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Bizarre Comments
2015/16 december update

The first half of the season went pretty well. We got knocked out of the Capital One Cup by Manchester United in the penalties, and stand in a comfortable 8th league table position, having played some excellent matches like the one at the Etihad Stadium.



And I have also made a signing for the winter transfer window, which means Mile Jedinak will follow Yannick Bolasie and leave Crystal Palace for Fulham. The reason for this is Kristoffer Ajer's high amount of playtime without a substitute, as well as the lack of experience in the squad, whose average age is not much higher than 20.

That comment about the defeat in 2014 is hilarious Quite a tough challenge, are you planning to bring Turtell when you have the funding?
Good luck, such a historic club deserves to play in the top division.
I'm running FM 2015 with a Toshiba Satellite like 3 years older than that one.
Micah Richards can be signed for free in 2015 and performs really well.
Just awesome. Congratulations, really well done.

2015/16 season

I have to admit that didn't do very well in the summer transfer period. I thought too much about the future and almost forgot the present, and in the end I found myself with a too young midfield (Ajer, Christensen, Hyndman, Luongo, Parker and Tielemans) which obviously resulted in a lack of consistency in a couple matches at the beginning. But some of them will be among the best in their positions in a couple years.

Also, to make our average age even lower, Jesús Vallejo arrived in a real bargain. I was also able to sell Mitroglou and bring Andrej Kramaric for him, since Leicester had been relegated. For the same reason Yannick Bolasie arrived for a really low transfer fee, and I was able to sign Micah Richards as a free agent, whose experience should be helpful. Luckily I could also retain Luke Garbutt and Jordon Ibe for one mor year, both on loan. Finally, Francisco and Rico Henry arrived with high hopes on them for the future.


Patrick Roberts was the surprise of the preseason, as he was fantastic in the U19 European Championship and won both Golden Boot and Best Player awards. He proved that he definitely deserves some chances in the Premier League despite Ibe's good performances. As you can see, our friendlies went pretty well:


Unfortunately I was unable to sell some players that won't count unless there is an injury plague: Bodurov, Hutchinson and Kacaniklic mainly. With a bit of luck the Swedish will find a club in the winter transfer window.

After two months of season, this are not going that bad. Andrej Kramaric has been outstanding and is Fulham's top scorer with 4 goals so far. Things started pretty excitingly with that home draw against Manchester United which could have perfectly been a victory. In addition we were able to make progress in the Capital One Cup, which is always a competition in which not so big teams can dream of succeeding.


As it stands:


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Truly impressive. Being so dominant in an entire continent for more than 20 seasons... wow. Have you used the same tactics in every club or you have adapted them to each case?
Sorry for the poor frequency, will definitely try to do it better in the following season.

2014/15 Season Summary

Tactically speaking it was a messy season. Plenty of really good matches, but also some ridiculous defeats against weaker teams. Never got to a consistent formation, because when it seemed that I found the proper one Bryan Ruíz suffered an injury and I wasn't able to fill his absence. I had the chances to make some quality signings: Luke Garbutt and Abou Diaby came on loan, and surprisingly I was offered a huge transfer budget in January that allowed me to sign Gabriele Angella and Massimo Luongo. Also, Jesús Vallejo was signed for the next season, which is massive news given his outstanding potential.

An irregular final third of season relegated us from the top of the table to a really disappointing 5th position. In a moment of really low confidence we had to go into the playoffs, which featured really tough oponents: Watford, Norwich and Millwall. Norwich would be our first opponent, and it fortunately went well. We won 4-0 in the first leg at Craven Cottage, and only a disaster at Carrow Road would kick us out. And it was really close as we were horrible and very deservedly lost 3-0, but we fortunately went through. Millwall defeated Watford and would be our rivals at Wembley.


It really surprised me that before such an important match the board offered me a contract renewal. Maybe it was just a way of relieving pressure, but I certainly didn't expected it as the team really underperformed in some stages of the season.


And so the work of a whole season would be judged at Wembley...




It was such an insane match, in which (again) my players got too comfortable in a good result and it did almost cost us the promotion. But a truly fantastic goal by Luke Garbutt made it all forgivable, and allowed us to be in the Premier League 2015/16.


It is tough to choose a podium of best players because there were a lot of ups and downs. But definitely these three deserve a special mention:

3. Bryan Ruíz
Despite he missed a lot of matches, without him the team usually ran out of ideas. His ability to create chances made the difference.

2. Fernando Amorebieta
In such a defensively weak season, he certainly proved that it would have been even worse without him. He also contributed to offense being a real menace in set pieces.

1. Jordon Ibe
There's not much room for doubt with this player. He was decisive in almost every single match he played, being quite consistent throughout the entire season, and he was able to score 10 goals and give 11 assists.


And so that was all, to be honest a pretty desperating season due to the inconsistency of the team, which of course was mostly my fault because I failed to adapt tactics to the squad. But it all finally went well, and finally I will have margin to build a more complete team and persuade better players to come.

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Pratto looks like a really consistent player, I think that he would be my choice despite I know his age might be a bit discouraging. But you already have plenty of young talented players, and an experienced teamworker is always useful when you play at that level.
Let's go with a first update.

Pre season was quite good, and I decided to get Jordon Ibe on loan as I didn't quite see Roberts and Williams making the difference from day one. The squad was pretty good in comparison to most Championship teams, so I felt there was no need to sign any other players as the market didn't offer anything too fancy.

Things didn't start as desired. We finished August having conceded at least two goals in every single league game, with a poor 1-3-1 balance. The tactic I was using was perhaps too ambitious, so I made some adjustments in the first two weeks of September, and with sort of a more cautious style results started to come inmediately. That last defeat at Middlesbrough was a huge blow because we played a really good match, but you all know how football (and specially Football Manager) is sometimes.


As it stands, we are in a not so bad 6th position, five points away from the direct promotion positions.


However, I think that with the new tactical approach from the beginning things would have gone significantly better. Luckily the season is very long and I definitely expect to be much more competitive in the upcoming weeks.

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I will undertake the project of bringing Fulham back to the top. I know it's not very challenging compared to other careers that we've seen here, but I am not used to manage lower division teams and I think this one will be a good one.


After fourteen consecutive seasons in the Premier League, the 2013/14 season ended up being tragic for Fulham, with the club being relegated to the Championship. As the eldest football club from London in the Football League, Fulham fans deserve to see their club in the Premier League, and that will be the task of Sebastián González, a young Uruguayan coach who established in England when he was a child, and whose lack of a top professional football background hasn't worried the Fulham board.

With a healthy financial situation and a talented squad, Fulham's target cannot be other than being promoted to the Premier League as soon as possible, as well as developing some of their hot prospects. Also, after obtaining his FA A licence, González will look forward to study for UEFA licences once he is allowed to do so.

Fulham are still yet to win a major trophy: they came close twice, being FA Cup runners-up in 1975 and also losing the UEFA Europa League final in 2010. Hopefully the drought will shortly come to an end.

That's how this begins. I will post my progress here in order not to get bored of it too soon, and also to receive some advice from you all. Don't expect much until the end of the week because I'm a bit busy with university, but I definitely want to keep this in a high rhythm.

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Player Name: Pablo Blanco

Player ID: 7452986

Link: Link to picture

Existing Images: Search results for: 7452986

Player Name: Moisés del Hoyo

Player ID: 67199651

Link: Link to picture

Existing Images: Search results for: 67199651

First season: 2013/2014

In this first season my intention was to create a formation which fitted well with the current squad. This 5-2-1-2 worked pretty well (Neto; Rodríguez, Savic, Compper/Tomovic; Cuadrado, Pasqual; Valero, Aquilani/Ambrosini; Ilicic; Rossi, Gómez), used alongside a complementary 5-2-2-1 in order to give playtime to Joaquín and Rebic as well.


No big transfers this season: William Carvalho came for €2.3m in what I thought was a bargain, but in the winter transfer window I could bring Dimitris Siovas to the squad from Olympiakos, which was definitely a quality signing.

The results of the season were two second places and an early Europa League elimination in the first knockout round:



However, in overall the season was pretty good and 2014/15 seemed like a potentially interesting season, playing the Champions League and with some big decicions planned.

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Is there any chance of enlightening the classic 2D match engine? The colours are too dull since I've installed this skin
I`m playing a steam version. All is fixed after not ticking `use fake players`. Thank you!
I also selected `Disable First Window Transfer Budgets` , `Disable Player Attribute Masking` in the advanced option, is it better not to tick it for a beginner??

The first is on your preference, but I strongly recommend the second to make the game experience better.
Can I enter this challenge, or is it required to have participated before?
Good job. Thank you.
Anything new?
The French youth teams have incorrect logos. Have a look at the config file.
By leschqo | Permalink | On 27 December 2012 - 21:38 PM
small update for English logos
- fixed Manchester City logo (thx RTPablo)
- added U-21 & U-18 competition logos (works only in PL version; thx marrtac)



Good to see that you respond to the user's suggestions, good job once again
Oh yes, we eventually have Spain! Thank you
Amazing job, but I just want to suggest a revision of the Manchester City logo because I see it a bit strange.
Jesús Navas


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Why isn't there a Mediafire link as usual? The available ones are soooo slow...
Gamefront link is down.
I desperately need Premier League standard logos!
I have downloaded all the available ones until now. Please keep on bringing us more!

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