Standard Kits

Our Football Manager Standard Kits Megapack matches the same design as the Default Kits in Football Manager but includes all the real Kit Designs that Football Manager doesn't come with by default.

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Standard Kits
1. Extract folder to Documents/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 20##/graphics/kits/put in here!

( If there is no graphics folder there, create "graphics" )

2. FM14 - click 'Load Game' 'FM' 'Preferences' 'Interface' 'Clear Cache' tick 'Reload skin when confirming changes' (if you first time) 'Reload Skin'

2b. FM15/16 - click 'Preferences' 'Interface' unticked 'Use caching to decrease page loading times and click tick 'Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences' 'Reload Skin'.

9 years ago
4 minutes ago
They look great but can't get the Zenit Home kit to show?
10 years ago
13 hours ago
They look great but can't get the Zenit Home kit to show?

Same here, the Zenit Home won't show for me either!
13 years ago
18 hours ago
Use this (thats my SSKCC) but only for Zenit - here!

Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2016 \ editor data\ put in here. then reload skin, start new game.

if problem, let me know.

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