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MoneyGFX Comments
Northampton Home:
Are you still about for requests mate?

Unfortunately not mate
Money and Beast i can sent you pictures on pm for League 1 and 2

It’s ok mate, we’ll collect them as we do them, thanks for the offer though πŸ‘πŸ½
Me and beast are working through league one & 2

No. We thought we'd skip them this year.........


didn't notice that, cheers
I've got V1 on home & away done, sadly there's no sources for back of shirts yet so it's just guess work and what pics there are, are low res. Hopefully be able to finish them over the weekend

Top man
I'm off work this weekend so I might get some time to work on some of the last championship kits
Can I have Leeds H/A, please?

I know on previous pages is home kit, but still awaiting for away, many thanks.

Leeds H & A (Made by Beast72)


Great work mate,unlike 2D creators you 3D kit guys have been quiet recently,so it's great to see a new wave of creations and whilst the 2D kits are good eye candy it's the 3D kits that are the essential addition to FM gameplay.

Appreciate the kind words mate πŸ‘πŸΌ
It depends, if you consider R sleeve to be right sleeve when you look at player frontally, then it's fine :-)
I got confused first time, I thought R means players right, but it's not.

no i don't mean about swapped sides i mean the short sleeve end location is fine? considering a showed you the guide...

actually don't worry about it, ill figure it out.

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I'm pretty sure sleeves are reversed as well, the one with R is actually player's left sleeve. No big deal until you do Feyenoord.

so its fine?
Guys, pardon again my nitpicking, but I'd like to point out that the lower edge of short sleeves is way to high on most kits lately. These red lines show where the bottom of the sleeve actually is:


Oh i didn't realise, i was just following the guide on the template:


Would you let me know if the guide is wrong then?
Reading H & A


not able to use it in any way

give it a try mate, get a free trial of photoshop, download the template pack and try making some fantasy kits, thats how i started πŸ‘πŸ½
are you going to do the new leeds home kit mate?

It's already been posted in the forum πŸ‘πŸΌ
Aston Villa H & A



Bolton H & A



Brentford H & A



Bristol City H & A (W.I.P)



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I have a question regarding MLS. As it seems that a couple of clubs (Columbus being the main example) switched from a black primary to a yellow primary but in the game, even with the SS kits and the tactics screen showing yellow kits, they wear their black kits. The biggest problem with that is they wear the black when playing DC United and other dark uniformed teams. Is there a way to fix that?

Yeah you can use the in game editor to change the primary kit colour
Here are some Puma dot patterns with transparency for you 3d kitmakers. I see you're avoiding Puma's kits like a plague, perhaps those damn dots are the reason
Now you have no excuses, you can start stamping Pumas kits like mad men.

Puma vertical stripe (Huddersfield H, Plymouth H, Wolves A). With some modification can be used for Barnsley side stripes.

Puma sleeve ABOVE league patch (Leicester and many others):

Puma sleeve BELLOW league patch:

What a guy!
Ipswich A (Fix)

Cardiff H & A

hey mate beautiful kits but the ipswich away is wrong its ment to be this one


Thanks for letting me know, I just double checked and it's the "Clash Kit" I'll update this πŸ‘πŸΌ
My advice is to make a palette image, with coloured boxes. Every time you start a new kit, you pick a colour from there. You test and decide what shade of red or blue, green, yellow, works best and use always the same colour on all future kits. For example, red is the same on Forest and Barnsley and Bayern.

Your kits are otherwise very good, keep up with them, we can't get enough 3d kit makers

really appreciate the advice its something i will defiantly work on! thanks pal
Ipswich H (Colour Change)
Pardon my criticism, but you should really reconsider blue choice for Ipswich. The colour is way to bright and unrealistic. They have the same blue shade as any other dark blue kit, like Everton, QPR, Cardiff, Leicester, Carlisle, Portsmouth and so on.

no problem, thanks for the feedback, Im quite new to this
@MoneyGFX Can ask you the new Jena kits? no one are working on them





















Coventry City H

Peterborough United H
Barnsley H

Birmingham City H & A


Ipswich H & A


Sheffield United H
[quote name='Damien 14' user_id='375658' id='387483' timestamp='1500380963']
MoneyGFX those kits are insane! WOW, it's been a while since someone posted something like this Totally surprised.

By any chance can you do Juventus home and away kits ? Thanks!

Thanks Damien, I think that Chris is working on them atm but if he's not I'm more than happy to work on itπŸ‘πŸΌ