the loans to Joe Lewis, Donervon Daniels & John Lundstram. I am going to edit these out myself in the editor and start with only the 8 players that you said.
New Vancouver Whitecaps Home Kit


New D.C United Away Kit


New Columbus Crew Home & Away Kit


So is Kingsman worth seeing?

Yeah, I thought that it was a good watch. Decent cast as well.
Hi Tom, Brilliant skin so thank you.

I was just wandering if it is possible to get the club logos into the titlebar next to their respective names and instead of the team logo's showing get the team kits in their place. In case that makes no sense then I have added a screenie to show what I mean!!


Thanks a lot
Brilliant work with the updates and the whole pack as usual.

Just a quick note, the Australian A-League All-Star team doesn't have a logo, but from what I can tell it is the same as the competition logo that is set. Maybe it would be worth adding that in as the club logo in the next update?

Thanks again
I was wandering if somebody could possibly make this MLS 2014 All Star kit please. If it has already been made then could somebody please re-upload it as I have been searching for a while, but haven't been able to find it.


I was also hoping that you could make the A-League All Stars kit as well please.


Green Bay better not stand in the way of Bradys 4th ring

I reckon this is probably our best team since the Bruschi, Law, Faulk, Brown & Branch Super Bowl runs.

I agree that this is the best team we have had in a while. Would love to have Mayo back playing though as this may be his last with us.

Loving Tim Wright as well.
Hope nobody had Gray in their fantasy team.
See that we have re-signed LeGarrette Blount for 2 years. It would seem to me that this would seal the exit of Stevan Ridley in the off season.

Cant see us getting rid of Shane Vereen though. Such a huge asset in the passing game.
Looks quality can't wait to use it.

I don't want this to sound like I'm asking when its coming out etc, but just wandering how much of it is complete? With VP using it during his Southend career, it's got me wandering how much is done as he is able to use it seemingly all the time.
Try closing down Steam and try again?

Thanks man worked a charm.
I am hoping that I am being really stupid but I am really struggling to delete old tactics and databases that I have made. Every time that I try to delete them In Game nothing happens and when I try to delete them out of the game I keep getting a message saying this:


I am quite OCD ish and really like to keep my folders clean, especially when I don't need half of the stuff.

Can anybody help?

The best way that I find is to go into World Transfers and then go to Youth Intake and then scout them from there. Obviously through March is very hard as all/most of Europe seem to get their youth intakes during that month.