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A 1 club career with the hope of turning burnley into a major team.


Burnely have never been a major club.Only been English champions twice and FA cup winners once all well before I was born.In this save I will be trying to turn burnley into a force in Europe aswell as England.


I have only loaded England up from league 2 upwards but I will be playing with a big database so updates wont be anywhere near as frequent as my last saves.


I will be starting with only sunday league experience so ill need to develop myself as much as the squad/club if I am to get as far as I want to.


As I said ill be starting at the bottom in terms of manager progress.Ill be trying to obtain them licences as soon as possible.


Media prediction isn't a shock really.No chance of staying up as far as they are concerned but im hoping to shut them up and to be honest should I get relegated I wont mind too much in all honesty.This is going to be a marathon not a sprint.


Bit of history for you.We have won a few things but nothing of note for a few decades.


The facilities aren't great though the training facilities are good.I do tend to focus a lot on youth so I will be asking for all things youth o be upgraded asap.

Now for the squad


Not all that bad to be honest.Tom heaton will obviously be number 1 but gilks isn't all that bad.He did great for blackpool a few years back.


Got a lot of cover for defenders.Only trippier of real quality in my opinion though.I think I will need to improve on what I have here though if I am to survive this season and certainly to move onto the next level.I can see only trippier and mee still being here in next few years.


Well according to them reports the midfield is my strongest area.I can sort of agree but again this will need to be strengthened.I am a big fan of Michael kightly and look forward to see him and trippier contributing a lot.


Already offered Ings a new contract.Ill be needing him for sure.Vokes out till new year so ill have to cope with the others.Ill be moving them both on asap as I don't rate either of them.Again ill need to strengthen here too.And fast too.

On top of all this I will be doing a complete revamp of my backroom staff.To improve my scouting knowledge I will be trying to bring in a few from overseas.

Hope you all enjoy this story.I will be hoping to make this my only one for a few months.My spartak one progressed a lot quicker than I expected and the trophy chase one wasn't enjoyable for me.

Next update - Finding my feet at turf moor
Such success in Fiji in your previous career meant I was sad to see it end but look forward to seeing how you fair with Burnley mate.
Good Luck SBR will be Following
Wasnt enjoying it at all DP91.I haven't deleted the save so it is open should I want to give it another go but I doubt I will.

Nice one lads I hope it'll be a good story.
Cheers dan.Didnt really need much of it in my spartak game.In the trophy career one I did and got a bit of it but this one is totally different to the others.I am massive favourites for bottom place and will certainly need luck as much as skill to keep them up.

With this game being a long term game I needed to start my own progress in terms of the badges.


Was always going to get accepted this request.Now starts the long road for the rest of the badges after I obtain this one.

As it is along term save I need to also get the clubs facilities as high as possible as fast as possible.The training facilities are good but the youth facilities are not good.


I asked for 3 improvements and I got all 3.Another long road to get the youth facilities as high as I want them to be and im sure I will get rejected once in a while but good to see things are moving in the right direction now.I do want to develop my own youth candidates and not just buy youth all the time but it will probably be a long time before an academy product is good enough for first team football.After seeing the cost of the training facilities upgrade I will be thinking twice before asking for this again though.


With 2m to spend and practically no free money in wages I also requested for the wage budget.It got accepted and after fiddling about with adjustments I managed to get myself 7.5m and still have 35k free on wages.Pretty happy with that but im going to need more and better players.

Next update - all the transfers,tactics and pre season results
Good to see the board accepting your proposal! Always good to be on the same line!
The chairman has accepted everything but increase on staff wages and transfer budget increase.Shame about the staff wages though as I wanted to import some foreign staff and was unable to.British staff accept much lower wages so had to stock up on them.
Lots of screenshots here as a lot has happened.First ill show my signings so far.I wont go into the signings too much as that will take forever and I am anxious to finally get this game properly.


They are basically a mixture of players I have had in previous games and ones my friend recommended I get.Not one british player I know but I cant justify paying 14m for will hughes or 15m for sam byram when I can get cheaper players who are actually just as good from abroad.Eastern Europe and scandanavia is a hotbed for good quality players for cheap I think so all but two came from them regions.The others (kavlak and seung - gyu) were still relatively cheap and can make big improvements on my squad.11 players in for just short of 16.5m.All good business in my opinion.I had a lot of players leave too.9 in all.I didn't really want shackell to leave but he kicked up a fuss then I got offered strandberg for a dirt cheap price by his agent and though I would just go for it.A very busy transfer window.Just hope all my new players can gel with the rest of the team early as I have a very difficult start to the season.


More important than all those transfers is danny ings signing a new contract.I didn't bring in 1 striker and will be making do with ings,sordell and jutkiewicz until vokes returns from injury in the new year.Next summer ill probably be bringing in someone else though so them 3 will have to show me something good to stay here.


Asked the board to find a link with a club with a successful youth network.They found me Hamilton and 3 others.Not the best really but it'll do for now I suppose.


Board aren't expecting much in any competition so no real pressure on me.


The draw for the capitol one cup pitted me with bristiol city and a trip to ashton gate.Cant say I am that nervous about it but it is a potential banana skin.


Pre season wasn't great really.Didnt win any of my first 4 and morale wasn't good.Decided I didn't want to go into the season not winning any games so I cancelled a trip to hoffenheim and arranged home games against prestatyn and garden village.At least my team now know how to win even if it is against poor opposition.

Next update - tactics
Decided do my tactics in a separate post as I did the above post with tactics 3 times but lost it after 20 mins.Very frustrating.


I haven't fiddled about with the player instructions just yet but this will be my standard formation throughout the season.The cdm will be an anchor man and will probably be kavlak given his very good mental attributes.One cm will be box to box (first choice ndiaye) while the other will be advanced playmaker (berntsen probably).I will be attacking mostly down the right given trippiers great potential for assists.Kightly will most likely play in front of him.Both cbs will be limited with one covering and one stopping.


Obviously this will be my attacking one.


And my defensive.

Next onto the part I have been looking forward to.The start of the league season.

Next update - The beginning of the league
So its finally here.Started tis save 4 days ago and I now can finally post my first league update.Of course a little thing called Christmas got in the way but now I can get underway on my burnley save.

The league fixture computer (or whatever it is) gave us a very tricky start to the season.


First game was a trip to anfield to face Liverpool.Debutant pione sisto got us off to a fine start with an early finish from danny ings long ball.Then the game got turned on its head with a steven gerrard tap in and a Daniel sturridge curled finish.The game was then controlled by Liverpool as they had a lot of chances in the 1st half but they couldn't get the 3rd.David jones then scored a stunner from 30 yards to put us on level terms against the run of play as Liverpool continued to threaten again and again but we held on to claim a great point.

After that game I realised I only had Stephen ward and ben mee who can play lb so with me having a few million left in the bank I went out and bought a new one.


Now we are broke.But I do now have a very good lb with his best years ahead of him.I am surprised I saw him on the transfer list at 5.5m but with me only not having much I had to haggle about a bit and agree to pay more in instalments and future fees which could see me paying as much as 6.9m.


My tough start continued with a home game to arsenal and we were unlucky in this one.Santi cazorla put them ahead with a 27 yard free kick which flew past my gk.Danny ings scored a daisy cutter from just outside the box with 6 minutes to go but we suffered heartbreak as aaron ramsey scored a 30 yard half volley late on.We very nearly equalised in the 91st minute but pione sisto's free kcik hit the bar and the defence scrambled it clear.Hard result to take but the lads performed very well.


I was expecting this to be a bit more straight forward but we were pretty lucky in the end.Kieran agard put Bristol city ahead just before half time in a 1st half that was pretty even.Herolind shala scored a free kick on 70 mins in a poor 2nd half.Extra time flew by and it went to penalties.Mark little missed after 4 successful penalities for both sides and pavel savitskiy scored our 5th to send us through to the next round.Relief was felt as we made it hard on ourselves.


A replay of our first league match in the next round.Not the best of draws for us but I am not paying much attention this season to this competition as its all about premier league survival.I wont be playing my strongest team as I have 2 winnable league games either side of it in the league but I wouldn't say no to getting through.


This was a big win.After the Bristol city game I was worried about this match as its one we should be looking at winning.Michael duff scored with a header from a corner early on before david jones missed a penalty as we were dominating the early exchanges.After that miss I changed penalty takers and it proved to be a good decision as matty taylor score one not long before half time.Niko kranjcar scored a QPR penalty not long into the 2nd half and then it seemed they moved up a gear.All the chances was falling to them but we survived by the skin of our teeth to secure a massive win.


If the season ended with us in this spot I would be thrilled.We have played 2 of the big boys and beaten one of our rivals away from home.Not too bad at all.Chelsea look on fire.Not looking forward to playing them.Villa and everton are doing well.Only 3 games in and a lot can and will change but a very interesting table so far.


Quick roundup of the transfer window for us.A very decent one and was lucky to get the fees we received for a few of the outgoings.As I said the majority of my business was done in scandanavia and eastern Europe.On the last day of the window I decided to loan out savitskiy to my feeder club Hamilton as I don't think he is as good as pione sisto on the left.


And this is exactly why.He has been very impressive so far for me.


Don't see my players in this so much really.In any save I do on fm15 no matter how many quality goals my teams score I rarely see my players in goal of the month.Both the goals in our match with arsenal that appear here were quality though.

Next update - september
A decent start to the season.Faced tough opposition and in good form.Spetember was a month I needed to kick on and not drop towards the relegation zone.


In the middle of the international break I got this news.Not the best player in the world but he is important to us so I am gutted about that.


First match after the international break and a game against high flyers aston villa at turf moor.We ridden our luck quite a bit in this match.Herolind shala got the only goal of the match on the stroke of half time from the penalty spot.A big win for us as it gives us confidence for the upcoming matches.Morale noticeably went up a bit after this and I had a team meeting praising them for how they are doing so far.


Another trip to one of our rivals for survival.Got ourselves a clean sheet luckily but failed to score.They had the lions share of everything in this match so I am thinking of this as a point gained as opposed to 2 points lost.


Our league cup game was Liverpool away and we got battered.I did rest a number of players but we were poor throughout.Not bothered about the loss really though as like I said before its all about the league.Lambert,doumbia and ojo with the goals to give Liverpool they're first domestic win of the season and send them through.


Another league clean sheet and another 0-0 draw.3rd game in a row we failed to score and that's worrying.Southampton had the majority of the chances and again I am seeing this as a point gained as it keeps us in a good position in the league.


Still in mid table which is encouraging.We do need to score more though.Only 3 league fixtures again in October and I am hoping for 4 points so hopefully I wont be below 14th in the next update.No wins for 3 of my rivals and none of the others really performing well is also encouraging.Got a massive match next though.Everton still top is a surprise and it remains to be seen if they can keep it up.

Next update - october
Bar the shock defeat to bristol city a decent start here mate!
Cheers dan.Drawing a few too many matches for my liking now but we still aren't losing at least.Oh and we won on penalties to Bristol city mate.
Only 1 goal scored in September is certainly a worrying sign though I did keep 3 clean sheets out of 4 matches.Not really sure to look at the positive or the negative but one things for sure.We were probably the most boring team to watch.


Not much boring about this one really.Sone aluko put hull ahead early on before danny ings equalized with a powerful effort on 36 minutes.Ahmed elmohamady put hull back in front straight after with a tap in and we bombarded them for long periods with chance after chance coming the way of danny ings but he couldn't capitalise.David jones levelled the score after a nice ings pass late on.Our 3rd draw in a row and we were quickly becoming the draw specialists of the league.


Yet another draw as stoke visited burnley after the international break.Mark Wilson scored from the spot after 16 minutes and I was worried as stoke were by far the dominant team but a late late equaliser in added time from herolind shala put us back on level terms undeservedly.We were keeping our mid table position but these draws aren't helping all that much.


I would of been glad of a draw at old Trafford but there was no chance of it here.Juan mata scored very early on before domen crnigoj smashed in his first for the club on 20 minutes.The following was all man utd.They were pounding our goal all the rest of the match and a Kieran trippier own goal put them back ahead before robin van persie scored in added time to give the red devils a 3-1 victory.It could of been 7-1 so I am happy we kept it down.


Still in a decent position 9 games in but our form is worrying a bit now.Without a win since that victory in mid September against villa 6 games back and the morale isn't great.I cant help but look down just a few places and think the likes of hull,palace and QPR could soon be upon us unless we sort ourselves out sharpish.

Next update - novemeber
After the defeat to man utd and a tough month ahead I was pessimistic about staying in the region of the league I was in.We have been punching above our weight in terms of position for some time now and a slump is sure to come about.November served us with a very tricky fixture list.


We bounced back from the defeat at old Trafford to beat a decent sunderland team.Their position is terrible but they probably should of won this one.Jack rodwell scored a beauty from 25 yards to put them ahead before danny ings slid in from close range to level.Steven fletcher scored from the spot just before the half hour mark to put them back in front before ings levelled again just after the break.David jones scoed the winning goal from the spot to give us a much needed victory.


Given how everton are playing these days this was a worrying fixture but to come away with a point and a clean sheet is very reassuring.They did everything but score but we held on for another draw.


Smash and grab at its finest here.All you need to do is look at the amount of shots both sides had to see how this went.Danny ings with the only goal of the game that Tottenham dominated.Another vital 3 points and we moved up to the dizzy heights of 8th place.


Disaster struck leading up to a trip to Stamford bridge.Top scorer and my in form player danny ings out for 4 weeks which could play havoc in the coming weeks given we have some big games where we can win points against the clubs towards the bottom.Marvin sordell and lukas jutkiewicz will be fighting it out for my spot up top.Not exactly mouth watering really.


Never a good place to go really and we stood no chance.Remy got a couple before coming off injured and Oscar scored a nice finish on half time.Neil taylor set up andre schurrle with a pathetic header back before domen crnigoj scored to give the scoreline a better look for us.Willian added another not long after to give the blues a 5-1 win.We did well to keep it down to 5 to be honest.I am glad I have trips to old Trafford,the emirates and Stamford bridge out the way though.


So heading into December I am still in a very good position.Feels good to be in December and be closer to the top than the bottom in terms of points,Looking bleak for sunderland and the title race is looking like a good one.Our next few fixtures are all winnable given our form so maybe just maybe we might be in a European spot going into 2015.That would be something.Losing ings for those games is a massive blow though.

Next update - December
Seeming your tipped to go down your doing very well to date mate
Doing well so far
Cheers dan.I have been very lucky in some games to be honest.I am still nervous that we might end up self destructing but that's not happened so far.The bottom 5 or 6 teams are doing so poor I don't think I will get dragged into it barring a massive collapse.


Going into the west brom game I was expecting a tough game and I got it.I did get the 3 points at least.Brown ideye got an opening goal very early on and we were shell shocked.We couldn't create nothing and no highlights came my way.With danny ings out I didn't know where a goal was going to come from.Marvin sordell got our equaliser just after the hour mark to show he might be able to step up to the plate before Nathaniel chalobah scored just after to give us the win.


Another very good point came from the liberty stadium.Kieran trippier opened the scoring in the 32nd minute latching on to pione sisto's great cross.Not many highlights followed as the match flew by before sigurdssons stunning free kick levelled it for the host.I am happy enough with the point to be honest and it keeps me at mid table that but longer.


There had been a lot said between me and neil Warnock all season regarding relegation as he was under the impression we were dead certs to go down and I thought similar to him and his team.This was one I daren't lose.I did go behind through marouane chamacks 20 yard steamer before Stefan strandberg cancelled it out 5 minutes later.Domen crnigoj then got the winner for us on 71 minutes to give us the 3 points and shut that pasty faced muppet up for a while.


I am a Newcastle fan but I didn't like this one bit.I certainly deserved something out of this one but a late late remy cabella stike when I was going all out attack for the win secured the win for Newcastle.


This like the last match was another bitter pill to swallow.I will admit that we got dominated in the biggest way so far but just look at the score.We went to the ettihad with danny ings back.I still didn't expect a win or draw but only a 2-1 loss and we could of snatched a massive point.Stevan jovetic got a double either side of a danny ings goal.


After 2 defeats in a row I was hoping to get a win here against mid table rivals west ham and I am gutted we didn't get it.They had the majority of shots but we had the best chances and went in front through danny ings.Then alexander Milosevic stupidly got sent off.Andy carroll was through on goal and he could of been caught but Milosevic decided to go in from behind and got the straight red.Apparently it was a shocking dismissal but what I saw was the last man back fouling a player through on goal so I am not complaining about that.Andy carroll headed in the equaliser not long after that to give west ham the point.If it stayed 11 vs 11 we probably would of won though.


Still doing great by our standards.4 points above arsenal and well clear of any real trouble.I do think Europe is well out of our reach but im taking each game as it comes and as long as I stay away from that bottom 3 I don't mind though I would be a bit gutted if I slipped below 14th given how many more points we have over the likes of hull,west brom and crystal palace.


A trip to wolves coming up in the FA cup coming soon.A potential banana skin for sure but the board only ask me to get to the 4th round and I am not too fussed about the cups this year so I wouldn't be devastated should we exit against them.


Good news for me this.Obviously we all start with just one year contracts and I wanted this to happen asap.I am a bit gutted it is only a 1 year extension but its a new contract all the same.

Next update - January
Nice one Jamie.Yeah were doing great.Just hope it can continue or at least stay up.Be a disaster if we did go down.
With kim seung - gyu away on international I decided bring in chritian abbiati.He did only come halfway through the month though so had matt gilks in goal before that.Also brough in joel Campbell on loan to cover for pione sisto's injury.






2 draws and 3 wins in the league.Fantastic result at the emirates.They really are having a bad season.Could of got a win against Liverpool but for a late goal and a draw at villa park is a good result looking how they're performing this season.A good result against Leicester too.Very happy ings is in form too.The QPR result was a good one but then this happened.



Very happy with how things are going so far.Dont think theres any chance im going down now.Still don't think im going to get into Europe but I am only 4 points from 5th.


Great result to get through given I rested a few players.Daniel berntsen was immense.



Very shaky performance but another win.


Another link for us.This time a bit better than the Hamilton one.Happy enough with a Czech republic team affiliation and they have good facilities so maybe I might end up with the next pavel nedved on my books.

Overall another great month.Through to the 5th round of the FA cup even if I didn't want success.Im now thinking should I give it a go or not.

Next update - february
An unbeaten January gave me a lot of confidence in the lads.Never thought I would be in such a good position and I am hoping that if I do achieve anything above a 12th place finish then we can at least do the same next season or maybe better.February threw us a couple of hard fixtures and an FA cup game I really should be winning.






In terms of results this wasn't a good month but we still played well I think.Lost narrowly at Southampton who turned out to be the in form team of the league this month with 5 wins from 5 and the stoke defeat actually could of gone either way but ings didn't have his shooting boots on.Great win against hull and a great draw against man utd.The fight to survive the srop looks interesting with 5 teams looking to not be 1 of the 2 who will join sunderland in the championship.Not down just yet but surely going to happen.


Bottom club sunderland stand in my way of a quarter final place.Again I wasnt looking at the cups this season but if I have got this far why not see just how far I can go with premier league survival practically secured.


A very nervy win but a win all the same.Berntsen had a good game and is now joint top scorer of the competition.


A game against stoke coming up and I think we can win it.They have took 4 points off us this season but were still doing well and I think we can give most teams a game on our day.

Next update - March
Nice story! I will be following
My Career FM 2015:
Starting with the Grave
Great FA Cup run and superb run in the league once again!
Thanks motoclub.Always good to have someone onboard.
Cheers as always dan.Got a few hard games between now and the end of the season but I am hoping to pick up a few more points and see how far I can go in the cup.
March give me arguably my toughest month.A home game to high flying everton and trips to sunderland who would be fighing for they're lives and Tottenham.Also the FA cup quarter final against stoke.




No wins from any league games and a heavy defeat at white hart lane.Not ideal whatsoever.


After that disappointing month we have dropped a cuple of places.If we could of turned a few of them draws into wins we could of been much better off but lets face it we have done great so far.I think the lowest we will finish is 14th which would be a great achievement but with how its gone so far I wouldn't be happy with that.That fight for survival is looking as close as ever with 2 points separating 5 teams with sunderland still adrift.Everton continue to upset the odds though that race for the champions league spots looks almost as good as the bottom.


This was impressive.A 5-1 demolition of stoke even if 3 of them were penalities and they ended up with 9 men.Unluckily for me though that game cost us.


This happened the game before the everton game and again I am left without my main striker for a long period.None of the other strikers have looked at all convincing so this is a major worry.


I did want Watford for obvious reasons but Liverpool are a team I have done well against.The injury to ings is a massive blow but we do have sisto back at least.

Next update - April
As you said, a tough month mate but still above Liverpool and Arsenal!!
I know mate.Shocking to see how they have done and both wenger and Rodgers are still there too.
Going into april I wasn't in the best form.Especially in the league.Well only in the league with us doing so well in the FA cup.I needed to get our cup form and tunr it into a couple of wins in the league.I did have a trip to Wembley to look forward to against Liverpool.If you would of offered me my position in the league and a cup semi final place at the beginning of the season I would of snatched your hand off.





The home game against Chelsea was never winnable.They should of scored far earlier and far more goals so I am happy to of kept it down to 1.The other 3 were very frustrating.Especially the palace game.To concede the equaliser so late on was a right kick in the teeth especially after that 9 minute of destruction by us.Sods law that I only scored 1 goal in the previous 5 and when I scored 4 I conceded 4.Also as you can see by the referee performance in the match screen I did have a couple of decisions go against me.


A bitter sweet month for me as it was confirmed I had beaten the drop at the beginning but we are on a poor run of form without a win in 9 games and slipped down to 12th.Hull are just a point behind me and on a decent run too so they will probably take over me.Those high amount of draws isn't ideal.Dont lose too many compared to what people would think at the start but cant seem to buy a league win right now.

So with that poor form in the league what happened at Wembley against Liverpool?


An amazing win.I maybe in poor form but Liverpool aren't much better and they had a pretty injury hit squad too.Sam vokes was right on form in this.With ings out I feared for the worst but Im delighted to get through to the final of the FA cup for only the 4th time in burnleys history.


A massive chance to win it too.Watford beat Newcastle 2-1 in the other semi final and surely we could win it for the first time since 1914.I do hope we win it but the extra games next season will make me do a massive recruitment drive.

Next update - May
May given us a tough end of the season and given our form I wasn't too confident though I was hoping we could at least get a win.




Not the ending I had in mind.That late equaliser at west ham wasn't deserved but was welcomed all the same.Got a tanking off Sergio aguero and man city.Never really had a chance especially with how aguero started.The Newcastle game wasn't a good ending and didn't fill me with confidence going into the cup final.


14th place in the end.At the start of the season id of been chuffed to bits but back in January I was doing much better.The last time I tasted victory in the league was February.13 games ago.I always knew the squad would have a poor run and to be honest I am glad it happened at the end as it cant go into and effect the new season whereas if it happened at the beginning then I would be in trouble throughout the season.

So going into the cup final against Watford I was on a terrible run but my cup form is very good.Could it continue or was the league form to effect it.?


It did in the end.I play my matches only showing key highlights and they must of had 3 or 4 to my 9 or 10 but gomes in the net for them was great.I am gutted about it but I suppose I didn't really need the added games as I need to retain my premier league status first and foremost.


The board seem happy enough.I am surprised at the fans liking abbiati.I only played him in 1 league game and all the cup games but he didn't really do great in them regardless of our cup run.


Always a good thing clearing the debts.


Not surprised in the slightest sisto was up there.He has been good.I am surprised david jones is.Domen crnigioj has had an excellent debut season.


With all things youth still not great this is a step in the right direction.My youth intake in march gave us a group of stinkers really.Hopefully in the coming years I will get a couple of good ones.


Board have given me a nice transfer kitty.I will be tinkering with that a bit and will be moving on a few of my lads so that will change with both wage and transfer budgets likely to go up.


Just a quick roundup of how the lads did personally.I will be looking at getting Michael keane in on a permanent basis as I was impressed by him.Strandberg was poor when he played so ill be looking at moving him on along with mee and ward.Duff has already said he will be retiring at the end of the season along with matty taylor.Veli kavlak was our own cheik tiote.Only carlos sanchez got more yellow cards and I don't want that sort of liability so he will also be moved on if I can.Ndiaye wasn't that great either.Dean marneys contract is up very soon.Im in 2 minds whether to retain him or not.Other players in midfield I might try to move on are Michael kightly and George boyd.Ings was our best forward but he missed a lot of chances and he might not be our starting striker in the new season.Sordell will most probably go and sam vokes could go or I might keep him but he will be 3rd choice.

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