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A 1 club career with the hope of turning burnley into a major team.

Great league finish and superb fa cup run pal!
Nice one dan.Just wish we had a better ending and could win the cup.It was a successful season though.
Shame you couldn't win the FA Cup, superb run though nonetheless.
I imagine a lot of Burnley fans would love the season you've just had. Great work, good to clear the debts too!
Thanks shedender.Was a great run.Just a shame the squad morale was very low after that terrible run,when I got to the final.Think I would of beaten them pretty easily if I was on at least half decent form.

Nice one kez.Burnley are having a decent season in real life but I do reckon they will end up going down.Being debt free is certainly a good thing.The club have pretty decent finances.I have already made all my transfer for the season which will be on my next update very soon and the finances are still ok but the projection isn't as impressive as it was.

Just a quick update now to let you know about the summer news.Ill be showing my transfers,pre season results etc in the next update but theres a lot of screenshots so didn't want put them all in one post.


The fans voted on they're player of the year and unsurprisingly it went to danny ings.He did have a good season assisting almost as much as scoring.He could of had so many more goals but missed a lot of one on one chances.Happy to see the fans taking to domen crnigoj.He has had a good season.

After obtaining my first licence I asked the board if I could go for the next one.They agreed and I carry on on the road to getting them all.I know it will take a few seasons to get them all but I have plenty of time.


With my new contract that I signed at the beginning of the year only being a one year extension and having had some success last season I asked for a new contract.This was accepted straight away and now I have that bit more job security and can focus on building on last season with the worry about my contract being up at the end of the current season.



Very happy to see these 2 both getting accepted.Always been a fan of developing players and if some come from my academy as opposed to being buys then it makes it that bit better.

Next update - Pre season results and transfers
I decided go a little crazy in the market.I have sold/got rid of more than I brought in and have spent more.I thought a few of the lads last season either didn't pull they're weight or just weren't good enough.Also had a fair few foreign players in.I have fixed that a little this summer.

















I do think I have made improvements on most positions.Leali is just as good as kim seung - gyu was and is younger.He also came in on a free which is always a good thing.I also think hamer is a better backup then gilks was.My defence has certainly got better and has a more English feel to it.Micah Richards came on a free,husband is better than mee and bath is a very good defender already I think.The cdm spot was a problem.I play it with a ball winning midfielder in there.Kavlak was always getting booked and n'diaye wasn't very good there.Cattermole (I know he will pick up bookings but he is perfect there otherwise) and pavelka are both good as ball winning midfielders.Brought in hughes for 13m and carroll for 4.1m.Both good and English.Callum mcmanaman and Patrick Roberts are both quality wingers who will improve the team a lot and are again both young and English.Up top I got rid of sordell and vokes and brought in will keane on a free and james Wilson on loan.Neither will be first choice and I think they are decent back ups to danny ings.Unfortunatly I bought yahaya and straight away have work permit problems.He is now on loan at banik Ostrava.The other 2 lads I haven't mentioned (Davidson and coote) are really for the future but will be in and out for the first team aswell as appearing regularly for the u21s.


A massive 51.2m spent on players.Some on high wages too.As long as the projection is still decent I will be spending.I will never go too far but I think all these can contribute at some point this season.No doubt over next couple of seasons at least.


Only 10m more spent than received so was a good window.Got some good fees for some of them too.


My tour of Norway wasn't the best really.Unbeaten after it though including a good win against Anderlecht.


Media don't think ill finish as high as last season and I think they maybe right.I would just like to stay in the division again but there are more than 4 worse teams than me.Shocked to see Liverpool so high up after last season.Think that maybe a reputation thing.Millwall overwhelming favourites to go down.


The board have certainly stepped up what they're asking for this season.I think they want a bit more than we might get if I am honest.Have to get through 2 rounds in both cups but im not 100% on what they mean by be competitive in terms of what position they would deem that as.


Was hoping for a commercial link option to come up and at the 3rd time of asking it has.Never hear of them though but who cares.This can only help me.


Got myself a trip to notts county in the league cup.Depending on how things go in terms of who I draw in the first couple of rounds I am in a might give this one a go.Not sure if I will get anywhere near as far in the FA cup this time around

Next update - August
Plenty of changes this summer, hopefully it works straight away!
Thanks dan.I have been lucky enough to not have a too hard start to the fixture list so im hoping to get some points on the board early on.
A very busy transfer window by anyones standards but im happy with it,Pre season went fairly well too.Consolidation is still very much my aim for this season so anything above 17th is a good thing.It would be nice if I could finish around 14th again though.


One more purchase I felt was needed.Cattermole was injured for 2 of my opening league games and pavelka for all 3 and I had to play young Davidson there so I felt we needed another lad who can play the ball winning midfielder role.While pearson isn't amazing he is still young and English so to bring him in for 975k is good business.




A decent start.Winning my opening game was important as west brom will surely be my competition in the fight for survival.Good points away to palace and at home to everton too.


After 3 games I find myself in mid table.Spent a lot of time there last season before my nosedive in form made me drop a few places last season.Surprised to see Liverpool up there but doubt they will stay up there throughout the season.I personally think all the teams above us and Tottenham below us are better than us and I can compete with the rest on our day.


Disaster in the cup.Went out on penalities to league 1 notts county.Thats one season objective I have failed.At least I can concentrate on the league now and I will have a fitter squad but I am not happy about going out.

Next update - september
1 win and 2 draws in my opening 3 matches.Not that bad.Another 3 matches in September and I was hoping to continue the form.It seemed like I was continuing from last season as I drew a lot then too.Ideally I need wins but to avoid defeat against the teams I am likely to be around isn't what I am looking for.




A very solid month.Started off with yet another draw but an away point in Swansea isn't bad.It could of been bad though as they dominated me.Another trip to south wales and a very good 3 points.Pione sisto has been immense this season and got another double and assist in this one.Newcastle did the double over is last season so im happy we beat them this time around and got our first clean sheet.Pione sisto has started this season on fire and has won the young player of the month twice in a row.He got it in the first month last season.


I would of never thought we would of been in 4th place at any stage for another 4-5 seasons at least but we have been great.Admittedly we haven't come up against any of the big boys.Everton at home was our hardest opposition but you can only beat what's in front of you.Got some tough games coming up.

Next update - october
Barring the league cup shocker against notts county its been a great couple of months.The league cup can be a distraction but I actually wanted to see how far I could get in it.October gave trips to old Trafford and villa park so I know it would be tricky.



http://i.imgur.com/yZ0DvTg.pngThe month opened with a home game against stoke and I was expecting to win this given our early season form but they somehow managed the win.We should of got something from it.The trip to old Trafford was gutting.Leading 2-1 at half time and I thought I could get something but they turned it around in the 2nd half.Will keane missed when through on goal completely on his own in the 91st minute.Gutted about the result but didn't expect much anyway.Finished the season off with a return to winning ways against one of last seasons surprise packages aston villa.Danny ings in great form again this month.He has improved a lot from last season.


Even though we lost those 2 we still find ourselves in the top 6.Great season so far and I am asking myself if its to early to be thinking of European qualification or if its premature.The next couple of months gives us a hard finish to the year so ill know more come January.It seems man uts have caught my bug from last season drawing too many games.

Next update - November
Thanks dan.Its a better start than last season so if we keep it up and don't go on another poor run like last season then we can definitely get a better placed finish this time around I think.

Not the best of months in October.Good to end it on a high though as if we lost again then I think heads would of dropped and with November pitting me against 2 of the more tougher opponents and December starting off with a very hard game then I would be fearing another poor run.





Not complaining too much about how this month went.2 decent draws at home to Tottenham and away to hull.I do draw too many but we are a club who are still happy with those draws.A very good win against millwall with will keane getting his first 2 for burnley.The Liverpool defeat was a match I don't think I stood much of a chance in really but when we did go in front I did have my hopes up a bit.


Still in the top half of the table.Not by much though and December is very tough.None of the away games are easy and 2 of the 4 home games are against 2 of the biggest teams in the league.The other 2 are the only games I am expecting maximum points from.Liverpool and arsenal still doing well in the league and at the other end I think Cardiff and reading will start to get adrift a bit.

Next update - December
Decent Enough Start SBR and some good signings aswell
Cheers Jamie.December was a tricky month but I did better than I expected to.Been lucky in some aspects of the transfer market and secured 2 massive signins in December.Players who's contracts were up at the end of the season so after selling a couple more players I have managed to bring them in in January.

So yeah as I just said I have brought in a couple of massive signings.Hopefully I can integrate them in well.December gave us some hard games.Chelsea and man city at home.West ham,arsenal and Southampton all away.








Started the month off with our routine defeat to Chelsea.Never get anything off them it seems.The reading game started off quick with 3 early goals but was dire after that.We were pretty lucky to get the win.The came 2 defeats against Southampton and west ham.We were unlucky against the hammers really after going 2 up.Massive win against city.When they equialised I feared the worst but our boys were magnificent.The biggest shame of my managerial career so far.Danny welbeck scored a hatrick against me in a 3-1 defeat.Thomas carroll put in his best performance for us though so that was pretty reassuring.Ended the month with a good win against palace in what will prove man of the match pavel savitskiys last game for us.


Dropped places again but after that month it was to be expected but we are 3 points better off than at the turn of the year last year though we have played a game more .Still think we can achieve mid table though we just cant go on a slump like last season.All 3 promoted clubs occupy the relegation zone with aston villa only out on goal difference.They have really been shocking compared to last season.Chelsea have muscled in on top spot and Liverpool seem to be losing they're early season form.City had a bad month and will have to really pick it up if they want to get into the top 4.

I am now studying for my national A licence but I stupidly deleted the screenshot.With the offer of extra money and my performance in the league so far and my added confidence I decided to accept the offer of the chairmen and raise my expectations.



A great year for sisto.Got this award and he deserves it.I don't know how long I will be able to keep him after turning down offers from Chelsea in the summer and now this.Atletico Madrid are already enquiring but I really don't want to lose him.


Fleetwood away in the cup.Pretty sure I will beat them and its a good game for my 2 new signings to make an appearance either from the bench or start.



Very happy to announce these 2 coming to us.I had to twist both their arms as neither were that interested in coming.Gil romero is the biggest for sure as Cattermole just seems like a red card waiting to happen.Malcom isn't going to be playing all the time as I have 3 other strikers all playing for one spot up front.I did fail on a couple of signings.Hirving Lozano just couldn't be convinced to come nor could gaston Ramirez.


I didn't want to lose erik sviatchenko or pavel savitskiy but couldn't turn down them offers.Milosevic hasn't been great this season so I offered him out as I am getting another cb in but just waiting for that to be confirmed.I will be needing another winger I think too.

So that's it.A very busy December been and gone.Hit an miss in the league with 4 defeats and 3 wins.Made a couple of good signings and lost a couple.On the whole im happy so far and looking forward to what the rest of the season brings.

Next update - January
I knew I needed a good month In January if I was to press on with this season.Its no use getting in this position and then going on a slump again and ending up 14th or below.With Malcom and gil romero coming in I was armed with 2 of the hottest young prospects in world football and could seriously do with doing well just so they would be convinced that the club is going places.I also needed to keep my players with 2 of the important lads for the future already gone in the January transfer window.PSG have been lingering around pione sisto like a bad smell and Liverpool have been sniffing round domen crnigoj.

First things first I made another couple of singings.




Jamie Paterson is basically a replacement for pavel savitkiy.Very decent player and not bad for 5m.Sean Morrison will cover the transfers of my 2 outgoing cbs and cost just 90k as he was transfer listed and his contract was up at the end of the season.The marquee signing of alen halilovic will hopefully be a good one.Maybe just a loan but the lads class.I thought my deals were done for the window.Then this happened.


I tried 3 times during the month to tie him to a new contract with a larger minimum fee release but he wouldn't accept anything less than 80k a week.I just couldn't afford that so off he went.I needed to act quicky as sisto was probably my best player.


Comparing sisto and suso sisto is better all things physical.He's also faster and better in the air but everything else then suso is the better player.A decent replacement and cost just under 15m less then I received for sisto and is on lower wages.As the sisto move was at the end of the window I set the wheels in motion on the suso transfer before sisto was even gone.


More work on the facilities also started at the end of the window.I already had fair decent training facilities but decided to ask anyway.It can only be a good thing for the club.






But for the Newcastle result it was another good month.Good win against west brom before a stunning win at goodison park.Ok so they're not man utd but they are above us and we were away.Then came another great win this time against Swansea.New signing Paterson was immense in that.Then came the Newcastle defeat.Ended the month another good win against struggling Cardiff.


4 wins and 1 defeat moved up 2 places and in a very good position.We are now only 6 points off our total of last season and while I am not aiming to qualify for Europe I am aiming for 10th at the lowest.We cannot do what we did last season though.After losing to arsenal at the beginning of December Liverpool have gone into a bit of a nosedive and are now only 5 points above us.Chelsea and arsenal are the teams looking strongest though man utd look good too after a perfect January.


Fleetwood proved to be tough opposition in the end.Having to come back from behind wasn't what I was expecting but we got through which is the main thing.


Tottenham away in the FA cup.Not a good draw for us at all.We would need to be playing a lot better than against Fleetwood if we were to stand any chance of progressing.


Didn't want a replay.I don't personally like them one bit and think that ties should be decided on the night but if the match was played over 120 minutes I would of lost.They dominated from start to finish and should of got a winner.


Should I get past spurs I have a tie with Liverpool waiting for me.At least its at home and I beat them in the semi final last season so I do think we could beat them.

Next update - February
Things couldn't be going much better at burnley.We were picking up points and doing well in the league.We were still in the FA cup though only early rounds yet.Sure we had been knocked out at the first hurdle in the league cup but without that distraction we had done well in the league.This did need to carry on and again I had a tough month coming up.



Things couldn't be going much better at burnley.We were picking up points and doing well in the league.We were still in the FA cup though only early rounds yet.Sure we had been knocked out at the first hurdle in the league cup but without that distraction we had done well in the league.This did need to carry on and again I had a tough month coming up.






Month started off with a poor defeat against stoke.They are beginning to be a bit of a bogey team with our only win in 5 coming in the FA cup and 3 defeats and 1 draw in the league.Then came 3 matches I think our team showed a lot of mettle.2 down with 10 minutes to go against man utd and managing a draw thanks to united old boy will keane and then to go down so late on against spurs and snatch a draw in added time showed real guts.The sort of guts burnley are displaying in real life.Also to come from behind at millwall was impressive regardless of how they're doing.Lastly came a routine victory against villa.Overall im happy with how February went.


We continue to do well and got a bit of a gap between us and southampton just below us.8th place would be a brilliant finish but theres no reason given our form we cant look up instead of down.Millwall are getting cut off a bit whereas reading and Cardiff are in touching distance of aston villa.Chelsea and arsenal still lead the way with united still not too far behind.At this stage last season we were at the start of our poor run but this time morale is very high and no slump looks on the cards.We already have more points then last season so this season can already be called a success in my opinion.


Other than stoke this is the only disappointment of the month.After going in front I did think we could get through but they quickly and scored the winner with not too long to go.Gutted but with only the league to play for im hoping we can keep up with our form.

Next update - March
After a good February in the league we were in a great position to maybe attack the Europa league spots and dream of continental football at turf moor.With us being knocked out of the FA cup against Tottenham we only had 2 games in march but they were 2 very tough ones.



2 games and 2 defeats.The Liverpool was a hard one to take as I was expecting much more.The Chelsea one I had a feeling was coming.Not got anything off Chelsea so far and jose mourinho revelled in telling the press how much of a better manager than me.Sooner or later we will pick something up against them but they are the only team who I haven't done well against.


With those 2 defeats we stay in 8th but are now looking over our shoulders as opposed to above.I think if we did pick up 2 or 3 points we could of thought about finishing higher but not now.No matter what happens it has been a good season for progress though so I can build more for next season.Itdoes look increasingly like it will be either Chelsea or arsenal to win it and I think any of the teams above us could play champions leage football next season.The bottom 3 are the same but villa could easily go down.

Next update - April
Going well mate, could sneak a European spot come the end of the year!
Cheers dan.European football isn't what I am aiming for but it would be nice to get it.

Not the best of months in march to be honest but I had a few winnable games left.As I mentioned before this season has already been a success regardless of the rest of the season.I only had 1 league game in may so I have included that in this update aswell as all news up until the end of june.







A very impressive ending to the season.Very good wins against reading,hull and west hambefore the defeat to man city (which I could of got something from).That Southampton game was a mad one.All they're goals were stunners but to turn it around so late on was amazing.The arsenal game was very damaging to them but ensured a great finish in the league for me.


A fantastic season for us.And to finish above man city is a remarkable achievement especially as they spend over 110m a year on wages more than us.Never thought I would get so high in the 2nd season.As I mentioned that defeat for arsenal was damaging and effectively cost them the league.The 3 promoted teams were all relegated which I thought might not happen a couple of months ago. Unfortunately for us we didn't qualify for Europe as everton got it through league placement,tottenham won the league cup and QPR got it through being losing finalists of the FA cup.Bit of a kick in the nads for me but I can focus on the league and domestic cups that bit more this season.


The board seem very happy with me.


Turns out 2 of them Southampton goals were the 2 best of the season.And to top it off Stephen Ireland got the 3rd best also against us.Have to admit all 3 were beauties though.


Neil taylor got the fans player of the year.I am a little surprised at that though he did have a good season.New signing Patrick Roberts was 2nd and my other full back keiran tripper got 3rd.


Quick roundup of all the players performances throughout the season.


I could do with bringing more money in.I have got 1 affiliated club for commercial benefits but they aren't the best so ill be asking for another.I have also arranged 2 pre season tours.Trips to japan and china will hopefully make burnley more appealing to fans there and that will bring in more money.In terms of shirt sales I am surprised will hughes is in the top 5 names sold.He didn't do great last season.The other 4 are understandable though.Domen crnigoj is wanted by Tottenham and seems unwilling to stay so chances are he wont be here next season unless they bid at least 16m.


With my youth rating still being in category 3 im hoping this will help that bit more.I do want to get a couple of players through the intake fit to challenge for a 1st team place in future.


There was a few managers who lost they're jobs at the end of the season.Tottenham,Arsenal and west brom all sacked they're managers but only Swansea offered me the managers job.Obviously I turned it down and to be honest I would of turned the rest down.


After saying I want to achieve the bare minimum I have received a decent transfer and wage budget.I think a couple will leave again as some are interesting other clubs already so I am expecting my budgets to go up.I don't think ill be bringing in or selling as many players as I have the last 2 summers though.

So on a whole it has been a very good season.A great finishing position in the league but the cups weren't as good for us.Next season I want another good cup run in one of them and hopefully achieve top 10 in the league.

Next update - More summer news,pre season and transfers
Another superb season! Best of luck with the transfer window and strengthening once again
Nice one dan.Im just hoping we can get mid table and not lose many of our top players.A lot of clubs are sniffing round a lot of players and some heads have turned.
A great read, ive always liked danny batth on fm gurantees me goals, I hope you you can get midtable too, then maybe push on, great work
Cheers johnbfc1912.Its been an enjoyable game but a frustrating one at times.Mainly the FA cup final loss last season and that terrible run at the end of last season.Batth has been ok for me though Michael keane and micah Richards are my starting cbs.
Great season, just a shame you couldn't secure a European spot. Good luck this season.
Cheers shedender.I do hope to get some European football for next season.I wasn't as bothered this season.
After a great season I decided if I were to bring players in they would need to be much better than the ones they replace and I believe I have done that.Just as last season I didn't really want to sell a couple of them but as I mentioned before heads were turned.The players I have brought in are class though especially the 2 loan signings.I have secured 5 quality regen players but they are all coming in January apart from one who is here now.In the last couple of days ben hamer has started complaining about lack of first team football so I offered him out and Chelsea were the only club coming in with a bid of 400k for him so I accepted.Im guessing he will accept and instead of being back up here he will probably be 3rd choice behind they're goalkeepers.I already have a replacement coming in but as yet I don't want to show him as he isn't at out club yet and attributes are still masked.


I ask the board at every opportunity for upgrades in the facilities and every time so far they have accepted.Youth facilities are again getting better and my long term plan of getting some good regens in through my own youth system is getting more and more likely.









Again another busy window.I didn't really want one so busy but that's football.The replacement players and who they are replacing is pretty clear there.I brought in Michael keane at the end of his contract after 2 successful years with us.Vermaelen was available for loan and he is a massive imporement on anything we have right now at cb.Sam johnstone replaced Nicola leali when fiorentina came in for him.Personally think johnstone is better and was good get him so cheap when I got quoted 18m last summer for him.Sigurdsson will be a good signing I am sure as will Pablo sarabia.sergi samper on loan and another great one from barca.My 3rd in under a year.Pashev is a player with a lot of potential.Whether or not he will make good on that potential remains to be seen but he will get the odd game this season and when he is old enough to loan out he will spend a year or 2 out and I will see what he is like then.


I am happy my odds have been slashed.Not saying I would bet on us but its good that people see us as a bigger club and one that can achieve more.


Also I am happy with those expectations.I would of liked lower ones in the cups as all it takes is a freak game against a lower league side or to be picked with a trip to Stamford bridge in either cup and that's me out and not living up to expectations.I would love another good cup run and maybe reach a final again this season and this season I am putting that down as an objective to myself.


Pre season was ok.Just ok.Didnt start off too well with the tour but when I got back I was happy with the rest.No real player performance stood out but it was a decent pre season.The league fixture list hasn't given us a good start again.Just hoping morale doesn't get low should I have a bad start.


The league cup has again given us a potential banana skin.Our 4th cup away draw in a row takes us to the macron stadium to face Bolton wanderers.Could do with not going out early on this time round and I wont be happy if I do go out.

Next update - august
Read through 2 pages Absolutely epic season Such a shame Sisto wanted more money But 25M for him wasn't to be sniffed at.
If I could of rejected it mate I would of.Hate losing my best players but he insisted on the minimum fee release and was just greedy.Whats worse is when I played Chelsea later in the season he got 2 assists.Cheers for catching up johno.Looking forward to you getting up and running again.
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