This shortlist is a part of the susie world scouting tour where we embark on a journey to find the best and cheapest Football Manager players from the top nations in the game. For each nation we're picking out the best players, the wonderkids, the bargains and the free transfers.

This fm shortlist can be easily downloaded using the big download on the right, ready for easy import into your existing Football Manager Career.
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Jesús Corona 27 D/WB (R), AM (RL) £7k £28m £27m 29-06-2017
Raúl Jiménez 29 ST (C) £13k £38m £52m 29-06-2017
Héctor Herrera 30 M (C) £15k £21m £21m 29-06-2017
Javier Aquino 30 M/AM (L) £11k £980k £1m 29-06-2016
Marco Fabián 31 AM (RLC) £19k £2m £300m 29-06-2016
Hiram Mier 30 D (RC) £10k £1m £1m 29-06-2015
Antonio Briseño 26 D (LC) £3k £1m £996k 29-06-2015
Jesús Escoboza 27 M (L), AM (RL) £6k £746k £671k 29-06-2015
Diego Reyes 27 D (C), DM £13k £997k £548k 29-06-2017
Israel Jiménez 30 D (R) £11k £527k £290k 29-06-2015
Carlos Fierro 26 AM (R), ST (C) £5k £2m £2m 29-06-2015
Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez 30 D (L) £5k £474k £1m 29-06-2016
David Cabrera 30 DM, M (C) £9k £862k £1m 29-06-2015
Erick Torres 27 ST (C) £5k £1m £3m 29-06-2016
Amaury Escoto 27 AM (C) £3k £173k £166k 29-06-2016
Jorge Enríquez 29 M (C) £9k £145k £347k 29-06-2015
Julio Nava 30 WB/M (L) £7k £189k £182k 29-06-2015
Armando Zamorano 26 M/AM (R) £4k £48k £79k 29-06-2016
Areli Betsiel Hernández 25 D (L) £710 £9k £9k 29-06-2015
Darvin Chávez 30 D/WB (L) £11k £42k £344k 29-06-2015
Gullit Peña 30 M/AM (C) £16k £0 £0 29-06-2016
César Ibáñez 28 D (RL), WB (R) £8k £15k £35k 29-06-2015
Francisco Flores 26 D/WB (R) £2k £16k £36k 29-06-2015
Carlos Esparza 20 D/WB R £1k £19k £33k 29-06-2015

Tyrion Lannister
9 years ago
2 years ago
I thought I would add a few of my recommendations if that's okay.
surprised you missed this lad tbh. on loan from Chelsea. yet another cracking AMC on their books!
already shaping up to be a tasty prospect with leading club tigres.
another one I am surprised you didn't include! been with barce all his career and probably should move on to further it.
another tigres young player who looks quality.

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