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leegee94 Comments
Yeah your quite right about the team actually, performing much better than they have been irl. The stats of some players have been quite generous too.. First time in a few years I've been happy to have as many non-Scottish players in my team. The route to Europa has been very eventful, beating big names such as Bronby and Galatasary - just got Malmo in my way and the group stages now.
Lets see eh
Sticking to the FM tradition of being Rangers as my first save.. the board have some unrealistic targets this year eg. make group stages of europa, win the league.
Hope this doesn't lead into an early sacking.. well see
Fraser Aird joins Hibs
Canadian sensation and ex-Rangers lad Fraser Aird signs a 2 year contract with Edinburgh club Hibernian this afternoon - the deal is thought to be worth 145k and is part of the new look Hibs 'shake-up'. Newly hired manager Gaskin claims that the prospect of signing Aird was too good to turn down and will more than likely be the only signing of the transfer window for Hibs

Although it may seem that I am going against my ethos on signing Scottish players - I believe that there was no way I could of signed a player of Aird's quality at the price I did following this ethos. Aird is a way to an ends and will more than likely ensure promotion for us which will then enable us to interest some great home-grown players.

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Before I start the save, I would like to give a little back story on why I have chose to manage 'up north' in the Scottish leagues. Ever since 2002 (playing on LMA) I have managed in the Scottish leagues and much has changed since then. Being a Rangers fan I have done numerous saves with Rangers and have always managed to dominate the SPL but when they had their huge demise I decided to take a break from Scottish football but not before managing Dundee UTD on fm12 and winning the SPL in my first season! Since then I have floated around many nations on FM but decided to return to Scotland this year and had a great save with Rangers but the hunger to prove myself grew and now I want to dominate with a team I have never managed before - Hibs.
Diary Entry"So here I arrive at Easter Road with one goal in my mind - to dethrone Celtic and prevent Hearts and Rangers from returning to the great Scottish Premiership. Managing arguably the fourth biggest club in Scotland is going to be one tough task and I know the expectations will be high but I'm ready for a challenge and I know with my Scottish player bias and knowledge of the national I can surely pull it off!"

Pre Season Summary
Although being provided with a 120k transfer budget, I am focussing on the players I have currently and plan to make signings in January (if needed), I have pinpointed some players who I wish to build my team around and will spend the majority of the season developing these 'golden boys' so they are ready for the Premiership:

Jason Cummings
Young striker with bags of potentially, great finishing for age and excellent in the air which is sure to bag him many goals in the future! Will probably be used as a fringe player throughout the season but will be given many of chances to develop. (hate that stupid cut-out for him)

Jordon Forster
Another young Scottish player who is extremely talented in the air but is also a great defender with great potential. Will hopefully start as many as games possible this year working alongside with slightly more experienced centre back Liam Fontaine.

Scott Allan
The oldest member of the 'golden boys', still only 22 Scott Allan has played for several teams in his career but has never really completed a full season - but with bags of potential and great technical skills - Allan will play a major part in all creative aspects of the game.

Danny Handling
A young striker who has failed in make an impact with Hibs thus for but under my management I am sure that I can get the best out of this pacey and determined striker!

Alex Harris
Finally is a young player who I have not really come across before - a fast winger with good crossing ability, I am hoping to give this player many chances to prove to me that I can trust him and carry the Hibs forward!

Okay well I guess it's time to get the season under-way, I will try to update this story as much as possible keeping you informed with results, player development and hopefully team development. I welcome any opinions/criticism/suggestions on this thread and hope to show off some of Scotland's greatest talents and prove signings foreign players is not always necessary!

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This is the kind of save that excites me!!! I tried to get Elgin City to the SPFL but failed - so I know how patient and determined you have to be to pull a save of like this! Going to be very interesting if you get promoted and going to be exciting to see what type of players you can attract
Hmmm think West Ham would be more fun in the long run as they have a great history and great set up there but in terms of short-term Palace would be more fun as its a huge challenge and not many likeable players in that team (in my opinion anyway)
Quite an overlooked city in the world of football.. Could be an interesting save, think people forget that Bath has a huge population and is not only just a tourist city!! Should be interesting when you get into the football league.... The topic reminded me of a Culture Club and now I'm listening to it - thought that would be worth a mention
Enjoying this save at the moment, East Lancashire lad myself so the prospect of Burnley doing well excites me.. Gona have to eventually get rid of Turf Moore tho eh? Enjoyed your ethos regarding homegrown players but see you have drifted from that somewhat now your getting bigger...
Player Name: Jason Cummings

Player ID: 61064592

Link: Link to picture

Existing Images: Search results for: 61064592

I am interetested in buying FM09 after losing hope with FM14 - I want something to play whilst waiting for the new FM to come out

I was shocked and saddened to find out that GAME nor Steam are selling the game anymore but came accross a few 'second hand' copies online but I was wondering if I buy the game via disc will I need the product code? Ifso that means these games they are selling on eBAY on unplayeable or are they?

Within weeks of being announced the manager of Chelsea F.C - former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson has already made some huge changes. It was announced that Sven-Goran Eriksson would be 'shaking' up the staff at Chelsea but no-one would of ever predicted a complete over-haul of the back room. The most notable changes include; Tord Grip to replace Zenden as the assistant manager, long serving West Ham coach Tony Carr will be taking charge of the Youth Development at Chelsea - also Joe Jordan, Phill Cannon and Dave Panarby all join as coaches.

In other news - Chelsea have announced two future signings who will join Stamford bridge on the 1st of July 2013.

- Spanish international and Sevilla winger Jesus Navas will join Chelsea for a free of £30.5 million
- Austrian left back and Byern Munich wonder kid David Alaba will also be joining for a fee of £17.5 million

Chelsea FC
Chairman: Roman Abramovich
Manager: Sven-Goran Eriksson
Assistant Manager: Tord Grip

Back Story: Despite winning the Champions League last season - Roman Abramovich feels as if Chelsea are massively under-achieving and are not reaching the heights they should be reaching. Roberto Di Matteo became yet another casualty of the the Russian billionaire and was fired during late June.
The quest for a new manager was immediately on and many qualified names was soon linked with the club - despite much interest by many of Europes top managers - De Visser and Emanalo managed to persuade Abamovich to hire Sven-Goran Eriksson who hasn't competed in European football since leaving Lazio for the England post.


Sven-Goran Eriksson - New Chelsea Manager
Trouble at Stamford Bridge? Absolutely so. The Chelsea fans were hit by surprise this afternoon when Roberto Di Matteo was released of his contract and was soon pushed aside to make way for their new manager - the ex-England and Lazio manager Sven-Goran Eriksson.

Eriksson who has spent the past year at Thai club BEC Tero Sasana F.C as technical director is said to be delighted with his new role at Stamford Bridge and believes in the future of the club. Eriksson claims that this job will be his last shot of redemption within English football after having failed to make an impact with Notts County, Leicester City and Manchester City.

When asked by a journalist if he thinks he is 'under-qualified' for the job - Eriksson replied "Under-qualified? No - Excited? Yes. Chelsea are one of the biggest clubs in the world and after winning the Champions League last season - it is important that we continue to dominate European football and ensure our European success is followed by domestic success. The English press has seemed to have a field day today branding me as a 'flop' and giving me 3 months at the club - well I can confirm that I will be on an annual rolling contract and I plan to stay at the club for the long jeopardy."
When asked about the cruel nature of how Chelsea have treated their managers in the past, Sven replied - "Homo Homini Lupus" which is translated to Man is man's wolf.

It is believed that Eriksson will be 'shaking' the back room staff up and will be giving the complete squad an 'over-all' evaluation.
You've done great to bounce back up and get in the real mist of the top 6. Its going to be hard to repeat the success of last season but I am looking forward to see how your players cope in the tough world of European football.
is there a chance anyone can make this into a cut-out for me? The Fernando Torres cut-out is very out-dated.

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