Added 85 NEW injuries, and reworked 90% of injuries

With 114 injuries in FM, on the surface there seems to be quite a bit of depth. But looking closer, many things are unrealistic.
Blisters are treated by physios, pulled wrist ligaments take only a day or two to recover from, injury amount is only 70% of real life, and goalkeepers are invincible.

This file attempts to add a whole new layer of depth and strategy to your game:
* Learn to rotate your squad better
* Plan matches and training ahead of time, to prevent injuries to a star player
* Keep quality backup Goalkeepers on hand, in case your starting Goalkeeper is injured
* Use the Medical Center to keep an eye on players with high injury risk
* Make sure you have the best physios available
* Balance training, recovery, rehab, and rest
* Let your Club Doctor do his job, and plan for the financial hit
* Fully scout prospective players to weed out those susceptible to injuries
* Decide whether to bring in more loans/backup/youth players, for a squad capable of handling an injury crisis
* Determine if you should dump out of a cup early, so your thin squad can focus on the most important competitions

and so on..

1.0 Features

85 new injuries, added based on research
Added a new grading system for some injuries
Many injuries in real life are classified by grade.
I = the most minor, a sprain or bruise
II = more severe, likely some ripping or tearing
III = the worst, complete tear
Now, your Club Physio will tell you the "grade" or severity of the injury. For example, is it strained, partially torn, or completely torn?
OPTIONAL: Increased injuries to be near 100% of the amount in real life (compared to the 70% of default FM)

Added correct Classifications and Sub-Classifications for all injuries
Changed ratio of injuries to be more day-to-day and less major
Made injury lengths much more accurate
Example: Pulling your wrist ligaments in real life takes roughly 2-4 weeks to recover from. FM had it set at 1-3 days, but now it takes 2-4 weeks.
Added Realistic Causes
Example: Sprained knee ligaments were only turning, sprinting, jumping. Now, they can also be caused by impact or a bad tackle or wear and tear.
Added Realistic Treatment Options
> Reduced excessive physio use
Example: Way too many injuries are unrealistically treated by a physio. Why is a cold or a cut hand treated by a physio?
> Reduced amount of injuries able to use injection
Example: In real life, recommended treatment for a bruised thigh is Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Rehab. It is a minor injury. Doctors say "You may also use a protective device." Yet, FM prescribes either an injection or physio.
> More injuries allow players to play with protective equipment
Example: Continuing with the bruised thigh - protective equipment is a much better option than injection.
More medically and anatomically accurate names for injuries
Example: A "broken lower arm" is now a "fractured humerus".
Fixed inaccurate seasonal injuries
Example: Shin splints no longer only occur in summer...
Removed unrealistic injuries
Example: A stubbed toe, that is treated by physio, but you can't use protective equipment? how many times does stubbed toe leave you unable to walk or run?)
Removed duplicate "different" injuries (IE: a broken toe(45 minimum days) and a fractured toe(15 minimum days, but everything else almost the same

Increased Goalkeeper injury possibility
Goalkeepers can now get 47 new injury types
Fixed injuries with blank Goalkeeper Percentage assigning too many injuries to Goalkeepers

Further Testing:
Goalkeeper injuries are increased, but still vary greatly, and may need to be increased more. The idea is that you should need 2 keepers on your squad at all times, as you regularly use your backup. If this is not the case, let me know.

Same issue with Central Defenders, refining how many get injured.

Injuries as a whole may need to be increased, as currently English Premier League teams have 10 - 1 players injured, and my tests show 8-1.

The Reduced Frequency version may need less injuries still.

Because everyone will have their own idea of a correct amount of injuries, setup a test save similar to the one you will actually play. Run it for a few hours, or even overnight, while you sleep. Take a look at the league you want to play in. Go to Stats > Injury Table. See how many players are out for each team, and for how long. Does it look right to you? Feedback is welcome!

How to Use The File:

Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.


Many thanks to majesticeternity from the SI forums for allowing me to share here.
2 years ago
6 days ago
This is just what you'd like and doesn't really have anything to do with real life. If you feel so strongly about it and willing to do more than just criticise, why not edit the injuries yourself?

no bro , i calculated .. i checked real life 2019 , 2018 can check yourself.. open the game .. it shows real injuries and you can find them .. but i dont know how i change it ... if i know i will do it ..

standart injuries are ok .. no problem about that. . but more than six months about %5 must be .. 100 good team player 4-5 of them must be injury ... but noone is injury after play 3-4 years this game..
14 years ago
39 minutes ago
no bro , i calculated .. i checked real life 2019 , 2018 can check yourself.. open the game .. it shows real injuries and you can find them .. but i dont know how i change it ... if i know i will do it ..

standart injuries are ok .. no problem about that. . but more than six months about %5 must be .. 100 good team player 4-5 of them must be injury ... but noone is injury after play 3-4 years this game..

Just use the pre-game editor and play around with it.

Just because it may have happened once in a save game, doesn't mean it's the norm. Same as if you have 3 injuries in a single match, or 10 first-team injuries in a month.

With statistics, you have to look at averages over a large pool of data. To use an exaggerated analogy, just because we have COVID-19 this year doesn't mean it happens every year
FM Bard
6 years ago
8 hours ago
I'm giving it another go and trying to pay more attention than ever to the Medical Centre advice. Also, on reflection, the nature of my previous tactic at Velez and the fixture frequency nightmare that is the Argentine league may have been mitigating circumstances to the number of injuries I was seeing.

Unfortunately, I chose a save with Deportivo, whilst the fixture schedule is light the squad is not massive. I have created a less intense tactic also. Still seeing many injuries in the first quarter of the season though.

I have just had a player injured for "personal reasons" not sure if this is a bug in FM20 or this add on.
10 months ago
3 hours ago
How did you last 4 seasons with this FM Bard? I gave up after Christmas first season, unbearable.
6 years ago
2 days ago
do i place both files in the folder or just choose one of them
1 year ago
1 week ago
why dont have update to fm21
4 years ago
3 days ago
why dont have update to fm21

It is updated for FM21, here: FM21 Reailstic Injuries

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