This shortlist is a part of the susie world scouting tour where we embark on a journey to find the best and cheapest Football Manager players from the top nations in the game. For each nation we're picking out the best players, the wonderkids, the bargains and the free transfers.

This shortlist comrpises all the best players from Spain. Of course the fact that they're the best means they're likely to be very expensive, if you're looking for someone cheaper then check out our other shortlists. But if you want to know who the best of the best is, then list of the best players from Spain in Football Manager 2014 is the place to be.

This fm shortlist can be easily downloaded using the big download on the right, ready for easy import into your existing Football Manager Career.
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Sergio Ramos 34 D (C) £166k £8m £10m 29-06-2017
Gerard Piqué 33 D (C) £170k £17m £300m 29-06-2015
David Silva 34 M/AM (RLC) £159k £7m £300m 29-06-2017
Koke 28 M (RLC) £38k £52m £63m 29-06-2018
Sergio Busquets 32 DM, M (C) £168k £31m £300m 29-06-2018
Jordi Alba 31 D/WB/M/AM (L) £94k £34m £300m 29-06-2017
Thiago 29 DM, M/AM (C) £65k £55m £50m 29-06-2017
Dani Parejo 31 DM, M/AM (C) £21k £28m £300m 29-06-2016
Isco 28 M/AM (RLC) £63k £37m £34m 29-06-2018
David De Gea 29 GK £70k £26m £34m 29-06-2016
Jesús Navas 34 D/WB/M/AM (R) £80k £2m £2m 29-06-2017
Dani Carvajal 28 D (RL), WB (R) £40k £28m £25m 29-06-2019
Pedro 32 AM (RLC) £94k £11m £300m 29-06-2016
Sergio Canales 29 M/AM (C) £26k £29m £34m 29-06-2018
César Azpilicueta 30 D (RLC), WB (RL) £30k £27m £26m 29-06-2017
Iñigo Martínez 29 D (C) £6k £26m £73m 29-06-2017
Diego Costa 31 ST (C) £49k £17m £13m 29-06-2018
Ander Herrera 30 DM, M (C) £43k £22m £36m 29-06-2016
Asier Illarramendi 30 DM, M (C) £78k £21m £64m 29-06-2018
Santi Cazorla 35 M (C), AM (RLC) £70k £594k £300m 29-06-2016
Raúl Albiol 34 D (C) £60k £2m £300m 29-06-2017
Marc Bartra 29 D (C), DM £47k £20m £21m 29-06-2017
Nacho Monreal 34 D (LC), WB (L) £34k £2m £5m 29-06-2017
Javi Martínez 31 D (C), DM, M (C) £81k £7m £4m 29-06-2017
Vicente Iborra 32 DM, M (C) £19k £7m £300m 29-06-2018
Joaquín 39 M (R), AM (RC) £44k £936k £936k 29-06-2016
Juan Mata 32 AM (RC) £70k £8m £4m 29-06-2018
Pepe Reina 37 GK £90k £631k £1m 29-06-2016
Borja Valero 35 M/AM (C) £40k £526k £1m 29-06-2016
Diego López 38 GK £57k £452k £398k 29-06-2017
Fernando Llorente 35 ST (C) £100k £554k £305k 29-06-2017
Cesc Fàbregas 33 M/AM (C) £177k £2m £1m 29-06-2016
Oriol Romeu 28 DM, M (C) £15k £14m £14m 29-06-2015
Álvaro Negredo 34 ST (C) £75k £709k £2m 29-06-2017
Adrián 32 AM (RL), ST (C) £27k £2m £1m 29-06-2015
Martín Montoya 29 D (RL), WB (R) £47k £4m £2m 29-06-2014
Jesé 27 M (RL), AM (RLC), ST (C) £33k £3m £2m 29-06-2017
Javi García 33 D (C), DM, M (C) £110k £691k £300m 29-06-2017
Rubén Castro 39 ST (C) £21k £174k £335k 29-06-2015
Mikel Rico 35 DM, M/AM (C) £14k £236k £159k 29-06-2016
Mario Suárez 33 DM, M (C) £24k £725k £300m 29-06-2017
José Manuel Jurado 34 M (RLC), AM (LC) £38k £0 £0 29-06-2016
Carlos Martínez 34 D/WB (R) £6k £0 £0 29-06-2018
Álvaro Domínguez 24 D LC £48k £3m £5m 29-06-2017
Ander Iturraspe 24 DM £14k £4m £8m 29-06-2017
Bruno 29 DM £9k £6m £10m 29-06-2016
Raúl 36 AM/F C £65k £948k £556k 31-12-2014
Markel 27 DM £6k £2m £3m 29-06-2016
Xavi 33 M C £233k £3m £10m 29-06-2016
Diego Mainz 30 D C £7k £1m £2m 29-06-2015
Xabi Alonso 31 DM £177k £15m £41m 29-06-2016
David Villa 31 AM L, ST £163k £6m £16m 29-06-2016
Carlos Gurpegi 32 D C, DM £17k £301k £431k 29-06-2015
Cani 31 AM RLC £37k £2m £3m 29-06-2017
Víctor Valdés 31 GK £206k £13m £21m 29-06-2014
Andrés Iniesta 29 AM LC £217k £34m £100m 29-06-2018
Michu 27 AM C £35k £16m £28m 29-06-2016
Carlos Marchena 33 D C, DM £8k £260k £398k 29-06-2014
Álvaro Arbeloa 30 D RL £57k £4m £6m 29-06-2016
Carles Puyol 35 D RC £172k £2m £3m 29-06-2016
David Navarro 33 D C £6k £344k £554k 29-06-2016
Iker Casillas 32 GK £172k £15m £45m 29-06-2017
Mikel Arteta 31 DM £65k £5m £15m 29-06-2015
José Antonio Reyes 29 AM RLC £29k £7m £8m 29-06-2015
Aritz Aduriz 32 ST £20k £884k £1m 29-06-2015
Iván Ramis 28 D C £16k £4m £2m 29-06-2015
Juan Carlos Valerón 38 AM C £10k £286k £153k 29-06-2014
Xabi Prieto 29 AM RC £31k £5m £8m 29-06-2017

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