For several FMs now your Press Officer & Personal Assistant have been Regen's with a hidden UID making it seemingly impossible to replace their images.

A few years back boxed together all the hand-made regen images and created a config that auto-applied those to regens. I have taken that config and applied it to a base file of 15000 png files that are all numbered for easy reference to enable you to figure out with image goes to which UID by cross-referencing against the config file.

It still involves a bit of work, so you'll still need to be patient, but finally there is a way to replace those images.

1) Download & unzip file
2) Place in My Docs/Sports Interactive/FM20/graphics/faces (Mac = HD/users/user/Library/application support/sports interactive/fm2020/graphics)
3) Then in the game go to Preferences > Interface and untick "Use caching" and tick "Reload skin when confirming" - Apply
4) Take a look at your Inbox and see if you have any messages from your Press Officer & Personal Assistant - hopefully they now have a Black image with a number....Make a note of this number
5) Within the UID Finder folder there is a config - open this in TextEdit and Search (ctrl-f) for the numbers you made a note of - BEWARE there may be several entries using the same image depending on the size of Database you have loaded.
6) Save your chosen image as the Regen number you found in the config and create your own "Regen Staff" folder with accompanying config file using a config creator or just copying and editing an existing one.
7) Reload skin - ctrl-r ...and hopefully it should work

As you can tell from the above - this is a bit tricky, so it's one for the die-hard gfx mod fans, but hope this helps.

BIG thanks to for giving me the idea and to all the amazing graphic creators out there who make the game so good!
11 years ago
12 hours ago
Any solution so this works with FM21 ??
13 years ago
2 days ago
By nikolaosaek 10 February 2021 - 21:29 PM UTC 

Any solution so this works with FM21 ?? 


Yes, on page 2 of this thread. See my post and use the config file from @ducc  in the post after mine.

4 months ago
4 weeks ago
By John Nicolette 08 February 2021 - 21:10 PM UTC 

Yes this did work for me then I found out harshly that the regens other than the few I changed were all black boxes. This should work on FM19 (my version) and I assume FM20. I may resort to this when I go crazy trying to rename individually 72 PAs and 72 press officials. Also thanks for your clarification on the excel trick. I may set that up as another tab for the future. 


Yeah I had this issue too. I should have emphasised it more in my previous post, but to fix it simply delete all the other black boxes. So let's say you replaced 10 of the pictures with your own, delete the other 1490 black boxes and it should work.

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