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kylewjm Comments
excellent stuff

You sent me the Nimes Logo mate, I requested the new French national team logo (two stars) and the new Russian Premier League logo
GuardiolaJunior, I saw the request and they will be updated for TCM19 Logopack. You want this logo now ?

If I could get it now that would be awesome mate
hey Kinmar I requested the new France national team logo and Russian Premier League logo from the TCM website, did you see them ?
I second this notion
Mate I've been trying to figure this out months, thanks a ton
excellent work mate !
well done again lads
la liga kits are looking good chris
Also tested and will be included in update 2

When is update 2 coming ?
I'm afraid you're not quite correct there.

Although both are used, I believe that is the correct Dutch spelling. I had a look at his Dutch wikipedia and that's what it's spelt like. I believe it's akin to how some people spell Cruyff and other Cruijff, with the latter being the correct Dutch spelling. I'm not Dutch and can't speak the language so I don't really feel qualified to contradict the Dutch researcher.

As an aside, I also loaded up the FM14 editor to check and his name was spelt like that in that version as well, and he wasn't in the Dutch backroom staff at that time:


I also had a look at some online screenshots and it was definitely spelt with a y when he was still active as a player and on the back of his real-life shirts, so it's all a bit confusing.

It's not clear-cut enough for me so I'm not going to add it to the file, but if it really irritates you that much, then just create a new separate lnc file and insert the below code:

"CHANGE_PLAYER_NAME"	1277	"Ruud" "" "van Nistelrooy"

Yea I realize that the way the spell it is the dutch way of spelling it, it's not a licensing issue
Anyone else having trouble with no fixtures being released in England for the 15/16 season?

I think it's because they set "use specified fixtures" instead setting fixtures for the year 2014 in advanced rules
When Messi scored the first goal I screamed and ran around my house jumping like a madman
The Lads are going to Berlin , ! revenge is a dish best served cold
Yes i am using a scorpio skin and the shiny orange logo with the white outline

It seems you have found the solution , brilliant
Its possible because I have a dutch orange logo to replace the black one
and another nation which is Gibraltar 214394 logo

This is the code....

<record from="logo_name" to="graphics/pictures/team/784/logo"/>
<record from="logo_name" to="graphics/pictures/team/214394/logo"/>

on mine its copied into the shinny 2015 / nations / normal config

I have placed it under the line

<!-- Generated by FM Graphics Configurator, by HMan -->

and above the line

<record from="10" to="graphics/pictures/nation/10/logo"/>

Logo 784 in the pack must be the orange logo or the dutch shield version.... which ever you prefer

In my game I have national federation logos normal size
and in the smaller size I use the flags

I am guessing if you put the same code into the small logo nations config it will work as well????

Hope this helps

Is your logo ALWAYS orange ?
It's the default logo that comes with the game, i still haven't find a way to overwrite the game default config.

Let me know if anyone ever does
Mons where is the Guus Hiddink fix ?, and van nistelrooy ? Nvr mind, I forgot to delete the original EDT folder

«This comment has been edited»
Nuno, this "problem" I've noticed in FM for a few years now isn't unique to your logos but why is Holland's logo Black in most cases, all 4 sizes I selected were orange, so why does it come up black ?
mons changes I make to the german clubs' names and nicknames in an editor data file don't show up in game, only changes from your LNC file show up in game, I thought editor data files override LNC files, the changes I make to non-german clubs show up. Could you explain this ?
EDIT: I didn't realize we had to overwrite both the 1500 and 1530 folders :p, my mistake, it works fine now

«This comment has been edited»
Erm, Portuguese club name changes are already included in this file

Due to Portuguese licensing restrictions which are hard-coded, the long and short club names will be identical, but they are already in this file as Porto, Benfica and Sporting CP respectively...

Man I thought using fake names could circumvent the licensing restrictions...sigh, thanks anyways mate
This is what I've been looking for !, I wish more people did updates like this, WELL DONE MATE !
No idea. Buy an original version of the game

Mons could adding this line in the config of the portuguese clubs so that their names change in game ?
# Command ID Name Change Lang
#Portugal Club Names change to fake names for English

"CLUB_NAME_CHANGE" 1478 "F.C. Porto" ""
"CLUB_NAME_CHANGE" 1487 "Benfica" ""
"CLUB_NAME_CHANGE" 1489 "Sporting CP" ""

I saw this in a file from the cro manager forum, will it work ?
I'm happy to release Update Pack 2 for this file, containing 768 new and improved stadium images. Just place it into your existing folder and overwrite when prompted.

Thanks to geordie1981 and all the contributors to this new update pack

alright monss
please add this logo on an alternative for the danish 1st division (id:7), the sponsorship deal seems to no longer be in effect this season
I'll have to check, but if memory serves me correctly, Germany operates a rotating stadium schedule and therefore there won't be a stadium image displaying for the national team, similar to Spain and Italy iirc.

That's true but is there anyway to hardcode so that a stadium shows instead of that nasty looking picture of seats, there was a skin for FM13 I used a few years back that showed the bernabeu for spain's stadium
Some are all in the alternate folders. Others where replaced by the ones on the pack.
Kyrgyzstan logo is correct accordingly to their fa website, Venezuela is correct accordingly to their national team kits, Argentina uses 3 different logos one on their website, other on the press releases and other on their kits so it's hard to decide wich one i right.

Ahhh ok I understand, it can be a little complicated eh :p
Here is the current logo for venezuela (id:1658), it also isn't in the pack


«This comment has been edited»
Nuno here is the current logo for Argentina, I notice it isn't in the pack (id:1649)
Nuno here is the new logo for Kyrgyzstan (id:121)