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davie00 Comments

Grazer AK ---> 16309710

SPG SV Stipfing/FC Angern ---> 16325694

SPG SV Oberwart/ASK Rotenturm ---> 16325714

SPG SV Wallern/ASV St. Marienkirchen ---> 16325687

SC Korneuburg ---> 16309798

FV Wien Floridsdorf ---> 16324931

FC Stubai ---> 16325650

SPG Röschitz/Roggendorf - K.J. ---> 16325699

SPG Axams/Grinzens ---> 16325643

SK Pillerseetal ---> 16325017

Robins Spieler Vereinigung Kundrat - SV Wienerfeld ---> 16316325

SPG SV Gaissau/Höchst 1b ----> 16277547

SPG Virgental/TSU Virgen ---> 16068363

SPG SV Wilhering/SV Mühlbach ---> 16325689

Union Sportclub Muckendorf/Zeiselmauer ---> 16325704

Sportclub Eibiswald ---> 16325674

Union Fussballclub Gerersdorf-Sulz ---> 16325710

Spielgemeinschaft Sigmundshergberg/Kl.-Meiseldorf ---> 16325698

Union Spielgemeinschaft Alpenvorland ---> 16325693

Lokomotive Matrei ---> 16335814

Spielgem. Pölfing-Brunn/St.Martin/Schwanberg II ---> 16325666

Spielgemeinschaft Werndorf-Lannach-Dobl II ---> 16325665

Sportverein Berg ---> 16325705

AC Shqiponja Wien ---> 16332447

Spielgemeinschaft Magdalensberg/Poggersdorf Y. ---> 16325707

Spielgemeinschaft Union Windhaag/U.Leopoldschlag ---> 16325690

GS United Wien ---> 16332448

Spielgemeinschaft Söding/Sportunion Hitzendorf II ---> 16325663

Spielgemeinschaft Grafendorf/Vorau II ---> 16325668

Spielgemeinschaft Sinabelkirchen/Ilzer SV II ---> 16325667

Spielgemeinschaft Altruppersdorf/Kleinhadersdorf ---> 16325700

Spielgemeinschaft Herrnbaumgarten/Schrattenberg ---> 16325701

Spielgemeinschaft Breitenau/Pernegg II ---> 16325672

Spielgemeinschaft Sankt Barbara/Veitsch/Wartberg II ---> 16325673

Fussballclub Lokomotiv Vienna ---> 16325005

Kaukasus Sport Club ---> 16325004

Spielgemeinschaft Stadl/Murau II ---> 16281752

Spielgemeinschaft Anger/SV Pischelsdorf II ---> 16325669

Spielgemeinschaft Schöcklland/Kumberg II ---> 16325671

I would fall at the feet of the one who takes the time to put the rest of the missing Austrian logos into the Metallic Logopack. Thank you very much.
some ID´s have changed ?
one of them Wattens Tirol
I´ve changed it with FMXML

Mayby there are some more

It wasn't the ID that changed, it was the entire club. The WSG Wattens was closed down and the WSG Tirol was born. This was done to make the games more attractive for Tyroleans due to the relegation of Wacker Innsbruck.
@mons 250x250 pixel, no chicken neck, good quality, jersey goes up to the edge and above and below just cut off.

Gave already worse, right?
Just simple Eraser in Photoshop

No, I meant he didn't look like he had a chicken neck.
@mons @davie00
Tried to play around a bit...

Oh? How'd you do that now? Other template or Photoshop skills like a god?
Thank you very much. I downloaded some gigapixel now, let's see how far I can get with the test version.
@bakizp Thank you very much.

@mons Would you let a picture like that go through? For me, it's all about the jersey after the picture, because when I cut it away, it looks very "fake".

Ballinamallard United Facebook page,photo from March,31.
Team photo
Heads are pretty small,but I'm using software called Topaz A.I. Gigapixel to enlarge images.It's the best on the market.

Wow, thank you so much.
Do you have any idea how I can make this picture Glenn Law (kneeling down right) a good cut-out? There is no better template for him.
@davie00 This source is large enough for a 250px cutout, which is the megapack standard instead of 180px. Additionally you can crop the cutout a bit closer to the chin in the future, similar to the current MP image

Thanks for the info. This afternoon I only looked in the pack and there were some pictures 180x180 pixels, so I thought these were the scale.
@davie00, they're not bad for first attempts. As most of them are quite good sources, I've re-cut them all and will be posting them in the comment of each request so that you can compare them with your cuts. Do take the time to read the guidelines for cutters thread so that any future cuts you produce will be as close as possible to the type of cut we're looking for.

As you're still starting out, there's nothing wrong in posting a draft cut either in that thread or in the comments for the respective request for feedback (@ me if need be so I get a push notification). Better to do that instead of uploading it and then needing to revisit the cut at a later stage, after all This way you can get an idea of how to refine and improve your cutting technique with a view to improving future cuts.

Hope you take this in the constructive spirit it is intended and looking forward to seeing more cuts from you; it's always nice to see a new, enthusiastic cutter on the scene


@mons Thank you so much. I didn't know about the 250 pixel, because I searched in the pack and there were 180 pixel large pictures. From now on I will cut much closer to the chin to emphasize the face as much as possible. You are really a big help.

Thank you very much. Can you maybe tell me where you got the template from? Because if one of him hadn't seen it.
I'm afraid it's not an improvement in my book. Also, have a look at the guidelines in this thread on how much space to leave in cuts below the chin and above the hair, ideally it's no more than 2-3 pixels...

I have now, after intensive search, found another template. Could you let this pass?


That's the same picture, isn't it?
@mons Could you please swap the picture I uploaded with this one? I cut it off too low.

It's not the best picture, because his hair color has changed almost 1 to 1 with the night sky. Hopefully it still complies with the guidelines to get into the pack.
@davie00, yours wasn't a bad attempt as the hair is a bit difficult to get right, but it's important to have as many hair details as possible. Can I ask what program and technique(s) you're using? Perhaps I can give some pointers on how to improve your cuts

I use Photoshop and work mainly with the motif Cut out or the magic wand, if there are still stains on the background, I usually erase them with an eraser, so of course a few hairs can get lost.
Here some older logos of clubs, I would be very grateful if you could make them for me

FC Everton (650)

Unirea Urziceni (7542199)

Admira Wacker Mödling (5605072)

SV Ried (159)

FC Lorient (2005)

Zenit St. Petersburg (1301108)

Rubin Kazan (130509)

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Sorry to interrupt. My Windows didn't suggest the logo even though it was there...

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Can none of you really create the missing logos for the Austrian National Cups?

If you think they are Fantasy Logos, they are not, they are the cups that are created in FM.

CONCACAF Nations League (222981) ----> missing
CONCACAF Nations League Qualifying (222982) ----> missing

Baunti Landescup --- > 16068408 missing


Admiral NÖ Meister Cup ---> 16068414 mssing


Villacher Bier-KFV-Cup ---> 16068412 missing


UNIQA-VFV-Cup ----> 16068411 missing


Is it possible for someone to create these three logos for South African teams?

Uthongathi FC: (65039207)

Richards Bay FC: (65039207)

Ubuntu Cape Town FC:

I hope that is possible.
Clubs Georgia:
FC Kolkheti-1913 Poti --> Missing ID: 59118778
Leagues Georgia:
Georgia National League --> Missing ID: 59126495

Georgia National League 2 --> Missing ID: 59126496

Clubs Romania:

International Balesti --> Missing ID: 57065427

Victoria Traian --> Missing ID: 57057203

Sorry, Co-Coach
Could you please adjust that he is now Co-Trainer at Wattens?
Sorry, i had looked over the transfer to Telfs.
Sorry, he is on loan for two years.
Sorry i have forgot the Contract date.