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Cut Out Player Faces Megapack

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13 years ago
1 week ago
Recently I saw that many users have a problem to find best possible source/image for their requests. Also, I had luck to find much better images from many of them. This post is intended to give you few tips how to find them, and methods I'm using in every search.

Before all that, we already have two specialized threads for help source links thread where we showed you few easy ways how to find big and quality images from some sites by simple changing url/links of images,or more simple image finder thread in the case you simply can't find useful source, and need help by someone else.

Now, here's what I'm doing when we have bad/small/useless image requested:

* At first I'm using simple Google Images search. I'm gonna use "tools" and set filters to "large" and "past year". In many cases I had luck with just this simple filter. You can always make some other combinations of filters (put some other filter for size as medium or exact,for time last week,month). You can always choose not to put any filter. Then just pay more attention. Maybe the best image is not in first two line, scroll down a bit.

Some people (players/staff/board/youths) are not well known, they are more low-profile, or have common name. Adding the name of their current or previous club might help. Recently I was searching for some English player from some none league club. I searched for him by just name and surname and I didn't get any image of him in Google Images search. But after adding the name of his previous club, I've got few pretty good sources to work with.

If you are searching for a person (no matter if his nationality or club is) from Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia etc. (which use a language with Cyrillic characters), from China, Japan, Korea etc. (Hanzi and Kanji characters), from Greece (Greek alphabet), from Israel (Hebrew), Georgia (Georgian alphabet), some Islamic state (Arabic) or any other land which using different language/writing than regular, search them as that. Most of them having name in home country on their Wikipedia pages, transfermarkt or simply use Google translate. Like this for example:

You can always search for them by using tools/filters with time-size again.

Recently, I've noticed that if you pick some image on Google search images,and click view image it will open it with url as . That's probably mean that image is not opened in full size,so to avoid that,simply click on the page name. Which gonna take you directly to the original article where you gonna find image on full size.

Always check the url of images,since in most cases when you have number (wich fits to the size of image) in url ,letters as M,S,L in url or size as medium,thumb,small,icon in url by removing them or changing values/numbers to some bigger,letters wich you can change M/S/L to XL or XXL or from medium/thumb/small to large/big/normal/bigger you can get bigger images.Not always but in many cases you can.More about that you can find in source links thread.

* If the official club site or regular Google images search doesn't help, then try with social networks as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.
At first, search and check private profiles of persons you need, and also their their club's profiles. If there's no luck with current team social networks, you can always check pages/profiles from some of their previous teams.
If you find personal account of the person you need photo from, in some of those networks, best way is to politely ask him for a photo with explanation of situation. If not, try some alternatives.

* Most of people have personal profile photos on linkedin, but they are too small in most cases. By very simple registration you'll be able to see full resolution profile photo, by just one click on it, which is often of a sufficient quality to be used for cutting.

* On Instagram, when you find the person, you need check both posts and tagged.Tagged images can be seen only if you have an Instagram account. To see and post best possible images from Instagram, pick the best photo and after that follow these steps:

right click->open in new tab->right click->view page info->click on Media

You'll see small window with addresses and images, scroll down until you find the image you want, right click on link, copy and paste it into new empty opened window/tab or paste it directly to the Link to Image of your sortitoutsi requests.

If you don't have a luck with personal photos/profile, check out the profile of his club.

If you don't have a Instagram account,or the person you need had closed images for public, but he have good profile Image, which you can't see in full resolution, use this site to see it in full size. All you need to do is to type user name and press enter.

* At Facebook, of course after finding certain person, check out his personal images. After finding it, do this:
Click on image->options (in down right corner)->download

If the image start downloading and you get it, then you'll probably gonna get originally uploaded image/the biggest possible. It will be bigger than the one which you would see by simple click on "view full screen".If the download don't start, you'll get full screened image opened, which you can easy save or simply copy link/url to your request.

I'm sorry, my Facebook is on Serbian, but I think you all see what you need to do

In the case you can't find good source on profile of the person you need, then try by typing person name in Facebook search bar->click on PHOTOS->click on See all .
It will open you a whole bunch of public images from all people with that name, but you can easily find the image of person you need by just scrolling down.Those images are probably posted by his club or people he knows. If you find the image you need click on image->options (in down right corner)->download

If there's no luck with that either, or the person you need doesn't have a profile on Facebook, search his current club profile/page.You can try also with ex club or clubs.

- On Twitter it's also very easy to find good image. Find the person you need. Check both media and tweets by scroll down. In tweets, you can find images that someone else post with tag about person you need. Right click->view image, and after that you'll get a full screen photo as this for example. Add :large at the end of url / after .jpg and you'll get it even bigger as this.

For all these search you'll gonna need around 5 minutes. In a lot of cases, you gonna find your image very fast. It won't cost you a thing,but you're gonna make cutters work much easier and faster, and at the end of the day it'll mean you'll get a better cut for the person that after all YOU want.

Check out the dates of posted images. We've had cases of people requesting images from the 1980's or 1990's. Wherever possible, we want to have a good quality and recent source to cut.
Make sure that they are the best quality/biggest/most recent.
Respect cutters and don't forget to say "thank you" after you get your request done. It makes cutters feel appreciated and more likely to look upon future requests from you more positively.
We want to do as much cuts as we can. We are not getting paid for anything and we do all this in our free time, so at least you all can do is to make our job easier.
Good luck with search.

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