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With my European Adventure career coming an abrupt end due to unforeseen circumstances and Dan not having the balls to continue on himself we have had "in depth discussions" via PM and had been considering many different challenges to go head to head with but the one we've chosen with is a Journeyman Career. No goals. No points system - this should keep us over to FM14 comes out...or so we hope.

We've gone with very few rules. You must start unemployed. You must start with Sunday league reputation and you can load any league you want at any time. Meaning there was very little you had to abide by. The rest was your choice and the direction you took the challenge on in.



This is the set up that I will be running throughout this journey. Seven playable leagues that have all the divisions loaded and despite considering it I don't have any other leagues on "view-only". Austria, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland and Turkey and with all the divisions loaded from the leagues I hope I'm able to find a new job, at least six months into game time.

I won't be using the add/remove league feature until every league has been completed.


Yet again I will be playing as my forum username "Shedender" who is a young up and coming manager from a lovely country called Northern Ireland who will be looking to play an beautiful attacking style throughout this career or at least that's the plan.

Despite being from Northern Ireland and part Scottish I haven't loaded any of those leagues as I've played in Scotland before on this version and the Northern Ireland leagues aren't that up to date unfortunately.

Managerial History:
http://i.imgur.com/ZQpqoDy.png http://i.imgur.com/i40ZOvS.png Kirklarelispor: 17th July 2012 - 3rd January 2014
http://i.imgur.com/ZQpqoDy.png http://i.imgur.com/E31L00H.png Galatasaray: 3rd January 2014 - 21st December 2014
http://i.imgur.com/NZp1DqX.png http://i.imgur.com/w4BHeFK.png PSV: 21st December 2014 - Present

Trophy Cabinet:
http://i.imgur.com/ZQpqoDy.png http://i.imgur.com/DcsAhvP.png Turkish Second Division Group A: 2012/2013
http://i.imgur.com/ZQpqoDy.png http://i.imgur.com/BqR56Ok.png Turkish Cup: 2013/14
http://i.imgur.com/ZQpqoDy.png http://i.imgur.com/rFwlpyI.png Turkish Premier Division: 2013/14
http://i.imgur.com/ZQpqoDy.png http://i.imgur.com/VW7KKrl.png Turkish Super Cup: 2014/2015
http://i.imgur.com/NZp1DqX.png http://i.imgur.com/7ERfEcj.png Dutch Cup: 2014/2015
http://i.imgur.com/NZp1DqX.png http://i.imgur.com/4gfW6Uw.png Eredivisie: 2014/2015
Good luck mate! Like the title 'trying'

Interesting choice of.leagues!
Good luck mate !!
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Good luck with your new challange. It is a shame your European game crashed, it was very interesting to follow yours and Dan's careers. SO will be following these too.
Shame your last game came to an abrupt end , was still following! good luck with this
Good luck with your career.
I will never be as good a manager as you are Dan. I've come to accept that, hence the "trying".

Cheers George.

Sadly because of circumstances beyond my control Miimaa the European Adventure has to come to an abrupt end but don't worry, I'm sure myself and Dan will start over when FM14 comes out as I did enjoy it.

Thanks Zan. This career is going to be interesting I'm sure as I've loaded countries I've not managed in ever or for quite a while.

Cheers Benniewijs, glad you will be following



As I embarked on another journey around seven lovely countries around Europe I had to start searching to see what clubs were looking for a new manager this summer as I wanted to get into management as soon as possible after getting my "coaching badges" in the summer. I headed to the job centre to start looking for work and saw nine vacancies - eight club teams and an North American international side.


Five clubs from England were looking and I would have loved one as I only live a short plane ride away but unfortunately for this cocky manager with Sunday League Reputation the posts at Blackburn, Wycombe Wanderers, Bournemouth and AFC Wimbledon weren't feasible and I wasn't going to embarrass myself by applying for them. The same with Greek side Veroia so I left that for someone with more experience.

I wasn't ready for international management, nor would I even be considered so that ruled out the Curacao post so I didn't bother applying. The vacant Havant & Waterloovile job didn't appeal to me so I didn't waste my time handing in my CV, years ago it probably would have but now it doesn't so that left two jobs for me to apply for and hopefully I would receive a response - they were both in the Turkish Second Division and they were at Kirklarelispor and Cankirispor.
Nice to see your using my template with the comment replies at the top looks good and looks like your set for life in Turkey!
To be honest Dan, replying to every comment at the top of each update you post (like this, see?) makes the thread more clean instead of replying to everybody individually as that then makes the thread look untidy, especially with all the quotes you end up doing mate.



There was only the one country I could head too to start my managerial reigns. Ruling myself out of jobs in England, the one in Greece and the international job that only left the two vacancies in Turkey for me to apply for in a hope to get my managerial run started but will I, or will they laugh at me and dent my confidence?


Only had the interest in managing one of the teams and that's the one I applied for. Second Division Group A side Kirklarelispor have received my application and now I am awaiting a replay to see whether I've done enough to secure an interview about the possibility of becoming the clubs new gaffer.


Seems I had impressed them enough in the interview as they have offered a cocky up and coming manager with Sunday League Reputation the chance to take the club forward and they offered me a one year deal and £650 p/w but I negotiated that down to £500 p/w and a two year deal. They accepted the offer and now I'm very close to my first managerial job.


Kirklarelispor have shocked the world, employing a "nobody" in the managerial world as their new manager, on a two year deal. We're predicted to have a successful enough season in the league but I want us to finish higher than our predicted finish. Can we have a good season? Why not, we have some talented players on the books.
Good luck in turkey! Glad to the see you both story kings (U and Dan) back in business again
Good luck at Kirklarelispor pal! Be interesting to see you write their name every update! Nice wage and transfer budget available to you!
Story kings JCash3000? That's very flattering but Dan and I just enjoy posting careers on this wonderful site.

I'm looking forward to writing Kirklarelispor's name out in every update. I've adjusted the kitty to zero so I could get a bit more wages to attempt to strengthen the squad.


I've been in the managerial business for a few days now as I took the reigns of Turkish club Kirklarelispor but who exactly are Kirklarelispor? They play in the Turkish Second Division Group A and are predicted to have a good season so the pressure is on me from the beginning. They're not expected to win the league but to finish in the top seven.


Founded in 1968, Kirklarelispor are a professional club who play in the lowest playable division in the Turkish game. They're predicted to finish seventh in the league and I'm sure it's possible that I could finish higher than it, if I can bring in some quality players. Similar to Dan they've little history as the club won the Turkish Second Division back in 2000 and they have won the Third Division once too. Kirklarelispor have no icons, one club icon and that's manager Serin, no favoured personnel, no rivals and okay finances.


This is the squad I will be taking over and it doesn't look bad although it could be strong. I'm looking to bring in a new goalkeeper if possible, both right and left backs look decent and so does the central defenders. With only two central midfielders at the club I will be looking into bringing at least two in, if possible.

Both sets of wingers will do a job although I'm looking to bring in one more right winger while Kaymakci is are only attacking midfielder so the plan is for me to bring in one more while I don't need to add to the attack as I've three quality attackers and one who looks decent and could do a job when called upon.


9 games have been arranged for pre season with seven of the games being away from home and just the two will be at home. We will travel to Adaletspor, Cerkezkoyspor, Babaeskispor, Luleburgazspor, Velimese Bid., Kirklareli Sanayispor and Edirnespor while we will host First Division side Bucaspor and Galatasaray Reserves.
Good luck mate looks a decent side !!!!
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Same as mine, looks like you've just got to bring in a few decent players!
Cheers George14brfc. They do indeed look a decent side who could (or I hope) be made stronger.

Dan, my team is obv. much bigger than yours but we both have tough challenges ahead. I've got my eyes on a few players who I would love to add to my squad but they may only be on loan.


So when I evulated my squad I noticed that some changes needed to be made and quickly but with only a few players who would have made my squad stronger it was going to be a challenge but one I was relishing and can't wait to get started.


My first transfer window at Kirklarelispor has seen me bring in seven new faces while nine have been released from their contracts as some were getting paid shocking wages despite clearly not being good enough while others departed because I had signed new faces for their position and weren't going to see much game time.

I've brought in four new players on loan from top flight clubs as Okan has joined from Galatasaray while Mertcan has came from Besiktas and they're both central midfielders while Harun and Cemal have both came from Bursaspor. Recap, Engin and Omer have arrived on free transfers.

Emre, Erdi, Deniz, Oguz, Korhan, Tayfun, Hakan, Ugur and Ufuk have been released. I wish them all well if they find new clubs.


And following the transfers this is how the squad will look going into the new competitive season and I'm sure we'll do well. On loan Harun will be first choice goalkeeper while I'm not overly happy with the centre backs but I couldn't sign any "better" players while the full backs need to be changed in the future. Our midfield and wingers look good and so does our strike force.


We had an excellent pre season programme as we played 9 friendly games, picking up seven wins and two draws from the games. We defeated Adaletspor, Babaeskispor, Luleburgazspor, Welimese, a stunning win over Bucaspor and Galatasary Reserves and Edirnespor while we could only draw with Cerkezkoyspor and Kirklareli Sanayispor.
Brilliant pre season mate, that must fill you with hope heading into the season!
Indeed Dan mate but the competitive stuff is going to be a lot tougher.


September embarked my first competitive fixture since arriving at Kirklarelispor as the side travelled to one of the league favourites Balikesirspor in what was one of five Second Division Group A matches this month - it turned out to be a mixed first month in charge.


So my first league game in charge since arriving at the club in the summer was a trip to Balikesirspor and the side ensured I picked up three points on my managerial debut for the club as Kaya struck the winning goal on fifty three minutes.

I was unveiled to the Kirklarelispor supporters before my first home game in charge against A. Selcukluspor and the fans were treated to an excellent four one home success as a Kaymakci double had us two up at half time before the visitors halved the deficit with twenty minutes remaining but a minute later saw Buyuk make it three one and the same man sealed the points with six minutes left.

We then travelled to Korfez and played out a drab and uneventful scoreless draw. Enough said about the game the better.

We returned home to face Inegolspor who have had an excellent start to the season a week later and they inflicted the first league defeat on my side, undeservedly winning 4-2. We fell behind on thirty nine minutes as Demir struck with the visitors first shot on goal but we pegged them back two minutes later as Buyuk scored. Aysever and two from Depe put Inegolspor four one up away from home against the odds before Baslanti struck on his debut but the goal wasn't important as it didn't change the outcome.

And our final game of the month was our second straight home game this time against Denizli Bld. and we only drew one all as Seylemez struck for the visitors on thirty eight minutes but Buyuk levelled proceedings early in the second half.


It's been an OK start to the season as we're fifth after our opening five games so that defeat hasn't damaged us too much but I'm not happy as we haven't scored enough goals (8 scored in 5 games, 6 conceded) but I hope that will be changed once I look for a striker once the transfer window reopens.
Decent start but it soon slipped away! Sure it won't take you long to bring that early form back, least there are playoff spots available in your league, more than I got!
The final three games of the months were awful Danny boy but thankfully their is still quite a while to go this season.


With a mixed first month behind us we entered October looking to return to winning ways and we had five Second Division Group A league games along with a second qualifying round Turkish Cup tie against a non league side. October turned out to be a perfect month.


We started the month with a midweek trip to Eyupspor and we picked up an excellent away victory with the only goal coming in the second half as Kaymakci struck on sixty two minutes.

Four days later we travelled to Alanyaspor for our second consecutive away trip and we picked up our second clean sheet in succession following a two goals to nil win as Kaya struck in each half to seal an important victory.

Our next game saw us play our third consecutive trip as we arrived at Y. Malatyaspor as the side picked up our third straight victory as we edged in a 2-1 win as second half goals from Buyuk and Akyildiz had us two up before the home side scored a consolation goal with fourteen minutes left.

Kirklarelispor's first home of the month saw the side face league leaders Kizilcahamamspor and we edged a five goal thriller, winning three two. Kaya had fired us into a dream start after only five minutes before Kaymakci doubled the lead on thirty eight minutes but Aton pulled one back but a Kaya penalty with just ten minutes left looked to seal the points before Yavuz struck with four minutes left to make it a nervy ending.

Our final game of the month saw us host C. Sekerspor and we picked up an excellent 4-1 win with all the goals coming in the second half. Kaymakci fired a hat trick with on loan Ergene also on target. Kilic scored C. Sekerspor's consolation with fifteen minutes remaining but it didn't make a difference as we struck twice more.

The month concluded with a Turkish Cup second qualifying round trip to Orhangazispor and we won two one to progress, Kaymakci struck twice in a minute to put us in control although the home side were playing very well and pulled a goal back ten minutes into the second half but we held on to progress.


With the second month passed we are top of the table after ten games - seven wins, two draws and a single defeat and things are looking good to date as we're five points clear although I can't get carried away as their is still so much football to be played.
Wow, perfect month and five points clear! Looks like I've got my work cut out to be more succesful first season than you!
Enjoying this so far mate, looks promising. Good luck and keep up the good work!
very good start shedender kiu
It was a perfect month indeed Dan and something I need to keep up if we're to exceed expectations this season. I don't think we'll win the league this season unless we continue to go on "long" unbeaten runs and other sides slip up.

Thanks Krissern. The "Journeyman Career" is fun as I plan this one to go in no real direction.

Cheers Zan.


On the back of an unbeaten October we entered the penultimate month of 2012 as we faced four league games and a Turkish Cup third qualifying round affair in November.


We started the month with a trip to Iskenderun as we picked up another three points courtesy of Buyuk's second half double. Following the scoreless first period the right winger struck in the fifty eighth and seventy fourth minute to give Kirklarelinspor a two goal lead before Somay struck for the hosts with three minutes left to make it a tense finish.

One week later we remained on the road as we visited Bayrampasa and we slipped to an unacceptable 5-1 defeat. First half goals from Akyel and Yuksel had the hosts two up at the break before Buyuk halved the deficit four minutes into the second half but further goals from Duz, Topkara and Yuksel's second ensured we suffered a hiding.

The side returned home for our first fixture of the month in front of our home support and we could only manage a two all draw against Ofspor despite taking the lead after only seven minutes as Akyildiz scored but Demir levelled proceedings on twenty minutes. Akyildiz' second of the game five minutes later restored our lead but we couldn't hold on as Ofspor pegged us back with nine minutes left.

Kirklarelinspor's final league game of the month saw us host Tokatspor and secured our second victory of the month following a 3-1 win as Akyildiz struck twice inside the opening eight minutes to fire us into a dream start but we the away side pulled a goal back on sixty five minutes before Buyuk's fourth goal in as many games this month sealed the win.

And the month concluded with a Turkish Cup third qualifying round trip to Caykur Rizespor and a crowd of FOUR SUPPORTERS saw the First Division side run out three one winners as Yarkin, an own goal and Ali struck for the home side while Buyuk scored our consolation goal.


Our second defeat in the Second Division Group A this season sees us remain top of the table and four points clear of second place Y. Malatyaspor but I still can't get carried away.
Another decent month mate but still topping the table confidently! Nice big crowd for the cup game thts what I like to see!
Good results there buddy. Also a huge attendance for the cup game!
Nice results so far. 4 spectators??? I have never seen such a poor attendence in FM.
Couldn't believe how brutal the attendance was for the cup tie Dan. Some sort of bug perhaps? I've been doing well in the league but still a long way to go.

Cheers loscules22, the attendance was so bad they should have just played it behind closed doors.

I've seen poor attendances in pre season but never in a competitive game until this season. Bug perhaps? Not that it bothers me.


The final month of the year approached us and we had three league games to conclude the year before the league took a short sabbatical before resuming in late January. The fixture computer had us travel to Gaziosmanpasa, Altay before hosting Balikesirspor in December as we looked to end 2012 top of the table.


Our first game of the month saw us travel to Gaziosmanpasa and we picked up back to back league victories following a two nil victory. Winger Akyildiz got us off to a flyer as we struck inside the opening five minutes before Buyuk scored on forty one minutes to seal the points.

We remained on our travels and visited Altay and could only manage a scoreless draw despite clearly being the better side throughout.

And the month concluded with our only home game of December as my Kirklarelispor side defeated Balikesirspor 3-1. We took the lead after only four minutes as Buyuk scored and then Efendioglu put through his own net on twenty eight minutes to double our lead. Balikesirspor pulled a goal back with two minutes remaining but Buyuk's second of the day ensured three points as we struck in the first minute of second half stoppage time.


We'll be heading into the New Year top of the table and four points clear of Y. Malatyaspor but more importantly ten points clear of Korfez FK who are a place outside the playoff spots so things are looking good but it's important we don't choke and bottle our possible promotion bid or I'll be extremely annoyed and rightly so.

The side returned to league action following just over a month break with a trip to A. Selcukluspor as we looked to start 2013 how we ended the previous year and that's with three points on our quest for promotion.


And we achieved just that as we came out on top of a five goal thriller, defeating A. Selcukluspor three two away from home as Ergene put us in front after fourteen minutes but two goals in a five minute period from Yagiz on twenty three and Kocaturk on twenty eight had turned the game around. The home side looked good for the win until we struck twice in the final eight minutes to turn the game around, Yildiz headed home on eighty two minutes before substitute Guler won us the points with two minutes left.


Kirklarelispor are 7 points clear at the top of the table following our win in January but second place Y. Malatyaspor have a game in hand and could slightly cut the gap down to four points.
Doing very well mate 4 points clear !
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Pretty sure you will win the first trophy mate, making it look all too easy in Turkey!
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