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A new version of our data update was released with 463681 changes from 918 contributors.
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A new version of our data update was released with 248359 changes from 982 contributors.
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A trip around the world, no real plans or targets, see what happens.

Manager Nation Scotland League Ladbrokes League 2 Team Clyde Seasons 1

There I was, awake and in pain, having come around from this mornings operation and there was just one thing I could think 'my football career was over'. Everything I've worked so hard to achieve this far, bettering myself on and off the pitch, wasted thanks to a silly mistake of my own, I'd go on to regret it for the rest of my life, the operation now done, my footballing future now over.

Flashback to six months I was still in the game, enjoying my trade having been part of a successful group of young lads in the Yeovil Town academy, things were looking good, people were noticing my talent, my ability and casting an eye over me. The trials had gone well and I was signed onto a pre agreement deal, made a few appearances for the under 18s as the first few months went by and was fully enjoying myself. It felt like finally, after all this time, all this hard work I'd gone through, it was paying off.

Coming towards the end of the 2015/2016 I finally had my chance to make a proper impact for the first team, well that was the plan anyway. We faced Leyton Orient at home on the final day of the League One season where we all knew only a win would keep us up and save us from back to back relegations. I had the call from the manager Wednesday night, telling me I wasn't only in the squad for Saturday but I'd be starting! My first ever senior appearance was coming. I worked hard in training over the Thursday and Friday, I felt fit, ready to go, ready to make an impact, but I went on to blow it all, my chance passed me by...

On the Friday evening we were celebrating, it was a close friends 18th Birthday, they were all drinking, but because of the big game for me tomorrow, I stuck to the orange juice, last thing I wanted is a hangover and to be dropped, there was no chance I was going to put my future at doubt. The evening was young, just before 10pm I was about to head home when a my mate got himself in a bit of a tussle just outside the club, he had spilt someones drink and was refusing to buy another. They squared up to each other, foreheads pressed against one another, before he was pushed in the chest. I stepped in to try and stop it before it got out of hand, thats where it all went wrong.


Thats how I ended up the following day, surgery complete, football career over. As I was pushed my foot had got caught in the drain and remained planted and *snap* it went, my ACL was gone, my MCL was torn and the cartilage in my knee ruined. The moment it happened I knew it wasn't good, I knew it wouldn't be a good outcome. The club manager, Darren Way came to see me, told me the news, they wouldn't be renewing my deal at the end of the year as it was a long healing process and the chance of a full recovery were slim. I was gutted, the dream was over...

Next Post: The Next Steps...
Looking forward to this!

Should have just let them leather each other. Looking forward to this though mate!
Thanks @DNZY, @kinggazzaman and @Jamie3 just trying to build a base for the story, the career itself will properly fall into place Friday with any luck, but should be a few posts before then to keep you up to date.

It took me some time to realise that the dream was over, my footballing career was gone. For a couple of months I struggled through my physio, through my rehabilitation to be able to at least walk and exercise on it again. I left myself barely contactable, sometimes it'd be weeks before I would make contact with anyone outside the house. Whilst inside the house there was always a slight tension, I didn't want to talk about it, I had the scars to remind me for the remainder of my life. Just being able to walk without pain took long enough, but eventually I made those first break through steps and things started to look brighter.


As the 2016/17 seasons began I had a strange phone call from Darren Way, completely unexpected and out of the blue. He went on to ask how my recovery was going and then offered me a way back into football, a chance to still be involved in the game I love, perhaps not the one I spent years dreaming about, but an opportunity. Having completed a basic coaching course back in my college days, Darren offered me the chance to go on and gain a proper qualification, my national level 1 FA Coaching qualification, perhaps my first step into becoming a manager and hey, I could be a world class manager if I put my mind to it.

It took a while, in fact until January 2017 until I finally got my head around the paperwork and the coaching side of things, along with my rehab it was always going to take a little longer than the 'normal' student studying on the course. I was limited throughout what I could partake in during the practical side of things and initially the first aid not being able to be comfortable on my knee. But the main news was, I had done it, I had completed it and was a qualified coach and now ready to re enter the world of football that was robbed from me just under twelve months ago. It had been a rollercoaster but it was time to refind the passion and love I once had for the game, the world was about to learn who 'Dan' really is and the future he has in football...

Next Post: Career History...
Enjoying the story so far and excited to see how this develops
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Thanks @Suffolk Seasider I'm going to try and run the background story throughout if I remember about it!

A quick rundown of the history this career has already and will take, depending on how far into it the career currently is and when you're reading this. I plan to travel around the world, winning what I can but no real timeline on when to move on from each club, just when its right. I'll run down the clubs I've managed, trophies I've won and then narrow it down to how many I've won in each country, see if we can complete any countries along the way.

https://i.imgur.com/pAIBAyq.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/0ZkBkBO.png?1 - Clyde FC - 11.06.2017 - Present

https://i.imgur.com/pAIBAyq.png Scottish Ladbrokes League Two Promotion Playoff - 2017/2018

https://i.imgur.com/pAIBAyq.png Scotland - 1/7

Next Post: Assessing My Journey Options...
Now @Dan I'm hoping you don't fail miserably like a certain other staff member has . . .

Good luck.
I'm sure I will stumble along the way @Shedender just hopefully not as badly as you have from the start haha.

Hopefully it will be @r96Skinner

So with one coaching qualification to my name, the basic of all the badges and barely any experience using it, bar a bit with the Yeovil Town youth team, it was time to start looking at what options lay ahead for me. I wanted to become a 'big name' to make up for my missed opportunity on the pitch, it was time to become one of the greatest managers the world has ever seen, one way or another.


First things first I had to get looking what managerial jobs were out there, but where do you find such jobs? Thankfully Darren Way continued to support me throughout and he sent me to the right places which showed a whole bunch of jobs available across the world. Now obviously the last thing I want to do is making a laughing stock of my name especially so early into my new 'career' so I spent a couple days thinking things through and eventually decided it was probably best to stick to the home nations to get my career off the ground. Afterall they'd probably have more time for a newbie, inexperienced, young English manager than some other clubs outside the UK would.


Well, a wide batch of jobs available in three of the five countries I had loaded up, Ireland and Northern Ireland not giving me a route as of yet but plenty of opportunities were on the board. Now for obvious reasons some aren't applicable to me at this stage so I immediately ruled myself out the Everton, Sunderland, Gillingham, Bury and Rangers post. I also feel the only job worthwhile in Wales is TNS so didn't fancy taking on Llandudno either. I had a little bit of a look into the remaining clubs.


In the end, just three job applications went in. None of these three sides are expected to win the league this year nor really make a playoff push, doesn't mean it won't happen with a little bit of hard work. Both the Vanarama National League North sides Boston United and FC United have been applied for whilst I wouldn't mind starting in Scotland with Clyde. Afterall, Sir Alex Ferguson started in Scotland and look where he ended up. We now had to wait to hear from the chairmans of the respective clubs.


It wasn't long before I had heard back from all three clubs and well, my application must of been 'okay' at least as they had all offered me an interview. Thankfully the Clyde one came first, so a quick train up to Scotland and I underwent the process, my first ever manager interview. The day after I met with FC United and then Boston United. I feel I pleased all three chairman, now I had to sit back and wait....again.


And my confidence out of the interviews wasn't misplaced clearly. All three sides rang me a couple days apart, offering me the post at their respective clubs. All three also appreciated the fact I wanted to think over it and delay them a week, whilst the other offers came in.

I now had one whole week to decide the starting point of my future.

Next Post: Job Acceptance or Rejection...
If you have any sense, you will reject the Darlington job. They're she-ite.
Darlington are gonna be hard to work with, especially after shifting Beck on to Harrogate and Bartlett to York, two of their best players gone
Unfortunately there were a slight change in jobs available and the Darlington no longer available @Shedender and @A11_Smithy so the previous post has been changed.

Three jobs on the table infront of me, three very appealing offers to a newbie manager who is young and just coming onto the scene. Two chances to kickstart my career here in England or move to Scotland, be the next Sir Alex Ferguson almost. It'd been a week now and the chairmans were beginning to hound me for an answer, there was only one thing left to do, bite the bullet and accept one of the roles.


And it would be a long move up to Scotland to get things rolling for this years journeyman! We're taking on the Ladbrokes Scottish League Two side Clyde having accepted the terms and conditions with them, I'll be on a measley £250p/w at this stage and all they want is a top half finish in the league. Now for my reputation we need to get out of the league as quickly as possible but I know it won't be an easy task.


So, a little bit about Clyde FC and who they are. Between 1999/00 and 2008/09 they played in the second tier of Scottish football, the Championship finishing as high as 2nd in back to back seasons but missing out on promotion. Since then its been a downhill struggle, going from back to back promotions in the 08/09 and 09/10 season to now fins themselves stuck in League Two. Over the last seven years in this league they're highest finish was third place, whilst last year finishing down in ninth out of ten and only just remaining in the Scottish football league.

They currently play their trade at the Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld which can seat up to 8,086, mind you it could be some time before we pull that sort of crowd in. The stadium is owned by the council with the club paying £15k a year to rent it. It was built back in 1994. The club have basic Corporate facilities, adequate training facilities and below average youth facilities, not great but its bound to be a hard place to start.


Next thing to note is I come to a club with next to no staff! Below me we currently have a goalkeeping coach, a coach, a head physio and a physio. Meaning we need to recruit some this summer to get the club on tracks and hopefully boost these scores up to allow us to have some of the best coaching teams in the league. Thats the main aim anyway.


And finally, the quick squad assessment I've been given before formally starting the job and meeting the lads. From first glance, the squad really isn't up to much and doesn't possess the 'talent' I'd of liked it to. Keeper Blair Currie looks like he's an asset to us. As is David Goodwillie who some of you may know from his days at Blackburn, Dundee United, Blackpool, Aberdeen and Plymouth just to name a few of this traveling strikers stops. I'll properly assess the squad, ship out any 'deadwood' and then try to make the most of a free transfer window. We'll also go on the hunt for a parent club this summer with any luck.

Next Post: Pre Season Round Up 2017
Think you have an obsession with clubs with ships in their logo @Dan Best of luck at Clyde!

I think you made the right choice in clubs.

Goodwillie to fire you up the leagues!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

So glad you didn't take the Darlo job @Dan. Good luck at Clyde mate and hope you don't get sacked . . .
Good decision with Clyde, best of luck!
Now you've mentioned it, it does look like I do @DNZY

Hope so @Suffolk Seasider I thought you may like him from his brief spell at Blackpool?

Thanks @Shedender hopefully I don't follow your path haha!

Thanks @A11_Smithy

Having moved up to Scotland, renting a little flat for now on my 'not so' lofty wage just a couple hundred yards from the stadium and my office, it was time to get to work over the summer to see what I could do with this Clyde side. Admittedly at first glance, the squad wasn't the greatest, but that wasn't to be a huge issue as the board weren't expecting too much either. The finances were tight so transfers weren't going to be hectic, the main area I wanted to focus on was getting a new staffing room together.


And improve the staffing room I did. We went from being one of the worst sides coaching and recruiting wise to now being one of the best in the league! I ended up bringing in eleven new faces from coaches, to assistant managers, scouts to physios, but we now have the core unit of staff, every position that the board will let me full is full and we can move on with the summer.


Transfer wise it was quiet, there just wasn't room to move in the wage budget and the two players that have joined were done by one of my staff and not myself. But still I feel they'll get game time and help especially being a rotational member of the side. We've got a large enough squad to be able to rotate regularly too.


I always love finding a parent club with these smaller sides and this was no different. One of the first things I done when I was asked the board to find me one. It took a little bit of convincing for them but eventually they agreed and what a deal it was. We're now linked with SPL side Aberdeen, unfortunately no loan players at this stage but they'll help us financially.


Finally the pre season on the pitch, getting the team to think tactics and bond with each other. A few bigger friendlies thrown in there to keep the money coming in with the likes of Stranraer, Cardiff and Linfield. All good preparation for the Betfred Cup which is where we're entering now.

Next Post: Betfred Cup Group Stage 2017 - Round Up
Thanks @r96Skinner should be a little different as I can't see too many people starting here haha!

With pre season come and gone, the summer behind us, the colder Scottish weather wasn't far away but even closer was competitive football. I was about to embark on my managerial journey, competitive style! We would kick off management in the Betfred cup which wouldn't be easy. Top team qualifies from each group then the four best second places from each group. Everyone in our group was at least one league higher than us so qualification was going to be tough, the board just wanted us to 'be competitive'.


Be competitive? well I'd say we achieved that alright, three wins and two defeats, one of those on penalties is very good from us and a great start to life in management. We began at home welcoming League One side Stranraer and running out three one winners. I had set up 5-3-2 and it appeared to work here. A trip to Championship side Inverness CT saw us blow a two goal lead at the break (where Goodwillie and Nicoll struck within a minute of each other) to draw two all and then lost 4-3 on penalties! Devastating! Back at home we welcomed another League One side, this time East Fife and beat them three nil, the link up between strikers Osadolar and Goodwillie is a dream so far with them netting all three of the goals. Despite leading after eight minutes against Scottish Premier League side Hibernian we lost out three one to them in the final game of the group.


And unfortunately that was where our journey ended in this cup, the group stages. We achieved the boards expectations of not being outclassed though with two wins and two defeats, we ended up a couple points short of being able to get through in second place. Those points and two goal lead blown at Inverness come back to haunt us. But we head into the Challenge Cup now and then the league.

The Challenge Cup saw us kick off the First Round at home against Patrick Thistle u20s and advance comfortably to round two. Despite the scoreline only two nil we dominated the game. Osadolar with another brace, early thoughts are him and Goodwillie could tear this league up!


I'm not going to do match by match updates nor will I do it monthly, the computer isn't quite as quick as it use to be especially loading so I'm going to split the updates into 4 quarters and they will be each time we reach a 1/4 mark in the league. So this is the next batch of fixtures currently confirmed. It'll take us nine games into the season and we will have played the Second Round of the Challenge Cup.

Next Post: The 1/4 stage of League football - October 2017
Enjoying your write ups Dan, keep up the good work!
Thanks for your comment @Sam Marshall plenty to come over the course of the year I'm sure!

Following a successful enough Betfred cup group stage despite not qualifying we now headed into league action and of course through the other two cup competitions that we'd face, they'd both kick off in this update too. As it stands we're now a quarter of the way through the league season, nine games played so it seems a pretty good time to unveil how its been going to date.


We'll start with the cup competitions. Previously we had beat Patrick Thistle u20s in the First Round of the Challenge Cup and were set to face Hibernian u20s. We trailed against them somehow despite dominating the stats, however two late goals from osadolar and Connolly spared our blushes to see us through. Staying at home we welcomed fellow League Two side Elgin City and beat them three two, the winner again coming in injury time. Goodwillie sent us two up with two penalties in three minutes. It was his strike partner Osadolar who scored the winner. Unfortunately our run came to a hault in the Fourth Round though. Current League One leaders Alloa beating us one nil.


Well this nearly went wrong! The Scottish Cup Second Round saw us drawn at home against non league Fraserburgh and we struggled big time! We trailed at half time before Osadolar leveled with half hour to go. We couldn't find a winner though and they forced a replay where they never gave up and we saw a nine goal feast, thankfully coming out five four winners which saw Marc Dickenson score two own goals for the home side. We face Arbroath in the Third Round.


And now look at our league form! We're predicted to finish fifth this season however nine games in we're flying with just one league defeat to our name so far! It started well with us going on a six game unbeaten run in the league which consisted of four wins and two draws but only two clean sheets in those matches. Cowdenbeath beat us despite a fairly even game on stats. Since then we've struggled to refind our feet with two more draws against Montrose and then Peterhead to finish off the first quarter of league action.


That shows the league with us one place above our early league predictions so far and occupying an early playoff spot. Montrose are the league leaders with nineteen points with Stirling second, a point behind and a game in hand. Edinburgh City are then third, level on points with Stirling and two points ahead of us. However we have a game in hand and should we win it can go top depending on results.


Come the end of the month we picked up a couple of injuries, the big one is David Goodwillie who is out for 5-6 weeks with a twisted ankle and with our top scorer missing it means we need to rely on our backups which won't be easy work fitting his shoes. Gormley is also out long term, looking at 2-3months until he returns.


Finally, heres our next batch of matches until I bring you another update. It will work out nicely as it will finish off this calendar year with the last game being on the 30th December providing no game get moved and rearranged. The update should include nine league games and at least one Scottish Cup game as we prepare for a Third Round tie against League One side Arbroath.

Next Post: The 1/2 way stage of League football - October 2017
Nice write-up @Dan! Not so much into stories usually but will stick around this one for sure
Always enjoy your careers @Dan so I'm sure this will be no different. Let's hope you don't miss Goodwillie too much!
Great to have you on board @gfnx25 hopefully I can keep you entertained here!

Always enjoy having you on board @tongey so thank you!

Halfway through my first league season in management already! It was feeling a little surreal, almost a little easy one may suggest with how smoothly things had gone to date. We had met all the cup objectives throughout the early part of the season and had just one left to play for. We knew we weren't going to win any this year but wanted to show we weren't the laughing stock. And the league, well we were above expectations last time I fed back to you and only lost one, heres how the last couple months have panned out.


The last cup we remained in was the Scottish Cup and unfortunately we couldn't get past the boards expectations and mearly met them. League One side Arbroath weren't that good on the day and we held them right the way up to the ninety third minute where we finally crumbled and lost out one nil. It allows us to solely focus on league football though.


League football resumed on fire as we picked up four wins on the bounce throughout the end of October then into November, picking up manager of the month for the first time too. Gary Glen stepped in for the injured Goodwillie and provided well, netting five goals in four games. Montrose held us to a goalless draw at home, at the time it was first vs third, twenty three shots and just three on target. A good point for us. Peterhead held us again, this time taking all three points from us. We ended the 2017 calendar year extremely well though as we go unbeaten for three. Beating Cowdenbeath away from home two nil, Goodwillie back amongst the goals after his injury. We drew two all with Berwick, conceding in the eighty seventh minute which is frustrating. Finally ending this batch of games with a hard thought two one win over Edinburgh City, Osadolar netting twice.


it sees us head into the New Year in second place! We were going into it top until montrose netted against Peterhead in the ninety third and ninety fourth minute to draw level then take the lead and go top on goal difference, by one goal! We then have a single point cushion over third place Stirling as it seems a three way tight battle for the top spot so far. Edinbugh City in fourth are only six points off the pace before they open a further six point gap on the remaining pack.


And finally here are the next batch of fixtures. Obviously we're out of all other competitions now so mearly the focus is on league football and I'm now targeting a playoff spot come the end of the season. I wasn't originally but we're looking good. Five home games and four on the road, we've been far more successful at home this season so need to continue to make it count!

Next Post: The 3/4 stage of League football - February 2018
Strong first eighteen in the league. Montrose and Stirling to come away is tricky!
It sure has been @r96Skinner just need to keep doing what we're doing..

Into the New Year we go and a year ago if you told me I would be managing a club in Scotland on my first managerial adventure and be in with a shot of the league title I'd probably of laughed it off. But we're sitting here, now in February and having gone through another good couple of months still sitting in with a chance of that league title and promotion out the bottom tier. Now it'd be some achievement that wouldn't it, first year in management, start as you mean to go on. Anyway heres how the last two months, nine games have unraveled.


The third quarter of league fixtures looked to be going brilliantly as we started the New Year in fantastic fashion and early stages didn't think we were going to slow down for anyone, but it caught up with us near the end.  With us picking up five wins and a draw I thought we were on to something good and with the form David Goodwillie was showing everything looked alright thats for sure. But near the end of the month it switched. Berwick beat us four three in a seven goal thriller. Then at home we were leading Cowdenbeath one nil with ten minutes to go and went on to lose three one! Completely bottled it. Then the final game saw us travel to first place Stirling, take the lead twice through, yep that man David Goodwillie on both occassions and end up drawing two goals a piece. not the finest November for sure.


And so now things are going to get interesting. Its a three horse race with just nine league games remaining, one against each team in the league so its all to play for. Stirling currently lead the way by a single point over us but should it come down to goal difference at the end of the year, theirs is far superior, not a good sign for us. We occupy second and only a further one point ahead of Montrose in third, also boasting a better goal difference than us. Then opens  up an eleven point gap to fourth place Cowdenbeath who aren't out the title race, but shouldn't be there as I'm sure all three of us won't bottle it that badly.


The best products of the youth intake this year, my first ever bunch of youths to come in and hopefully climb through the ranks of the football club, plus a couple of the younger lads who were already part of the youth setup. I'm hoping some of these kids won't be far off first team football especially the likes of Jordan Conway who could become a leading centre back. Not a bad start for the youth for sure.

With only a couple months left on my deal I'm pleased to announce I'll be staying put in Scotland for a little bit longer and even have a little bit more money to my name as I accept a one year extension to my current deal to keep me at the club now till May 2019. Along with that a seventy five pound payrise plus another 25% added on if we go on to win promotion, we're sure in the hunt for it.


Here we go then, the last nine league fixtures that await us, plus potentially playoffs should it go down that route this season. But we focus on each one of these games as they come, the key ones being at home to both Stirling and Montose where we really need to make that home advantage count! Nine games away from a potential league title in my very first season here.

Next Post: League Conclusion - April 2018
Good luck in this tight promotion race!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Thanks @Suffolk Seasider its much closer than I imagined it would of been!

A couple more months pass and we've now come to the end of my first ever league season in management! Its been one hell of a season, flying higher than expected and going into the last nine league games with a chance of taking the league title still. Nine games, including against title rivals Stirling and Montrose, both at home, we could do this!


Well, its possibly the most inconsistent we've been in any batch of league games and not the time we wanted it to be. We picked up just five wins from our nine league games here with two defeats and two draws. Again it started okay with us unbeaten in the first three, beating Elgin City three nil, drawing three a piece with Stenhousemuir and then beating Annan two one. The two defeats were key to the title race though, losing to Montrose four one who completely outclassed us and then Stirling, where we led two nil inside ten minutes and lost four three. But we bounced back to beat Edinburgh City and Berwick to finish the season, how would that leave the standings though...


Unfortunately there was no first ever league title in my first season in management here as Stirling were impeccable in the final nine league games and walked to the title, finishing two points clear of Montrose in second place. We take third finishing a further four points behind and will join Montrose in the playoffs. Somewhat eighteen points further behind Cowdenbeath take the final playoff spot in the league.


And so now a two legged tie with Montrose await us in the Scottish Promotion League Two playoffs. Will we continue to outdo the expectations on us this year. We've still got a chance of promotion and silverware.

Next Post:Promotion Playoff Semi Finals - May 2018
What happens to Cowdenbeath as only 3 teams in the play off's?
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