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After 5 seasons in Ludogorets it was time for a new challenger and that challenge was Trabzonspor in Turkey.It was time to make Trabzon great again !

Season 1-Welcome to Ludogorets !


After the dissapointing last season Ludogorets decided to sign with Jose Alvaro as the new manager of the club.The objectives are actually like always 6th league title and a place in the european tournaments ( Champions League or Europa League).Jose Alvaro said that he will give his 100% for the club and will try to achieve everything possible with the team.


Ludogorets is the best club in Bulgaria right now as the team won the league every time since their promotion from the 2nd division in 2011.The team is really progresing not only in Bulgaria but also in the European tournaments ( Champions and Europa League ).The team nicnkame is "Green Eagles" or only "Eagles" .The team plays at their stadium Ludogorets Arena with capacity 10,000 right now but the chairman said that in the coming years the stadium will be reconstructed and will have 13,000 places and the team will play their group stage games at Razgrad and not in Sofia like the last years.The key players of the team are the captain Svetoslav Dyakov,Marcelinho and Wanderson.The team will be fighting for their 6th title this season in a row and for a place in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.Ludogorets Razgrad played 2 times in the group stage of the Champions League finishing 4th and 3rd once,also the team played 2 times in the Europa League finsihing 1st in their first attempt at the group stages and got eliminated from Valencia in the Second Knockout Round..and the 2nd time got eliminated from FC Copenhagen again at the same round.

Pre-Season-Transfers and Friendly Games.


Ludogorets played 5 friendly games at their camp in Austria.The team won 4 of them and finished 2:2 with Jablonec.The team conceded only 4 goals from 5 games and scored 16 goals.Jose Alvaro said that the team is ready for the official games and that the team is also looking for new players.Still there are no rumours who will join at Ludogorets but the new manager give a hint that the team will look for a goalkeeper and for a central defender who will play with Cosmin Moti ( one of the "legends"of the club and also one of the tribunes of the stadium is called "tribune Moti" )

UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets literally destroyed Mladost Podgorica after 5:0 away from home in the first leg and a victory with 4:0 at home with the reserves.The team showed that is ready for the big games in the Champions League and showed class that you can't see in the other Bulgarian teams.Jose Alvaro was actually prety calm before and after the game and said that Mladost is a good team even that they lost with 9-0 on aggregate.


Ludogorets will play with FK Astana in the next round of the Champions League.The coach of Astana the bulgarian Stanimir Stoilov said that the team is ready for Ludogorets and if they eliminate the Bulgarian side that will mean that the best club in the play-offs will be Astana.In the other hand Ludogorets showed respect and said that those 2 games will be more tactical games and less show football.Jose Alvaro also said that Ludogorets have their goals and that he is here to achieve them.

Start Of The Season-First Games !

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets started the season well with only 1 defeat against Pirin Blagoevgrad in the 2nd round.Overall the team looks good with the new manager and with the new style of playing.The team won the 2 derby games against Levski Sofia with 1:0 away and with 4:1 against CSKA-Sofia(Litex) at home.The team is at the 3rd place right now with 21 points 2nd is Dunav Ruse with 21 points and at the top is Beroe Stara Zagora with 26 points.Jose Alvaro said that Beroe will also lose points so he is sure that Ludogorets will win the league in the end.Next ten games actually will decide the first 7 teams and the second 7 teams that will play for the championship and for the relegation battle.


UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets coast past FK Astana after 4:1 victory away from home and 4:2 victory at home and with 8-3 on aggregate qualified for the play-offs.Wanderson once more showed his class and helped the team from Razgrad to reach the play-off round where the team will play with the Sweden side IFK Norrköping.


Ludogorets showed different face in the second leg game and qualified for the group stages of the tournament after a victory with 1:2 away from home ( first game finished 2:2 after losing a lead from 2:0 ),and again Wanderson showed that he deserves to play in the UEFA Champions League with a superb strike from 30-40m.
The team will play for the 3rd time in the group stages of the Champions League.The team finished once 4th and once 3rd and the chairman said that it's time for the next step and qualifying for the Knockout Stages of the tournament.


Ludogorets is with 0 points after the third game from the group stages.Jose Alvaro said that they will fight for a place in the Europa League and finishing 3rd in the group.The team played actually really good in the games but got red card in those 3 games and that failed the team.Jose Alvaro also said that he will talk with the players and the fans will see different Ludogorets as a discipline on the field.Ludogorets next game is against Juventus at home.


Before The Start Of The Second Half !

Bulgarian First League


Really really bad 10 games from Ludogorets in the league after the first 10 games Ludogorets showed that they can play the big football whenever they want but like they lack motivation for the league games and the players only think for the big games from the Champions League where actually the team plays good but can't get still even a point.Ludogorets lost against Montana and against Levski with a man down again (red card).The team have 6 more games before the start of the second half of the season where the teams will be grouped in first 7 and second 7.In the first 7 the teams will fight for the league title and in the 2nd for relegation battle.


Bulgarian Cup


Ludogorets won the first 2 games for the Bulgarian Cup eliminating Litex Lovech and Montana from the Cup.The team will face the 2nd divison Septemvri Simitli in the Quarter-Final.Jose Alvaro showed respect to the 2nd divisioned team and said that Septemvri is a good team because they are here they are playing in the Quarter-Final which means that they can play good football so Ludogorets will be ready at 100% for the game.

UEFA Champions League


Losing all the 6 games from the group stage was really bad but once more Ludogorets showed that they are not ready for the next step in the tournament.That means that the team needs improvements in the next years.That doesn't mean that the team played bad or the players are not capable to play in the Champions League it means that the team needs more expirience in those games and more discipline.The team got 4 red cards from 6 games which is not good for a team that plays in the Champions League.Jose Alvaro promised that the team will focus in the league now and that the next year Ludogorets will be stronger and will finish atleast on the 3rd place.

Winter Break


After the games from the Cup,the league and the Champions League the team went on a winter break where the players rested and also played some friendly games ( yeah 9 friendly games ) Ludogorets worked really hard in that Winter Break not only like playing football but also with signing with new players,staff and the team showed that they can work with the transfers like the big clubs are doing.


Ludogoerts sold only 2 first team players and signed with 5 new players.The team sold Natanael to WBA ( the best left back winger of the club for 3m euro ) and bought Sidcley from the former club of Natanael Clube Atlético Paranaense.Ludogorets also sold Quixada for only 300k to Roda JC and bought the target man Yannick Mamilone from Amiens for 1,6m euro. He will be a replacement for Quixada and will be coming as a sub in the first few games and if he shows that he deserve a place in the first team he can even replace Claudiu Keseru.The biggest transfer for Ludogorets was actually signing Jacek Goralski from Jaggelonia for 2m euro.The defensive midfielder will help a lot for the defensive part where Ludogorets struggle.Orlite got also Nedelcearu to help the defense and the young romanian defender will play with his friend from the national team Cosmin Moti and the center of the defense.

Jose Alvaro said that the new singing will help a lot and will improve the team game in many ways.The team have 6 more games before the 2nd half of the season so will have to wait to see what can Ludogorets show us in the next games with the new players.
Before The Last 6 Games !

Bulgarian First League


The real Ludogorets is back and from 10 games Ludogorets won 9 and finished 2:2 only with Lokomotiv Plovdiv away from home.Ludogorets once more showed that they can play beautiful football and win games.The team from Razgrad was focused in the Champions League at the beggining of the season but now you can see the real face of the team winning game after game.That also won a new contract for the manager of the club Jose Alvaro.



The team is at the top of the table after the 2nd half of the season 6 points clear at the top is a lot and that surely will make Ludogorets champions for the 6th time in a row.That doesn't mean Ludogorets will do better in the next year still the club must sign some class players because there are rumours that Wanderson wants to be sold to Saint-Ettiene.Still we'll have to wait to see what will Jose Alvaro do for the end of that season and for the start of the next one.


Relegation Battle !

Bulgarian Cup


Ludogorets will play on the final of the Bulgarian Cup against Levski Sofia.The team eliminated Lokomotiv Plovdiv with 6:2 on aggregate and will fight for the trophy against the "Sinite".The chairman said that the cup is not important but still Ludogorets is a club that is playing for the trophies.Jose Alvaro was also asked which players will play on the final and he said that the team doesn't have "reserves"and every player is important.The game will be played at stadium"Lazur" in Burgas.

End Of Season 1 !

Bulgarian First League


Four victories and 2 defeats won us the title after the last 6 games of the season.Ludogorets is again the champion of Bulgaria for the 6th time in a row.Ludogorets chairman said that he is happy with the results and with the way the team played this season.Jose Alvaro said that the team will sign with some quality players for the next season but of course some of the key players will be sold,but for now the players will celebrate the league trophy.The team will start the new season in a friendly cup where we will see the new Ludogorets as Jose Alvaro said .


Ludogorets finished at the top with 79 points,second was Beroe with 72 points and third the surprise of the season Dunav Ruse with 61.Pirin Blagoevgrad got relegated with only 25 points from 32 games.CSKA-Sofia won the play-off for the european torunament place where they defeated Lokomotiv Plovdiv the 4th in the league with 2:0 and they will start their journey from the 3rd round of the UEFA Europa League.


Bulgarian Cup


Ludogorets won the Bulgarian Cup with a victory against Levski-Sofia with 2:0 at the final.The team played very good and we all saw the result in the end.Levski lost 3 of 4 games this season against Ludogorets.They managed to win once with 10 man Ludogorets at Ludogorets Arena.Jose Alvaro was very pleased with the result and said that "Orlite" will try to win the trophy again the next season and he wished to be against Levski again.


Season Review !





Season 2 -The Bulgarian Champions !

Pre-Season & Friendly Games !


Ludogorets played 5 friendly games winning 4 of them and also winning the friendly cup tophy after beating St.Pauli with 2:0 at the final.The team lost only to Liverpool in the first friendly game with 2:3 where the team actually played really well but after an own goal Ludogorets lost with 3:2.

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets allowed only 4 goals from the first 10 games in the league.The team also lost only once against Dunav Ruse with 3:0.Orlite also managed to win the derby game against CSKA-Sofia and got a draw with Levski 0:0 away from home.Jose Alvaro said that the team is playing much better than the last season and everybody can see that.The chairman commented the situation at th club and said that the focus of the team is in the Champions League where he is expecting good games but that doesn't mean the league is not important for the team from Razgrad.Ludogorets have 2 home games in the next weeks against Lokomotiv Plovdiv and Montana.


First place for Ludogorets after the first games in the league.The team is at the top with 21 points,in the 2nd place is Dunav Ruse with 20 points and the surprise of the season Montana at the 3rd with 19 points.Levski Sofia is at really really bad form and are at the 13th place with only 7 points from 10 games.The other big club CSKA-Sofia is doing fine this season as they are at the 4th place with 18 points.( at the same time last season CSKA were at the 8th place )

UEFA Champions League


Okay it was and still is a great season for Ludogorets in the Champions League.The team started really good the tournament from the 2nd Qualifying Round beating Skenderbeu with 6:0 at home and 2:0 away from home.Everything was great but then came the game against Tromso away from home where Ludogorets surprisingly lost with 1:0.The fans were unhapy which is understandable because Ludogorets promised to show a different face in the Champions League last season after losing 6 from 6 in the group stage last season.In the 2nd game Ludogorets played their beautiful football but got only 1:0 at home and the game went to the penalties where Reggatin scared "Orlite" after missing the penalty kick but in the end Ludogorets did it eliminated Tromso after penalties with 5-4.


In the play-offs Ludogorets faced Ferencvárosi TC,and winning with 2:0 away from home was surely enough for a new try in the group stages.Ludogorets won the 2nd game also at home with 4:1 and qualified for the group stages for 4th time in their history and the group was really tough.The team from Razgrad was sure that playing against Juve ( again ) BVB and OL was going to be a hard task but Jose Alvaro said that he believes in the players and that there are no difference between the players of Juve or BVB and those of Ludogorets.


Those words that Jose Alvaro said were actually true.Everybody laughed at Jose Alvaro except for the fans of Ludogorets but then everybody was shutted when Ludogorets won with 2:0 against Juve at home yeah Juve got red card but that is not a fault of Ludogorets.The team also played with 10 man agaisnt OL but got the point after a great defending.Ludogorets also played as a really big club against BVB at the Signal Iduna Park against BVB and their true fans and again got a point after leading with 1:0 but conceded a goal in the 79th minute.Now Ludogorets have 3 more games and if they play like those 3 games Ludogorets will qualify for the next round for the first time in their history.
The New Players


Ludogorets showed that they are not only doing good on the field but also in the transfer window.The bulgarian champions sold only 1 main player Vladislav Stoyanov to Benfica for 400k but with the money from the last season the team signed with some really class players."Orlite" bought Nikolay Krastev from Levski to replace Vladislav Stoyanov in the future as you know right now #1 for Ludogorets is the brazilian Goalkeeper Renan and it will be very difficult for Krastev to replace Renan right now.In the midfield Orlite signed with Angel Cordero from Tarragona for 925k which is a really good deal for the young midfielder.In defence Ramalho will be helping in the right wing back role as a sub to Cicinho who is playin at that role.As for the attack the main strength of Ludogorets Roman Bezjak signed for Ludogorets ( again,he played at the club in seasons 13/14, 14/15 ) and will be one of the key players this season,the team didn't stop only with Bezjak,Adrien Reggatin and Valentin Lazar from Osmanlispor and Dinamo Bucuresti also signed with Ludogorets and will play at the club in the next 3 seasons.



Impressive start in your Champions League group!

Are you the same guy who did Ludogorets saves on previous FM?!
Impressive start in your Champions League group!

Are you the same guy who did Ludogorets saves on previous FM?!

Thank You Johno : ) Yeah im the same guy that did the previous saves with Ludogorets (The Mazze Runner account ) i forgot the password and i have like 1283712 e-mails so yeah I hope we can qualify for the next round this season : )
Ludogorets Is Writing A History !

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets won 6 from 9 games and lost 1 ( the most important one ) against CSKA-Sofia but thats understandable and its normal when you have Champions League games and can't focus in the league.The team played at their 50% in the league but still managed somehow to win the games even with minimal results 1:0,2:0.


With 19 games played in the league Ludogorets is still at the top with 41 points,2nd is CSKA-Sofia ( finally they found their style and im happy that Ludogorets have real rival in the league for the trophy ),Dunav are still in the 3rd place when everyone was expecting Dunav to be a part from the relegation battle this season.Levski are showing improving also and they are at the 9th place with the new manager.

Bulgarian Cup


Yep,Ludogorets is out from the Bulgarian Cup after another portion of mistakes from the officials.Getting 2 red cars in one game for a tackle that is 100% clear is really funny,but still the team showed that they never give up and with 9 man they lost on penalties and not in the full time.The team eliminated Svetkavitsa with 2:0 before the game with Levski.Jose Alvaro said that the refeeres did a mistake and afterwards he got a warning from FA but the truth is that Jose Alvaro was right.Still Ludogorets have the league where the team is at the top and the Champions League.


UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets is writing a history in Europe.The Bulgarian champions qualified for the next round and became the first bulgarian team that qualifies for the next round of the tournament.Ludogorets won 2 times against Juventus with 2:0 and with 1:0 against OL.The two victories were at home with the help of the fans but Ludogorets showed that they can fight.In the last 2 games Ludogorets lost and played really bad but with a bit of luck they qualified.




The team will play with Atletico Madrid in the next round.The first game will be in Bulgaria and in the 2nd leg Ludogorets will travel to Spain,Madrid.Jose Alvaro commented the draw saying that Ludogorets is showing respect but not fear and that the team will give 110% in those 2 games and hopefully will continue the fairytale.

Winter Break


Ludogorets will play some friendly games in that winter break and also the chairman announced that will improve training facilities.

Thank You Johno : ) Yeah im the same guy that did the previous saves with Ludogorets (The Mazze Runner account ) i forgot the password and i have like 1283712 e-mails so yeah I hope we can qualify for the next round this season : )

Ah, thought so
Thankfully you qualified ahead of Juventus Will be tough against Atletico Madrid

What skin are you using?
Thankfully you qualified ahead of Juventus Will be tough against Atletico Madrid

What skin are you using?

FM 2017 FLUT skin dark - 2.8 i downloaded it from here ,as for the Champions League draw ... yeah it will be tough but we managed to beat Juve and OL it will be just the "next game in the Champions League " for us Still can't believe how we qualified tho ...thanks to OL (beating BVB 2:1 )
FM 2017 FLUT skin dark - 2.8 i downloaded it from here ,as for the Champions League draw ... yeah it will be tough but we managed to beat Juve and OL it will be just the "next game in the Champions League " for us Still can't believe how we qualified tho ...thanks to OL (beating BVB 2:1 )

Would be amazed if you beat them!

How is the club finances looking?
Would be amazed if you beat them!

How is the club finances looking?


Yeah,it will be really amazing to eliminate Atletico and qualify for the quarter-finals
After The Winter Break

Friendly Games


Ludogorets played 6 friendly games at the camp in Turkey and won 4 of them losing only 2 against Zenit and Dynamo Kyiv.Jose Alvaro said that the team is ready for the Champions League games and that the players wants really to play in the quarter-final.The game against Atletico Madrid is the next week but before that Ludogorets will play with Levski in the league.

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets lost 2 times in a row for the first time this season.The team lost against Dunav Ruse and then against Beroe with 1:0.The league became really interesting for the neutral fans but for the fans of Ludogorets things are not looking really good,from 11 games Ludogorets won only 6 lost 2 and draw 3.That is not how you win the league.Jose Alvaro must find a way to bring back the team to the winning ways because "Orlite" can lose the league title in the coming weeks.


Ludogorets is worried at the top with only 62 points while CSKA-Sofia is with 59 at the 2nd.CSKA-Sofia showed improvement this season and they are now in the battle for the league title with Ludogorets.In the 3rd place is Beroe with 54 points and will be really interesting to see how the league will finish and who will play in the European tournaments in the next season.


Relegation Battle.


UEFA Champions League


The fairytale is over after losing to Atleti with 5:1 away from home.Ludogorets showed great performance in the 1st leg in Bulgaria finishing 1:1 but in the 2nd leg Atletico showed their class and won with 5:1 still that was sucsessful campaign in the Champions League for Ludogorets reaching that round for the first time in their history.


End Of The Season !

Bulgarian First League


Winning 5 from the last 6 games secured the league title for Ludogorerts once again.The team from Razgrad won the title for the 7th time in a row and Jose Alvaro continued the tradition of Ludogorets.The team will play again in the Champions League qualifications next season ( and probably in the group stages ).The chairman of the club said that he is very happy with the league title and reaching the first knockout round of the Champions League this season.


Ludogorets won the title after the victory against Lokomotiv Plovdiv with 2:0 at Ludogorets Arena.Wanderson and Campanharo scored the goals and won the title for Ludogorets.



Ludogorets won the title once again while CSKA-Sofia will play in the european tournaments qualifications with Levski-Sofia ( they won the play-offs for that place against Montana) while Botev Plovdiv one of the biggest teams in Bulgaria ( top 5 ) is relegated to the Second League after losing the relegation play-off.

Season Review and Awards







Season 3 - Changes in Ludogorets !

Pre-Season Friendly Games


Ludogorets played 5 friendly games and won 4 of them and finished 0-0 with FC Porto.Ludogorets showed good performance in all of the games and the team is ready for the start of the new season in Bulgaria.



Ludogorets sold their star Jonathan Cafu to Real Betis for 5m euro.That wasn't the only outgoing transfer for the champions of Bulgaria they sold also Iounut Nedelcearu to Bordeaux for 3,2M euro.That wasn't the end of the outgoing transfers fans were really disappointed when the club sold also the captain S.Dyakov and the vice-captain Marcelinho after 8 years at the club the players were sold because Jose Alvaro wanted a change and a fresh new team for the new season.Now for the new signings Ludogorets signed with Lass Bangoura from Rayo Vallecano to replace Jonathan Cafu in the right wing."Orlite" also signed with Murray Wallace who played for Scotland in the World Cup and the scouts of Ludogorets watched him in the tournament Wallace will replace Nedelcearu in the defense.The fans of Ludogorets also learned that Thibault Moulin will replace their ex-captain S.Dyakov in the role of central midfielder,as for the place in the central attacking midfielder Cardenas is the replacement of Marcelinho there.The young midfielder will play for the champions in the next 3 years

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets won 7 of the first 10 games losing 2 times against their rivals CSKA-Sofia and surprsingly against Montana with 1:0.The team is doing really good with the new signings in the league and with 7 wins they are at the top in the league.Ludogorets still can't find a good way for rotating the players in the tournaments and in the league and that causes some problems for the champions.Jose Alvaro promised that Ludogorets will win the next games against CSKA-Sofia and will get revenge against Montana ( the defeat came after a red card for Murray )


UEFA Champions League


Again great qualification phase for Ludogorets in the Champions League.The team eliminated Shkendija,Qarabag and Omonia with victories and qualified for the group stages again.The team was drawed in a group with Man City,Bayern and Spartak Moscow.Jose Alvaro commented the draw saying that this season the group is much tougher than the last one but Ludogorets are the champions of Bulgaria and will play the football that they can play and hopefully will qualify for the next round.In the first game Ludogorts lost to Bayern with 5:2 at Alianz Arena then won at home against Spartak Moscow and lost away to Man City.


Ludogorets is at the 3rd place with 3 points from 3 games,last year Ludogorest was with 5 points after 3 games.Orlite still can qualify for the next round if they beat Man City and Bayern at Ludogorets Arena and get a draw or again a win against Spartak Moscow

Ludogorets Before The Break !

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets still can't find the right way in the league and lost the game against Cherno More with 1:0 and got a draw against Vereya and Pirin ( the newly promoted ).Jose Alvaro said that the changes will continue also in the winter break and in the winter transfer window Ludogorets will sell and buy new players so they can be fresh in the games in the league and in the Champions/Europa League.The chairman was also pleased with Jose Alvaro that he kept his word and Ludogorets destroyed CSKA-Sofia with 4:1 in the last game before the break


Ludogorets at the top of the table with 42 points while Neftochimic 1962 is at the 2nd with 34 points.The "best" club in Bulgaria CSKA-Sofia are at the 3rd place with 34 points also but they lost their game to Neftochimic.Pirin,Vereya and Cherno More are at the bottom fighting for a place in the First League in the next season.Levski is also not playing good and they are at the 8th place ( they were expected to finish 3rd ).

Bulgarian Cup


Ludogorets qualified for the Quarter-Finals after eliminating CSKA-Sofia with 3:0 and will face Botev Plovdiv in the next round.Ludogorets is the biggest rival of CSKA-Sofia and the victory was even more pleasing for the fans and for Ludogorets

UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets is out from the Champions League after 3 defeats 1 draw and 2 victories.The team showed again that they can play with the best in the tournament but this time Ludogorets is out from the tournament in the group stage.The team won't quit the european tournaments because with those 2 victories against Spartak Moscow "Orlite" finished at the 3rd place and will continue to play in the Europa League.



Ludogorets will face FC Basel in the next round of Europa League.The two teams will play against each other for the 4th time.Ludogorets played with Basel in the play-offs of the Champions League of season 13/14,then in the group stages of the tournament in season 14/15 and again in the group stage in season 16/17.Now they will face each other again this time in the Europa League and for a place in the next round.




Our goalkeeper Renan Dos Santos,our 3 defenders Palomino,Ramalho and Moti,midfielders Bangoura and ex-midfielder Jonathan Cafu and our striker Roman Bezjak are won awards for their performance.
Ludogorets In The Europa League !

Winter Break


Ludogorets played 11 friendly games in the winter break where the team actually was preparing for the Europa League games.Ludogorets tried some new things in their game and some of them were effective some of them not that much.The first game for Ludogorets is against Basel.In the first game Ludogorets will play at home and then in the 2nd will be guest in St. Jakob-Park .

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets won 8 from 11 games and showed good fitness with rotations of the players and once more everybody saw that Ludogorets actually can be competetive even with the reserves in the Bulgarian League.Ludogorets have 6 more games before the end of the season and for now they are at the top.


It's interesting that this season the teams that were expected to be in the relegatino battle are in the league title batle.Teams as Lokomotiv Gorna,Neftochimic and Montana are showing improvements and that is only a good thing for the league and also for Ludogorets because without real rivals Ludogorets and the players can't improve their skills.


Levski is again in the relegation battle which is bad thing to watch a team like Levski in the bottom half of the table and the good players are leaving the team and that makes the team worse than the last seasons.Yeah the team is still fighting and winning but they are not in the fight for the league title.

Bulgarian Cup


Ludogorets is out once again from the Bulgarian Cup after eliminating Botev Vratsa,CSKA-Sofia and Botev-Plovdiv the champions are out after defeat in the first game ( and again a red card ) with 2:0.Ludogorets tried to win the 2nd game but they got only 2:2 away from home and with 4:2 on aggregate Ludogorets is out in the Semi-Finals.


UEFA Europa League


Ludogorets eliminated Basel with 2 victories in the first leg with 3:0 and in the 2nd with 1:0.The team managed to beat Basel for the 3rd time with the victory in the 2nd leg."Orlite" beat Basel in the group stages of the Champions League with 1:0 in the 93th minute with the goal of Yordan Minev,now they beat them 2 times in a row with 3:0 and 1:0 and qualified for the next round of the tournament.


Ludogorets eliminated Fiorentina on the way to the quarter-finals.The team managed to get 1:1 at home after a very bad first half but in the 2nd leg Ludogorets showed why they are the champions of Bulgaria and scored 2 for the final 1:3 which send them in the Quarter-Finals.


The fairytale ended in England after losing 3:1 to Leicester City.The team from Razgrad won the 1st leg with 1:0 but in the 2nd Leicester somehow managed to score 3 goals after a lot of mistakes in the defence for Ludogorets,but that was a season that every Ludogorets fan will remember.Ludogorets reached for the first time in their history the Quarter-Finals of the tournament and that will only motivate the team for the next season.



End Of Season 3

Bulgarian First League



Ludogorets secured the title after 0:0 with CSKA-Sofia at Ludogorets Arena.The team won their 7th league titlte in a row since 2011 and there is no team yet in the league to stop Ludogorets.Ludogorets finished the season with 4 victories in a row against Neftochimic,Montana,Loko Gorna and CSKA-Sofia.



Awards and Season Review








Season 4-Ludogorets Well Known In Europe ?

Pre-Season & Friendly Games


Ludogorets played 4 friendly games at the training camp in Austria where the team faced Boca Juniors,Chiajna,FCSB ( Steaua ) and FCM Alexandria.The team lost only once to Boca won 2 times against Chiajna and Alexandria and got 1:1 draw with the well known rival FCSB ( the two teams played the phenomenal CL play-off where Ludogorets won on penalties )


Ludogorets sold one of their main players Wanderson to SK Rapid Wien for 600K.Wanderson was at the club since 2012 and won everything in Bulgaria with the team played 4 times in the UEFA Champions League and 3 times in the Europa League.

Eljero Elia signed with Ludogorets Razgrad for 600K from Feyenoord.The young winger will replace Wanderson at that position and hopefully will show the same class or even better and help the team to achieve their goals this season.

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets started the season with 2 defeats which was really interesting with the new signings and with the new tactics Ludogorets wasn't the same as the last season.The team conceded 4 goals in the first game against the newly promoted Botev Plovdiv and then lost to Beroe in the 2 Round.Things were looking really bad when Eljero Elia and the other players finally showed what can they do and won the next 8 games.Jose Alvaro apologized for the bad start and he said that he is the one and only to be blamed.He said that Ludogorets is trying to add some new things in their style and that needs time to be mastered.


Ludogorets is at the top with 24 point while Beroe is 2nd with 20 points.This season Levski and CSKA are also showing improvement (especially Levski ) and they are at the 3rd and 4th.At the bottom of the table are the 2 newly promoted teams Septemvri and Oborishte with only 7 points from 10 games.

Bulgarian Cup


Ludogorets is out from the Bulgarian Cup in the First Round after a defeat against Bansko.The new "improvements" of Jose Alvaro are still not showing the expected effect in the game of Ludogorets and the team is out from the tournament for the first time in the First Round.

UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets started the tournament against Dinamo Bucuresti in the Second Qualifying Round and lost the first game with 2:3.The team was playing actually well but Georghe Puskas ( the striker of Dinamo ) showed real class and scored 2 amazing goals.In the 2nd leg Ludogorets destroyed Dinamo with 2 goals without conceding.In the next round Aktobe was the next victim of Ludogorets."Orlite" got victories in the both legs and with 4:0 on aggregate the team qualified for the play-offs where they faced Maribor.Jose Alvaro once again tried something but again the result was bad for Ludogorets.At Ludogorets Arena the Bulgarian champions showed amazing performance and won with 6:0.That was enough for them to qualifiy once again in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.




The draw got Ludogorets in a group with Juventus,Real Madrid and PAOK.The team won the first game against PAOK with 2:0 at home and then lost to Real Madrid with 1:0 at Santiago Bernabeu ( with a penalty ) and to Juventus with 5:0.The next game for Ludogorets is again against Juventus at Ludogorets Arena.
Can Ludogorets Do It This Time ?

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets is playing the worst season in Jose Alvaro's era.The team lost to Spartak Pleven with 3:1 away from home but still the team somehow manages to win the important games against Levski with 3:1 and against CSKA with the minimal 1:0."Orlite" also got their revenge against Botev Plovdiv beating them 2:1 away.


Ludogorets at the top with 44 points,while CSKA is with 35 at the 2nd place.Can that be another league title for the team from Razgrad ?

UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets started the tournament with a victory and finished it with a victory.In the other games Ludogorets lost to Real,Juve 2 times and once to PAOK (the most important game).In the final game Ludogorets did something great.The team from Bulgaria won against Real Madrid 2:1 with 10 players.The team showed class,determination and fighted till the end for the 3 points.



After beating Real Madrid,Ludogorets qualified again for the Europa League.Juventus and PAOK will continue in the Champions League while Real Madrid is eliminated from the tournaments for this season.

UEFA Europa League


Ludogorets will face Red Bull Leipzig.The bulgarian champions reached the Quarter-Final last season eliminating Basel FC and Fiorentina on the way.This time the german side is the first opponent for Ludogorets in the tournament.
@r96Skinner Yeah,it was funny how we lost to PAOK but won against Real Madrid at home with 10 players.

Ludogorets-Fairytale Is Over ?

Winter Break And Friendly Games !


Ludogorets played 10 friendly games and lost only 1 against Clube Atlético Mineiro with 1:2.The did the perfect mid season break winning 9 of 10 games against good opponents and the champions showed that they are ready for the Europa League games.

Transfers !


Ludogorets sold Cicinho,Moulin and Laporte.When Jose Alvaro was asked why the team sold the players he said that the team needed refreshing.The new players that signed with Ludogorets were only 3.The central midfielder Leo Cittadini,the central defender German Conti and the attacker Valeri Qazaishvili.


Ludogorets in the transfer window.

Bulgarian First League


Three defeats in 11 games was bad.Ludogorets again was at 50% in the league games and Jose Alvaro just can't make the team to give 100% in the league games.Ludogorets lost again vs - Levski,Botev and Beroe.That's not the only problem getting draws agaisnt the newly promoted teams like Septemvri Sofia and Oborishte is also a huge problem for the club.This must be fixed if Ludogorets wants to keep the league title.

The only positive result that showed that Ludogorets is a top team was the victory against Lokomotiv Plovdiv with 8:0 at Ludogorets Arena.



Ludogorets is still at the top with 64 points while the 2nd CSKA is with 57 points.The title will be decided in the last 6 games from the season.

UEFA Europa League


The team said goodbye too early.Ludogorets eliminated Red Bull Leipzig but in the next round was destroyed by OGC Nice with 3:0 on aggregate.That showed once more that when the team is not concentrated they lose.Everything was fine in the first 45 against Nice in France but in the second half Ludogorets conceded two stupid goals that decided the whole game and also the 2nd leg.


End Of Season 4 !

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets won the league with the worst game ever.The team lost 3 draw 2 and won only 1 game from the last 6 games but that win was enough for them to win the title once again.The defeat against Neftochimic with 2:5 was the moment when the fans started thinking that maybe it's time for Jose Alvaro to leave Ludogorets but in the end the team won the title again.



Ludogorets won the title once again yeah but the team didn't deserved it .Ludogorets is a top bulgarian club or even the top team in the Balkans yeah ok but they must show it.What they showed this season was a team that thinks only for the big games and even then the team is playing at 50%.Ludogorets have to change something in the next season....players,the manager ??

At the bottom Lokomotiv Plovdiv and Oborishte are the two teams that are relegated from the First League.Slavia Sofia won a chance to play in the european tournaments.


Ludogorets Arena ready for the Champions League games ?

Season Review and Awards !







Season 5 - Last Season With Ludogorets ?

Pre-Season and Friendly Games !


Ludogorets played 6 games and won 5 while against OL finished 0:0. " Orlite" destroyed AC Milan with 5:2,in the last game the champions managed to get the win against AS Roma too.The team conceded only 8 goals ( 5 against Viitroul ).That was the best pre-season since 2016 when Jose Alvaro signed with the team.

Trnasfers !


Rodriguez,Palomino,Maulin,Riemann and Cardenas were sold to big clubs for a good price and Ludogorets once more showed that the club can be very active in the transfer windows.As for the new players in the club Ludogorets decided to buy some bulgarian players as the people in Bulgaria started talking how the club is not Bulgarian anymore when therea re 1 bulgarian player in the club etc.Ludogorets signed with Georgi Kostadinov from AA Gent for 3.3M.Ludogorets also decided to strenght the defensive line and bought left and right backs for the UEFA Champions League.The best transfer for Ludogorets was Bozhidar Kraev from Levski for 5.5M.The young attacking midfielder will be the key to achieve the goals this season was the comment of the chairman Kiril Domuschiev.Another good transfer was Gabriel Obertan the expirienced winger who played for Bordeaux,Manchester United,Newcastle,Wigan now will play for Ludogorets Razgrad on free transfer.


Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets is playing their best season with Jose Alvaro.The team won 8 from 10 games and finished 2 times as draw against Vereya at the start ( after losing 2:0 at the half time ) and against Dunav Ruse 1:1 ( Keseru scored from free kick again when we were behind 1:0 ) The team also destroyed CSKA-Sofia with 4:0 at home.


Ludogorets is at the top right now with 26 points and 4 points ahead from the 2nd Neftochimic 1962 (22 points ).CSKA is at the 4th place while the other rival Levski-Sofia is at the 7th place with only 13 points from 10 games.At the bottom are Slavia and Sozopol ( the newly promoted team ) Sozopol still can't win a point and with 9 played games they are at 14th place with 0 points,and goal difference -16.

UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets is starting the tournament from the Third Round and not from the Second like the last seasons because Bulgarian League is rising in the rankings."Orlite" started the new european fairytale again against Romanian side this time CS U Craiova.The team won on aggregate 7:1 and qualified for the next round where they faced Hapoel Be`er-Sheva where the team played really good first leg away from home and won with 3:1 which decided the outcome and at Ludogorets Arena Ludogorets just finished the israel side after 1:0 victory.


Ludogorets is at the 2nd place from 3 played games.The team destroyed Basel in Switzerland with 4:1,then lost at home to PSG with 0:3 and got a draw at Santiago Bernabeu 1:1 (Bezjak scored in the 90+ for the final 1:1 ).With 4 points Ludogorets is at the 2nd place and the next 3 games will decide the outcome of this group.Ludogorets have a home games against Basel and Real Madrid and an away game against PSG.


Ludogorets in the Mid-Season !

Bulgarian First League


Ludogorets for the first time with Jose Alvaro lost 4 games.The team lost 4 games from 8 and showed that the team is not happy and everything is leading to Jose Alvaro.At the start of the season there were rumours that this is the last season of Jose Alvaro in Ludogorets.Yeah he won the league 4 times in a row but this is everything that Jose Alvaro can give to Ludogorets.It's time for a new manager if Ludogorets keep losing like this.


Ludogorets is at the 3rd position with 38 points.At the top is Septemvri Sofia ( 2nd year in the First League ).At the bottom is still Sozopol with only 5 points from 19 games.

UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets lost the important 2nd game against Real Madrid and that qualified R.Madrid for the next round.Ludogorets will play again in the Europa League after finishing 3rd with 7 points 2 victories 1 draw and 3 defeats.The team managed to qualify for the Europa League in the last 3 seasons and reached the Quarter-Final once against Leicester City.


Good luck in the Europa League. In the league, Septemvri Sofia are doing exceptionally well!
Just caught up with this, not strange to see a Ludogorets save, believe we had one at the start of fm17 as well. Done really well over the seasons you've already played, looks like you're in for a title fight this year though. Hopefully the EL draw is kind to you!
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