Kristians10 Activity

1 year ago
Hi! Im using the newest version of Winrar, but when I try to download the data update Im only receving error messages that says "No Archives Found" from the Winrar. Have downladed an used the database updates many times for FM19,18 etc and never...
1 year ago
Hi! After the Beta turned into the original game I have problems with the skins(FMPORTUGAL and Wannachup instant result FM20) In the main menu the background disappears, but in the game it works fine until I play matches. When I play matches the pitch d...
1 year ago
Hi! Tried to download the England level 1-6 , Serie A, LaLiga Santander and 1. Bundesliga pack to FM20. Im using WinRaR and when I try to open England, Serie A and Laliga pack im receiving a message from the WinRar that "the archive is of unknown fo...
2 years ago
Hi! Downloaded the latest Data Update this morning. When im starting a new game England,France,Germany,Spain,Denmark and many other country/leauges are missing/not playable because of "to many teams" to few teams" in the different leagues....
4 years ago
Hi! The logos are really good looking! but I have problems with them to work on the game. I put the pack where it should be, Documents - Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2017 - graphics - logos. Has ticked the right boxes on preferens. In addition t...
4 years ago
Is it possible to change his role into scout for Liverpool FC ? Couldn't find it.
4 years ago
I Downloaded the last database update. When I was starting up a new game these countries couldn't be selected: England,France,Italy,Holland,Portugal,Scotland,Switzerland and Germany. All of them had a red warning sign beside. First time I have seen...
5 years ago
Thank you for this logopack! They are simpley brilliant. I downloaded the latest update pack and noticed that new Man City logo was inn it, but not the new West Ham and English Premier Leauge. Wich update will theese figure in? Keep up the good work,...