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HawkAussie Comments
Fantastic on getting back to back promotions there.
@r96Skinner @Dan Thanks for the messages there.

So the awards for the end of the 2019 season has been revealed with Antti Ulmanen sweeping the awards that he played throughout the entire year with the player getting fans player of the season (64%), young player of the season (both club and division) and goal of the season (both club and division). While Tatu Varmanen was our signing of the season.
Well done on the promotion but now the tough work of the Serie A begins.
Good luck at your next role in Sweden.
Well done on getting the title so that is one ticked off now.

We have done it, we have taken out our first title for this save with the 1-0 win over the Kemi Kings sealing us the title with a game to spare but it could have so been two games as we made an error against FC Haka to increase the tension that was in the league but in reality it didn't matter with AC Oulu going close to missing out on a playoff spot if it wasn't for the draw against KPV. To celebrate, we had our final match be a complete fun time with another four or so players debuting for the team in the 1-0 victory.

The final standings didn't seem to look like a cake walk with the 10 point margin separating us and AC Oulu as they really lost form and almost gave the playoff spot to KTP. On the other side of the table, TPV Tampere and the Kemi Kings will be heading into the non-playable leagues.

The final four results for us as we will start celebrating our title. For me, I just got two firsts with this title. The first was winning a league title while playing the default database (my other titles were using classen megapack) and the other one being that it's hopefully the first of many titles in Europe.
Staying at HIFK for another season

The month of August was a good month with that only blemish being the game against JJK which we couldn't seem to get anything past their keeper as we conceded a goal in the second half to endure our second loss of the season. But that was balanced with the game against AC Oulu in which we got a critical win as our team completely outplayed them to get a 3-0 win and have one hand on the title with that win.

I say one hand on it as we have a four-point advantage over AC Oulu and if we somehow stuff up, we properly confirm a playoff spot with our team being 12 points ahead of third place KTP. On the other side of the table, you would have to think that the Kemi Kings are properly going down with eight points being needed in the last four games and hoping that TPV Tampere and Gnistan Helsinki stuff up along the way.

The final four games of the season and the only real game to worry about is FC Haka but surely we have the won the title with these final four fixtures that we have got. But saying that, anything can happen in these four games.


Before giving out my August results, we had our first youth intake of the save and looking at the intake, it's not something that screams out good in my eyes with only a couple of decent enough players that could go into my squad.

One of those players being Jaakko Paappa who is good for this division with high balance and natural fitness which doesn't really want a central defender need. He does have good bravery with 14 but their is something to work on in the future.

The only good thing about this player is the finishing with an attribute of 13 but the rest does need work on.

At least the physical stats are good (bar stamina) and he is at least work well with teammates but again nothing really more than that.
Great result against Oulu mate just need to ensure you stay top of the league now!

That wasn't our team who defeated AC Oulu as it was FF Jaro who did it. I just did my job and knock off KPV Kokkola in my game (4-2).
The next matchday and they lose and with us winning our match, we go back to the top of the league.
@Dan @bigmattb28 It is unlucky that I am not on top and only hope that AC Oulu does slip up so I can gain the lead.

So looking at the fixture for this month I thought this is properly the best way to use the instant result on my FM skin to get through this month without so much as a breath. That idea though really didn't work with the game against KTP giving us our first loss of the 2019 season as a look at the match and that was really a game that we didn't deserve to win. Another bad match during this month was the game against Gnistan Helsinki as looking the stats at that game and we couldn't seem to finish them off.

The standings after 19 games and we have shrunk the gap between us and AC Oulu to a single point. The worry is that AC Oulu has not lost this season but they did struggle during this month with two wins and three draws so there is hope that they could lose a match and we can take the lead back (as we did have it for three matchdays before losing to KTP). On the opposite side of the table, we have Gnistan Helsinki moving out of the relegation spot as they hold a two-point advantage over TPV Tampere while the Kemi Kings might be dropping down to the third tier at this rate.

The critical match is properly going to be the game against AC Oulu because if we win it, we properly take a massive step towards the title and promotion to the top tier.

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Playing on Christmas Eve also doesn't seem legit either. A mix bag for those two months there and need to improve on that form to get away from Verona and SPAL.
To answer that question, its because the Indian Arrows is because of the AIFF development side so that team can't be relegated.
That is crazy to think of a 9-1 result compared to the other results that you have got. So quick send that record in for the biggest defeat on this site
@Dan @bigmattb28 Yeah, complete English dominance despite me having it on view-only.

So the month of June was another good month for us with our perfect record still being intact for the time being as we pass the half-way point of the season. In the opening two games of the month, we continue to play our 4-4-2 Wide formation with some good results over KTP and FF Jaro. After a draw against JJK, Antti Ulmanen scored a hat-trick in the 4-2 win over KPV Kokkola which was actually our first hat-trick of the season. Getting a draw against FF Jaro made our team fall behind in the race against AC Oulu and the worry became real when we went two-nil down after only 11 minutes against AC Oulu. But a goal close to the half-time whistle and full-time whistle saved our bacon and kept us in the hunt especially when we defeated JJK 1-0 at home.


This means that after 14 games we are two points behind AC Oulu and the hope of them making a mistake needs to happen if we hope to get automatic promotion to the top flight. We are clear of third place JJK by 12 points which at least is happy that we have breathing room. But as the board wants the title, that will not do. Also, TPV Tampere has now fallen into the relegation zone by goal difference over Kemi Kings while Gnistan Helsinki is on the bottom with a better GD than the two teams above them.


This month I am hoping to go five from five with the draw that we have been given for this month. While we do well, let's hope that AC Oulu slips up this month so that we can regain top spot in the league.

Just a quick thing, maybe change the name to something like FMT19 - A VP Adventure. Other than that, keep going with this form.
That's some good going there mate hopefully win your game in hand and continue the good form to keep you at the top of the league.

That is what I am hoping for too, anyway let's quickly go around the other leagues that I have loaded plus Europe.


We start our journey in Spain with Valencia taking out the title by a single point over Real Madrid with Barcelona a further two points back in third place. Atletico Madrid finished in the final Champions League spot with Bilbao, Villarreal and Levante all making the Euro League.


In Slovakia, we have Slovan Bratislava taking their tenth title in the Slovak league by a single point over Spartak Trnava. Also gaining European football we have Zilina and Trencin.


Romania sees the same old team (I think) with Steaua Bucharest taking out the title because of the split rule that is in play and won't be able to show here. Gaining European football will be Univ Craiova, CFR Cluj and Botosani.


In European football, it was an English dominance with Liverpool and Manchester City winning the European titles over fellow English opposition which is properly going to be boring to see on that front.
So that means you will be leaving the country at the end of the season with this now.
That was something from left field there.

One month has passed in the 2019 season and for our team in HIFK, it has been a good run with the only blemish being the quarter-final of the Suomen Cup where we lost by only just a whisker in injury time. Other than that, the defence has been really strong with us only conceding two goals in league competition which is something that I am happy to see this early in the competition. In reality, it could have been six goals without the opposition conceding but an own goal against TPV Tampere ruined that bit. Of course I am not going to back down as we are seven games into the season and we still have twenty to go.


As we head to June, our team is only three points behind the leaders in AC Oulu who is also unbeaten after the first month. The good thing is that we do have a game in hand over AC Oulu which we will play during the next month so that everyone will be to up to date with the games played. On the other side of the table, we have the two new teams in TPV Tampere and Gnistan Helsinki in the bottom three with the Kemi Kings who got relegated last season in that list.


The first awards of the season were also revealed and HIFK got both awards for the month of May with Ulmanen getting the goal of the month with Jurvainen finishing runner-up in the goal of the month category. While in the Manager of the Month, we received the award by the virtual of luck with both us and Lahderinne getting the same win percentage but I just got over him somehow, for no apparent reason.



Next month will be a little bit quieter for us with seven matches on the schedule for the month of June including a critical game against AC Oulu which I am calling it now, is a game which a win will be very valuable in terms of the race to the title especially when we do that have game in hand which we hope we can capitalise on.

That is a nice idea, hope you do well in it.

Update from the Suomen Cup and we have a winner with VPS taking out the title in extra-time against FC Honka with four different goalscorers for VPS in the victory. as they take home their first Suomen Cup in their history and in this save. While for FC Honka they were unlucky to lose as they did get the first goal but it was not to be for that case.


The final tree for the Suomen Cup.

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What happened in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?
Good job on getting promoted, may I suggest that maybe you can crop your pictures so only the important information is available.
@Dan @bigmattb28 Yeah it goes to be all about squad rotation in these next two months.
@tongey The answer is properly no because I will properly fudge it up somewhere


So we are out of the Finnish Cup today as we played a second-string XI against VPS who competes in the top tier of Finnish football. Thinking that we would properly be eliminated by four or more goals, I was actually surprised that we lasted until the last minute of injury time to lose the match which for me was actually shock as I was hoping that maybe it would get to extra time so I would bring in some fresh legs. But it wasn't to be with Timi Lathi scoring a 95th-minute winner to book VPS spot in the semi-finals.


This the proof that we played with five debutants with most of them being in the HIFK 2nd team with even a couple of them being from the youth team as we swing our main focus towards the league as of the time I am writing this we have two games in hand over the top placed team.


The quarter-final results from the Suomen Cup and the game against JJK has been moved to the June schedule because of them qualifying for the semis.
Hopefully, you can have better luck in Uruguay than you did in Chile.
@bigmattb28 @Dan Yeah I did do what I needed to do and now I will have to wait for which teams Hong Kong will face in their first appearance at the AFC U-23 Championship.


So this is a short little update to say that pre-season is now over with our team losing a couple of match against the top division teams in the friendlies before taking on our second round opponent in FC Santa Claus in the cup. Playing a weaker lineup than some of the other matches, we did what needed to be done with a 3-0 victory to exceed our expectations that the board set for us which was the second round. The win saw our team score with three different goalscorers which are always nice to see the different scorers and not just one person getting the goals.


I say that lightly as the next month is going to be hectic with nine matches during this month which means there will be a lot of changing to our starting 11 so that the players will be rested up for the future games to come. This includes the quarter-final against VPS in the cup and hopefully, we will see where we will stand after this first month because of this hectic schedule that is Finnish football.


Oh, by the way, no pressure in terms of the betting odds as they expect us to finish top of the league and at 1-5 odds the pressure is really on.

The 2020 AFC U-23 qualification took place during late March with our team being drawn into Group H with Laos, North Korea and East Timor. You may see that our team looked like it struggled towards getting through with big results. In the opening match against Laos, we outplayed our opposition only conceding three shots from the opposition as we fought for a 3-0 victory. The second match against North Korea though was indeed our hardest match of the group with our team getting the lead in the 84th minute before a stupid error from our keeper gave North Korea a chance to equalise. But a late injury winner somehow got us out of the mess. In the final match, we had 24 shots to East Timor one shot and somehow their keeper only let one goal in the entire match which kind of sucks.


@r96Skinner Damn it that was what I going to say as it's Melbourne City, not Melbourne Victory.