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Despite one time domination in Russia Spartak moskow have not won a trophy for 11 years.Im going to try to put them back on top.

Great win over Valencia, super start to the league season too!
Given our great start to the season I went into September optimistic.I had defeated a tough valecia team to qualify for the group stage of the champions league and won each of my league games.This month was an important one with a Russian cup game,2 champions league games and another few rounds of the league.


Domestically we had another good month almost.Amkar away was a good win for us.Dzyuba and giovinco turned the game around after we went behind in the 4th minute.Not the prettiest of wins but it carried on our very good form.

Another game we came from behind in.This time to a poor krylja sovetov side.Karim rekik got his first goal for the club before jano helped himself to a brace with 2 tap ins.

Then a disastrous game away to Saturn a division below.I wish I could say I rested a lot of players but truth be told I had a solid team out.We were 2-0 up too so to lose this one was a big blow and 1 trophy is out the window.

My team responded to the Saturn loss in a great fashion.Dinamo mosvow are not at the races in the slightest but a 3-0 win is still a quality victory.Amartey,giovinco and paredes with the goals.

Another away game this time to Rostov.Another win thanks to an early Patrick Roberts strike.This also could of easily been 3-0 but the Rostov gk had an amazing game.

After that last win we had now won each of our games and got 10 in a row.


With that league form maybe I can win the league again and who knows wrap it up early.Heres how the league looks after 9 games so far.


I have now got myself an 8 point lead at the top and 11 points ahead of last seasons winners zenit.CSKA are 9 points behind and my nearest rivals Krasnodar are a team I don't fear.Only a major screw up will lose this for me.

So with me doing so well domestically how has Europe gone for me.Bayern,club brugge and Liverpool are my group opponents.


Easiest game of the group out the way and only a 1-0 win.A scrappy one at that as they threatened more than me probably.Still a win is a win and that's what was required.Next up a trip to the Allianz arena.


I wasn't expecting anything out of this to be honest and that's what I got.When the third Bayern goal went in I was expecting a few more goals but they were merciful more than I kept them out.Balanta,gil romero and romero all out for this but I don't think they would of made much of a difference.Liverpool smashed them 4-1 in the first game and given how this went to that game I don't stand much of a chance against them.

So all in all a mixed month.Out of the cup and a smashing in the champions league but a great league campaign.
A very tough Champions League group SBR will be fantastic to make it through to the later stages but very do-able, especially with the squad you have assembled so far. Very frustrating cup loss like you say as well with the 2-0 lead! Incredible form in the league with those 9/9 possible wins this far into the season, a very impressive start and I'm sure it will continue!
The international break restricted the amount of matches in October and the month kicked off on the 16th for us.Here is the October review.


I opened up the month with a game against newly promoted SKA Khabarovsk and a great victory.5-0 didn't do us justice but im thrilled with it.Tariq,roberts,balanta,pintinho and logashov with the goals.Fantastic stuff from our lads even if it was against a team who are fighting for survival.

Terek are a more established teams in the league but not exactly one of the best.A 3-1 win against these was pretty routine.Giovinco opened the scoring before paredes and the impressive pintinho completed the scoring.

Krasnodar away.Was a bit wary of these given the position they have found themselves in.I was 2-0 up through Roberts and giovinco and they then got a man sent off but pulled it back to 2-2 and I was thinking that I could drop points here before a late balanta header secured the points.Close stuff but we got through it.

Rivals lokomotiv Moscow then came for a visit and we got passed these with ease.Boye hadn't been in great form recently but got the opener just before the half hour mark.They threatened a bit but jano scored and then boussoufa scored at the wrong end to give us a 3-0 win.


So 13 wins on the trot.Couldnt of wished for a better season in terms of the league.Our nearest rivals CSKA and Krasnodar are 14 points off the pace with last seasons champions zenit another 2 back from them but with a game in hand.It might be premature but im dreaming of an unbeaten season.My first defeat will be hard to take but I wont mind too much as ill still be so far ahead at that stage im sure.

Just the one match in the champions league.Liverpool away.


What more could I of asked for?Youri tielemans with a quality performance.He has been moaning about game time and I have given it him and he has took his chances with both hands.Giovinco with the other goal to wrap it up late on.As you can see by the table im in a good position with 2 home games against Bayern and Liverpool to come and a trip to brugge.Surely I can qualify.


With his contract coming to the end of the season and him moaning about game time I have given him most games even when 85% fit so that I can do this.He finally signed a contract and one of my main players for the future is here for another 5 years.He too has a 60m release fee that someone will have to pay if they want him before that.Very important day ffor us and im chuffed to bits.
Cheers DP.As you can see from latest update I have gone even better.The squads been fantastic for me especially the Liverpool game.I need to keep this squad together but romero always has that slight concern next to his name about wanting to go to Madrid.
Great win against Liverpool, tough work against Bayern earlier. But a superb year in the league to date!
Cheers dan.Yeah that win against Liverpool was a good one.Opens up the champions league for me.Win the home leg and that 5 point cushion I will have will surely send us through with them having to visit munich.The league season has been perfect not only in results but the performances.The core of the group (balanta,gio romero,romero and Roberts) are showing the rest of the league up now.They are too good for this league and romero is the first person to realise that which is why he wants a move.Dominating the league isn't good enough for him anymore it seems.Not sure if a champions league challenge is going to happen just yet.
November was always going to be a big month.2 champions league matches of massive importance and league fixtures of equal importance especially a trip to zenit.


Got the domestic fixtures underway with a trip to ural.A potential banana skin this but we came from behind with Roberts and boye scoring in quick succession and another win for us.

Kuban was one of our bogey teams but we made light work of them here.2 years ago they demolished us 4-0 to halt our unbeaten run to the season but there was no problem here as cheryshev and gil romero got the goals to extend our fantastic start to the season.

Zenit away.My most disliked fixture given what has happened in previous seasons.I wont go into it too much ill just show a screenshot.Very happy with this.


Mordovia are not in form one bit.A crushing win in this one and we go into the winter break having won all our league fixtures.A cheryshev double along with dzyuba and Roberts strikes give us a 4-1 victory.

So what does all that do for the league?


An amazing few months.11 points clear of our nearest rivals CSKA (who we actually pay next) and 19 clear of zenit.Im now not only thinking of an unbeaten season but also winning all our games.In which case I may think of moving on as the spartak revival would be complete.The only thing that may keep me here would be the challenge of the champions league.

So our league form has been perfect.Our champions league form has been good and with out win in Liverpool it gave us a chance of qualification to the knockout stages.


Liverpool were no match for us here.A goal from kombarov before half time steadied what little nerves I had over this fixture before Daniel amartey scored just after the hour mark to secure a big win for us.Twice I played Liverpool last season and twice we drew and this season we have won them both.Shows how far this team has come.


We had only just beaten these at home so I was expecting a tough game and it proved to be the case.Savitskiy got the equaliser and they had the better chances to win but didn't get the goal.I was happy we didn't lose but disappointed to lose top spot to Bayern.We now have the home game against Bayern to claim back top spot otherwise it would be a trickier game in the first knockout stage but to qualify for the next round with a game to spare is a great achievement.


What a game.Given we had already qualified and had nothing to lose but top spot to gain I decided on a more attacking formation and team.Lucas boye with a very early goal did it for us.The had more of the chances and the better chances but we saw it out perfectly.In the 80th minuted I made a couple more subs and dropped my cms and acm to cdm with 2 of them as half backs the other as an anchor man and we defended like Trojans.At the start of the group stage I never thought on top spot but we got it.


The end of year award for Russian managers select was dominated by us with 6 out of the 10 candidates coming from us.Patrick Roberts has had a start to his spartak career that I had hoped for.Humam Tariq is one of our fringe players but has also performed well and deserves to be there too.
Wow! Incredible form you're showing in the league so far, and fantastic results over Liverpool and Bayern in the CL to qualify top! Is an unbeaten league season on the way?
Yeah been great wilc.Chuffed to bits with it.Not got a single complaint about it.An unbeaten run would be good but my main aim is just to win it back.


So the draw for the champions league has just been made.Should I be nervous about porto or confidant?Im actually confidant.
Brilliant showing once again mate! Should be Porto I reckon with the form your showing
Incredible league form SBR 17 straight wins! Great results in Europe too which should mean Porto can be pushed aside, hopefully that league form can continue and drive morale forward so that the European run can continue in turn.
Cheers lads much appreciated.League form has been superb and been some sterling performances in Europe.Porto is a good draw for me and I have just played the first leg.That will be in my next report soon.I would of preferred to have drawn basel given what happened last season but they have my compatriots zenit.Hope they go through then I can take revenge.
Just a quick update.Only one game in ferbruary to really speak of but a couple of incomings.


First though patrick Roberts claimed his first award for the club claiming the Russian premier division managers select.Comes as no surprise really as he has been a great buy.I thought with the fee and wages it might prove to be a risk but he has been outperforming each player in my squad to be fair.


He also received the Russian player of the year award too.What a buy he has been.


A well known player for one so young and one with a very bright future.Not bad for 4.3m.He will be used sparingly until the summer when I probably move quincy promes on to make way for him.Then he will be Patrick Roberts understudy.He will also fill in in the cam and cm positions.


Picked this lad up on a free transfer.Want to see if he develops well before the end of his contract.If I do see improvements then he will get a new one.I will play him as and when I can.Not too bad of a youngster though.

So only one game to play this month.


Another fine performance from our lads.Fabianos own goal was comical as he diverted a cross into his own goal.Varela then equalised before Roberts and giovinco put us in a commanding lead for the 2nd leg.Surely through to the quarter finals now.
Fantastic performance against Porto

Good signings too.
Thanks as always johno.Been a good window for me with them 2.Both for the future more than the present.Team did good at porto.I was expecting a tougher test.
5 league matches in this fairly busy month.Won all of my league matches.Can my run continue.Also was my 3-1 victory in Portugal enough to send me through against porto?


So first league game back this year this happened.


Although we got a very decent draw away to our local and this season biggest rivals im gutted our run has come to an end.Conceding early on was a killer.They were dominating up until the sending off of pontus wernbloom but after we were all over them as we went all out attack.Balanta gave us a chance of continuing our run but it wasn't to be.The league lead doesn't change but we are still head and shoulders above everyone else at least.

We got back to winning ways a week later against rubin.We made them look poor in this one as boye and Roberts got a goal each and Sebastian giovinco got a double.Great recovery.

Then came a very nervy 1-0 win at anji.Quincy promes will probably be leaving at the end of the season but he pulled out a stunner to win this one for us to have me thinking should I keep him another year at least.

Krylja sovetov were my next opponents and again it was a tough one for us.The scoreline doesn't tell the story.We got a 4 goal lead in between them having a lot of chances before they scored 2 late goals to pull it back to 4-2.This score flattered me.

A poor match and my team have not been performing since the rubin game.Twice we came from behind through giovinco and cheryshev before giovinco got his 2nd of the match.

So a good month on the results even if we did lose that run but a poor end in terms of performances.


20 points clear but 2 games ahead.Still a superb looking table for me.Strange seeing Kuban all the way down there.Ill actually miss them if they get relegated.Not too sure what has happened to zenit.They have just moved into a new stadium but have been on a poor run of form recently.They might not get a champions league place even though the top 3 qualify this year.

So other than the league we also had a small matter of a 2nd leg of the champions league to think about.Heres how that went.


Not the best match for us by any means but a 4-3 aggregate lead sends us to the quarters.A bore first half came to life as we went behind through hector Herrera.Denis cheryshev equalised 5 minutes later before Jackson Martinez put porto back in front.A worrying end to the game as porto threatened again and again but we held on.I will say now that basel went through but we avoided them again.Instead we got these.


Other than real Madrid and Barcelona these are the ones we didn't want.Some quality in that Chelsea squad and im hoping we don't have injuries to any of our major players injured or banned (as we have a few on yellow cards).If we can keep up the wins maybe the morale will still be high and we might just pull off an upset.Who knows?
Unlucky in finally dropping points, but still unbeaten which is a great achievement! Absolutely destroying the league this season. Great work to put Porto out, best of luck against Chelsea.
Cheers wilc.It was probably going to happen eventually and theres no shame in a draw away to CSKA.Chelsea is going to be hard but you have to beat the best if you want to be the best.Quarter finals isn't a bad stage to get to either.
Good luck against Chelsea, cracking league form though!
Hexagon Challenge Conqueror: October 15, 2015

British Steel Conqueror: August 14, 2013
Nice one gendo.Happy with the league too mate.
Chelsea will be a tall order but your teams been superb so far this year!
Tough Draw Against Chelsea but firm youve been showing you maygive them a game
Yeah lads tough draw Chelsea but like dan said I am in good form.I wasn't all that confidant.With me only having the Russian league loaded up I had no idea but mourinho had been sacked and apparently Chelsea were in turmoil.But more on that later.


Some may see 4 wins from 5 matches.Personally I see too many goals conceded.Shocking really.First game at home to dinamo Moscow we raced into a 3 goal lead inside 17 minutes.I honestly thought we were going to win like 5 or 6-0 but they scored 2 in the 2nd half and I ended up worrying if I was going to win.In the end though we held on.

Home to a not that great Rostov side and a 3-1 win.Dzyuba with a double and balanta with the other.They did equalise to again have me worrying about the match.

With that match we had won the league with 6 games to go.Cant complain about that but im still not happy with how were conceding.


Then came a poor result.SKA Khabarovsk had just been promoted and were fighting relegation but held champions league quarter finalists spartak to a 1-1 draw and they should of won.Quincy promes got an early goal but I feel for them as they should of got 3 points here.

Terek away was next and it took a 90th minute goal to win this one for me.Denis cheryshev and artem dzyuba with the first 2 before promes late winner.

Krasnodar are on a real high and occupied 2nd place before this game.Patrick Roberts and eder alvarez balanta got our goals but again this was a tough match.

On a whole we had a good month in termes of points but like I said I look at the goals conceded and with 3 home games and trips to teams near the bottom we should of at least kept one.

So now for the big one.Chelsea in a quarter finals matchup and surely our toughest opponents to date.


What a first leg.Savitskiy got the opener with a very good turn on cahill and low drive into the corner and I was jumping literally (with the fiancé looking at me like im an idiot.They will never understand).This was a great moment for me and my spartak team.I was 1 up at Stamford bridge in the champions league quarter final.Then the attacks came.Wave after wave of attack and our lads were diving in front of shots and balanta cleared a cahill header off the line and I was on edge.Then came the equaliser.Gary cahill volleying home from a half cleared corner.The attacks continued until toby alderweireld got himself sent off for a professional foul.Then I went to contain and no more attacks seem to come.I was on the verge of the semi final.


What more could I possibly ask for?Sure fabregas was out for both legs and courtois and alderweireld were both out of this 2nd leg through injury and suspension.I had just claimed a major scalp.Patrick Roberts opened the scoring in the 70th minute with a wonder goal.Picking the ball up in his own half he beat john obi mikel twice and cesar azpilicueta and smashed it into the far corner.I wish I could share it with you all but not sure how.If anyone knows let me know and I will.Then Sebastian giovinco confirmed our massive win late on with a header.Unbeaten in the league to date and now in champions league semi finals.This is one season to remember.Now I can maybe dream of champions league glory.

Then came this...

The semi finals consist of real Madrid,barcelona,bayern munich and our spartak heroes.I now have possibly the toughest match I could ever hope for.Or not to hope for.Either way I have Barcelona.This could be the end of the line.But I did top a tough group.Then I faced a good porto team and top quality Chelsea team.Why cant I beat barca?
Great month to wrap up the league with plenty of games to go! Agree with you though, you're conceding a fair few! Need to tighten up the defence that's for sure! Fantastic performances in both legs to overcome Chelsea, now go and give Barca a run for their money!
And so bring on Barcelona! superb mate as always!
Cheers for support lads.Finished league this morning and carried on for a month before remembering to post then had to go out so heres the update now.


My poor league performances carried on into may.A lucky home draw to ural came first.Gaston gallo got his first for the club before ural scored twice.They were unlucky not to continue scoring as my team couldn't handle them but lucas boye scored a screamer from 25 yards out to equalise late on.

A bore draw at lokomotiv next.Again another poor performance and it seems we were limping over the line.

Last game of the season came at home to Kuban who were struggling this season compared to usual.Tielemans and Roberts got the goals and we looked a decent side.


The league looks great.Finishing 19 points clear of closest team CSKA and 25 clear of last seasons winners zenit.Could of been much beeter but for the poor last month or so.A good season overall really.


As I mentioned earlier in the season I did pay a fair bit for Roberts and I am paying him a handsome wage but this is what I got.A complete clean sweep of the awards domestically.Cant complain one bit and I need to keep him here.


A fantastic debut season.I did just pay 12 I have to pay a bit more with add ons but not sure exactly how much more.Think im ending up paying around 30.

So now for what im sure a lot of you are waiting for.My champions league matches against Barcelona.


Wellthe first leg didn't go great.I was all over them but neymar got an early goal but we couldn't break through.Marc bartra turned the ball into his own next but andres iniesta broke our hearts with a 2nd barca goal 2 minutes later.If only we could of held on.


This was not deserved at all.After it worked well in the last group stage game against Bayern to put us top I decided it was all or nothing and got ripped apart.As you can see by the shots and possession it was a hell of a lot closer than the scoreline suggests.I feel for romero the most.He was great but our defence was terrible.Im thinking a major overhaul of my defence (fb in particular).With the rules in russiastating I must have 4 Russian players on the pitch at every minute.I have been using the fbs spot to make sure I have 2 Russians then making up the other 2 in other spots but that doesn't apply for the champions league so im going to play them Russians in the league and cup games mostly playing 2 top class fbs in Europe.Well hopefully.

Next update shouldn't be too far away.Hope you enjoyed my cl heartbreak.
How frustrating SBR! An incredible season going unbeaten and only dropping 8 points in the process! Was always going to be tough against Barca anyway but after the first leg defeat at home as well it was a tall order. You didn't play badly in either statistically so it's a big loss which doesn't really tell the story if you ask me! A great campaign overall though mate and hopefully it won't be too long before you taste European success with Spartak which will be brilliant!
Was an incredible feat to beat Chelsea, but I am sure you must of been frustrated to have conceded that late goal to Iniesta in the first leg. Hope you can win a major trophy in Europe, as domestically the you've taken over the league!
Thanks DP. I wasn't after champions league glory just yet at the start of the game but I have been lucky enough to pick up some great players and surely in next couple of years I should be thinking of competing for that.I do think we were lucky this season though and don't expect to get so far next season.As usual the league will do fine for now.I am in 2 minds about moving on sometime though.The only thing holding me back are the youngsters who I want to see develop.If I keep the squad together and they develop how I hope they do then I will win champions league within 5 years.I my opinion that is.
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