This file fully activates the Thai football league pyramid with the correct structure and rules for the 2019 season. Thai League 1 to Thai Amateur League are playable for Football Manager 2020.

Leagues included are:

1. Toyota Thai League

2. Thai League 2 M-150 Championship

3. Thai League 3 Osmin League Pro

4. Thai League 4 Osmin League

5. Thai Amateur Football Tournament (12 Subregions)

As well as: Thai FA Cup, Thai League Cup and Thai Champions Cup

Note that some Level 5 teams don’t show up in the ‘select a club’ screen so if you’re looking for a specific club go to the division and then season preview and all clubs will appear

The Thai Amateur Football Tournament structure isn’t fully accurate - the promotion playoffs are drawn randomly instead of by region due to editor limitations.

Some clubs will jump around regions in Level 5 and Level 4 although this kills some realism it means that the structure won’t break throughout the save.

If you want to manage a Level 5 club I suggest choosing a start date from another country (e.g. England in July) as games are only played towards the end of the year.

Stadiums are all correct from the 2019 season, Most Level 5 kits are randomised as I don’t have the time to search for all 230 club kits and colours.

I recommend adding players to playable teams for Level 5 clubs.


Many thanks to Weiry for allowing me to share here.

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