2 years ago
3 days ago
No idea if this is the place this needs to go but c'est la vie, lets get into it ....

One of the best things for my when playing football manager has always been working my way into the future and developing youngsters through the academy to become the next big superstar however my immersion is ruined by the the Newgen faces, it always breaks my heart.

I've downloaded the Regen replacement file from here but it just doesn't seem to quite cut the mustard for me when it comes to getting me fully involved in my saves because this is after all a video game why not be able to have decent video game faces (no offence to the people at SI but come on) so I've decided to replace the replacements with player pictures from Pro Evolution Soccer which I have always found to have the best graphics of all the football games.

Im posting today to ask whether people think I'm just being ungrateful with what I've got or if people think its a good idea. I know some people wouldn't be able to stand having someones face twice (i.e. Normal cut out face and Pro Evolution face) but it works for me. I've attached a few of the faces I've used and I just love how realistic they look.

What does everyone think?

((I don't usually cut pictures myself so try not to slate me for the quality of the cut outs to much please))

Lebohang Mokoena
14 years ago
5 days ago
Actually, I think any idea is welcome. If people collaborate with the cuts, searching sources, etc... and if people are interested, why not?

Personally I think PES faces look very will and they fits good as regen pics.
6 years ago
4 hours ago
Think the PES faces fit really well, I'd take those over the clay monsters that wander into my youth academy once a season any day
12 years ago
2 days ago
Excellent idea
9 years ago
1 hour ago
12 years ago
4 days ago
Good idea, I hope you continue to develop it as the regens in game are horrid!
10 years ago
2 weeks ago
amazing, go fot it man!
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