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Spent preseason trying to figure out the best XI and the formation as well as getting them use to the style of play I wanted to play. Based on preseason I think would be in a chance getting to the MLS Cup playoffs.

MLS 2019
In March we had 6 games in 13 days which is a recurring pattern throughout the season with a lot of games in short periods this probably due to traveling, Cup competitions, International games and MLS expanding. We got off to a good start but wanted more from Chicharito after not getting the goals was I expecting to him to get. This changed when on the advice of my assistant manager to tweak a couple of things like shoot on site, low crosses this led to Chicharito to score more goals. Christian Pavon missed the whole of preseason due to injury and he went straight into the starting lineup as soon as he was fully fit where he contributed 11 goals in the MLS with 16 assists from the right wing. I have a small senior squad and used players from LA Galaxy II squad when needed which was most of the time. Only a couple of the LA Galaxy II players played made the starting II, the great thing about players in the LA Galaxy II squad is that their wages don't count towards the salary for the MLS.

Winning the Conference meant we were straight into the Semi Final of the Conference Playoffs for the MLS Cup which meant a nice break for the players. It is going to be harder next season to have the same points gap in the Conference and Supporters Shield has there are new clubs joining plus the various drafts for various reasons as well as having a lower chance of getting players through allocations or waivers if other clubs go for them too. The club last won the Supporters Shield in 2011.

New York City FC finished 3rd and 12 points behind Philadelphia but got past Atlanta, who were favourites to win the MLS Cup, in the Semi Finals to beat Philadelphia in the Final on penalties. The Eastern Conference is going to be tougher next with Inter Miami and Nashville joining.

I got the ultimate revenge on the two sides that had beaten me in the regular season.

This game was fairly even but Chicharito made the difference to secure the MLS Cup after a 5 year gap.

New Players
I got these players after they were waived by LA FC and Toronto. I needed extra players in central defence and central midfield however that meant I had to waiver Nick Depuy and Rolf Feltscher to make room for Zavaleta and Cifuentes. Cifuentes added youth to the central midfield as well as having potential to be a decent MLS central midfield.
Mid Season Friendlies

In May I managed to arrange a couple of friendlies to help with fitness and familiarity of tactics. I might try to arrange at most one friendly per 2 week gap if there are no other games.

The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4
This is when the MLS clubs enter the competition but it does not mean they will dominate the competition. This was proven by Phoenix and Richmond beating their MLS opponents.

It has been 15 years since the club has won the US Open Cup. I was playing my strongest possible XI since round 5 where in Round 4 I played a lot of the players from LA Galaxy II squad.

Leagues Cup
This was the inaugural season of this new competition between the MLS and Liga MX with this edition 4 clubs from each league was invited but from next season the teams competing would be based on league positions. I think this could be a good competition has there some good teams in Liga MX.

There is an expansion draft for Inter Miami and Nashville which I have select 12 players that will be protected from draft. There are a few players outside the 12 that I would like to keep but don't mind them going. I am looking at central defenders and central midfielders that can be at the club for many seasons. Jonathan Dos Santos started to get interest from other clubs since his contract was renewed and a £6m released clause was added and I hope to make it past the European transfer window.
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Here we go again. I messed up the previous save with the squad registration meaning either carrying on with no players in the first team squad despite spending all of the General Allocated Money on buying down players impact on the wage budget.

Even though they are preseason friendlies but this could provide useful information for the season and could indicate where we could be at the end of the season.

The MLS schedule is not for the faint hearted especially when various cup competitions are added into the fixture list which requires at times rotating certain players and having to rely on players for the B Team when there are injuries and suspensions. Rotating the right players at the right time in order to have the strongest possible team for every game. I am only targeting certain competitions based on the board's expectations. It was just like the previous save where Chicharito was struggling for goals until Pavon returned from injury also forming the partnership with Aruaji. The last 4 games I played McLaughlin to see what he can do before the expansion draft and I have to decide which players are protected and who gets waivered due to not being picked by the new franchise clubs. It came clear there are 2 or 3 positions that need strengthening or improving.

This was not a walkover and we will need to improve on our goal scoring as we were good defensively. It is going to hard to get the best players in the drafts in 2020 especially when Inter Miami FC and Nashville joining the MLS thus changing how the Conferences look from next season.

The extra time between the last game of the regular season and the Semi Final meant I have a strong line up for these games. The club got home advantage on the Conference Final to determine the team representing the Western Conference in the MLS Cup.

We need to be more clinical in front of goal has we have been wasting chances to score which could cost the club the chance to win trophies which is what the Board expects the club to be doing after next season on a regular basis.

New Players

I could not sign players through traditional methods until September or October however I able to get players who have been waived by their clubs and trading various allocations or general money. I needed more depth in central defence and central midfield.

Erik Holt
He was only signed to provide emergency cover and will only play against clubs further down the pyramid in the US Open Cup.

Eric Zavaleta
He is a good squad player to have but still need to get a couple of decent central young central defenders which he would cover for them. He can operate as a make shift striker when needed.

Fatai Alashe
He is the type of midfielder I need along side Dos Santos however he is not the long solution to an aging midfield.

Garret McLaughlin
I have one or two strikers in the B Team however they will be playing games before we play so I needed a striker to be on the bench to be provide cover when needed.

These players and some of the original squad might not be kept depending if I can get players that will improve the squad in order to be competitive for the next couple of seasons while some the highly regarded youngsters develop.


This is where the MLS clubs join the competition and can plan for future opponents has the draw is the same as the knockout stages of the World Cup and The Euros.

It is good to see clubs outside MLS beating MLS teams. This season it was about New Mexico, San Antonio and Phoenix mixing it with the big clubs.

Leagues Cup
This should help improve the MLS clubs as some Mexican clubs can give any in the top leagues of Europe a good run for their money.

Just like the previous I have been given just over £11m to spend on players plus around £3m in General Money to use which I will use for buying down the contracts when registering players. The expansion is going have a major impact on the squad has those that are not protected will be waivered and no longer part of the squad. I have some idea of which players are being kept and I have already signed a bunch of players from the academy with some might be in the first team squad.
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New Signings


Most of the incoming players this season are Academy Graduates

Andy Higgins, Portland Phoenix Draft

He is back up for Chicharito and will only play if Chicharito is injured or needs a rest. He could develop into a decent striker. Right now, I would be happy if he can score a few goals in his limited game time.

Brian Walker, Academy Graduate

He needs to improve a lot if he is going to replace Dos Santos but time is on his side for this to happen also trying to get past other central midfielders that will be arriving at the club over the next couple of seasons.


Daniel Monsivais

If he can improve his jumping and strength he can become a decent central defender for the club. I feel that a loan move or two over the next couple of seasons or so would benefit him but for now I will keep at the club to see how he develops first.


Gedion Zelalem, New York City

I traded out 2022 1st round draft pick and 1 International slot for the coming season to sign this former Arsenal youngster. I will probably be rotating him and Corona in midfielder next to Dos Santos.


Justin Rouse

He is going to be a backup emergency striker for the club and could be used with Higgins in a front two.


Paul Arriola DC United £3.5m Alloaction Money

He will struggle to play ahead of Pavon on the right wing but could make the left wing his own. He can move to the right next season depends on what happens with Pavon.


Sean Page

Like Monsivais he also needs to improve his jumping and strength as he as got what it takes to be a decent defender and potential US International player.


Stefano Boncampagni Black Rock Draft

I needed cover for Alvarez in the attacking midfield role and just need him to improve his technical stats then he should be a decent MLS player.


Victor Manuel Alonso Corpus Christi FC Draft

He is a good back up for Alvarez but he is a shadow striker unlike Alvarez. It is good to have players in the same area that are different as it will change how the plays and how affects the opposition.


MLS Regular Season

For large parts of the season, I was having to rotate the players especially at the start when we were in competing in the CONCACAF Champions League and rearranged league games then the US Open Cup later in the season. It was not until mid-September where we can play 1 game a week. We were involved in 4 high scoring games where at least one player has scored 2 or more goals while Pavon banged in 4 against Sporting Kansas City which is a club record. We had already qualified for the Western Conference Playoffs so I decided to play the most likely starting XI for next season in the last 3 regular season games and the playoff games even if it means we lose the goals of Pavon and miss out on the MLS Cup. Chicharito is going to be hard to replace when he does leave the club.


 one point in the season especially when New York City had a few games in hand on us and we were in 2nd place which I was going to settle for however we managed to close the gap and take 1st place without playing them this season, we play teams in the Western Conference twice and 10 teams from the Eastern Conference once so next season will face the 2 teams from the Eastern Conference we did not play this season.


This season it seems that the clubs in both Conferences are of equal quality which is going to make for an interesting Play Off and MLS Cup games.


New York City topped the Eastern Conference all season lost to Philadelphia in the Semi Final which that shows it does not really matter where you finish in the top 7. Atlanta are going to be a tough team to beat in the MLS Cup


Katia scored what will be his last goal in his last game for the Club but what an important goal it was. He will be forever remembered has the person who won the 2020 MLS Cup for LA Galaxy. There is a lot of room for improvement which should happen when the new signings settle in.


Lamar Hunter US Open Cup

San Antonio came close to causing a major upset in the Quarter Finals. The Final is the only time this season that we played New York City.


CONCACAF Champions League

I do miss the old format of this competition. Next season the aim is to win it and will save my best players for these games. If we win this we will go to the FIFA Club World Cup and if we can win this at least once then I might start looking at moving to another club in another country.


Campeones Cup

We could not hold on to the lead and could not find a way to retake the lead to win this game. The is the between the winners of the Mexican Champion of Champions and the MLS Cup winners. This is the 3rd edition of the competition, the real one in 2020 was cancelled due to covid.


New Ownership

Phil Anschutz announced before the start of the season that was stepping down as owner of the club therefore the rights of the club reverted back to the League and were put up for sale. None of the targets have been changed and I still have a transfer budget to the same level as I got at the end of the 2019 season.


I have added a few quality players to the main squad and promoted a few young players from the 2nd team. I have signed a few youngsters from the academy and looking to get a couple from the Super Draft in January 2021. 

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New Players

If I stay at LA Galaxy after completing the aim of winning the FIFA Club World Cup then he is going to be 1 or 2 star players at the club. I will have a hard time to keep once he shows what he can do at the FIFA Club World Cup. I am surprised I managed to sign him from Liverpool.


A very good addition and different option in the centre of midfield. He will probably be playing along Zalelem when I rotate the midfield in the early part of the season and once Dos Santos leaves the club then he will be the player to take over.


Just needs to improve his strength then he will a good addition to the senior squad. He is another good academy graduate and shows that there some good players coming out of the States.



He is going to be Gonzalez's partner in central defence. He will be an excellent defender for a Championship club or a club in the bottom half of the Premier League.


A potential star player just needs to improve his passing and movment then he will be there.


These are the standout signings for 2021.





I was just trying to get players settled and up to speed before a very busy season.


MLS Regular Season

I wrote off Higgins as just merely a back up striker based on last season however he bossed it this season with 14 goals in the first 14 games including a double hat-trick against Nashville with him going on to score 20+ goals alongside Chicharito. There were only 2 games where the team failed to score a goal and kept 14 cleansheets. The off season will be about central defenders and goalkeepers due to the number of goals being conceded is not good enough.


It does help a lot having 2 strikers scoring 20+ goals each with other players chipping in with a few goals each. The MLS is just like the Championship where a club could have a good season then the next season they are fighting for survival but in the MLS it is avoiding having first pick even that means getting the best player in the draft.




The 2 Conferences Winners in the MLS Cup is what the competition should be about. This was the clubs 3rd MLS Cup which means the club will getting the change to retain the CONCACAF Champions League Trophy and another crack at the FIFA Club World Cup


US Open Cup


CONCACAF Champions League

This means were going to the FIFA Club World Cup. It will not be long before there is an all MLS final.


FIFA Club World Cup

Group B was the hardest group out of all of them . We scraped through the final where Barcelona gave the players a footballing lesson.



This is the 2nd times the club won this MLS v M Liga Champions Cup.


The off season I will looking to get a decent a keeper, right back and central defender that are of a better quality that is already at the club. I have decided that I am going to be for at least another 2 seasons and after that start looking at a move to either Mexico, South America or Asia before heading to Europe. There will be changes to the backroom staff due to contracts expiring. The next couple of seasons are at getting to the FIFA Club World Cup and winning it.


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This save has taken a turn hopefully for the better.




Jamie Vardy, Leicester City £600k

He is retiring June 2022 which means 18months scoring plenty of goals in the MLS and hopefully help the club win the FIFA Club World Cup.



I was trying 2 or 3 different formations  that allowed me to play Chicharito and Vardy hence the fairly even split in wins and draws. I think a pairing of Chicharito and Vardy would work after the CONCACAF Champions League as playing weekend and mid games would be reduced so it would mean a more consistent starting line up therefore partnerships will start to form.



Round 4

This game allowed me to start players that have not many games and rest players as well as evaluating players for the reserve team.


Round 5



Winning this for the 2nd time in a row which meant we another another shot at the FIFA Club World Cup in the winter.



There was speculation that Manchester United and Valencia were interested my services after they sacked their respective managers. Manchester United got in first with the interview which I thought I would not get the job but they offered it to me. I was given a budget of £100m for transfers but very little room for wages but will look at making adjustments also selling certain players and improving the quality of the youth team as well as the U23s. I might look at taking either Alvarez, Kane or both if they are deemed good enough by the scouts.


I was going to look at what clubs were available once the MLS Season and FIFA Club World Cup were done as I feel I took LA GALAXY as far as they can go and need something new as well as challenging. Manchester United and Valencia felt were the right clubs to make the save more interesting as well as challenging.

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Having left La Galaxy for Manchester United in June 2022 with 2 aims: win as many competitions within 4/5years and restore Manchester United as the Top Club in England and Europe. I am going to spend the next 3 or 4 transfer windows to get rid off players and get players that will get the club back to being the best club. The World Cup in November and December will mean that the 2nd half of the season could be very congested and would mean finding a balance of playing the strongest possible 11 while allowing players to have time to recover from each game.




Deigo Simeone arranged for the sale of McTominey before I arrived. I needed to sell players to make room fore new players especially in defence and midfield. The others were ones that I did not want at the club got loaned out in order to keep their value and showcase themselves. I will be getting the Director of Football to shift any players that no one wants to bid due to the players high wages.


He is mainly a back up for the other centre backs. He can develop into a good centre back and maybe force his way into the starting XI on a regular basis if his performances are good enough. He is also an option at left back if necessary but I have Lucas Digne and Aaron Martin.


He joins Grealish, Greenwood, Rashford, Tuanzebe, Henderson, Wan Bissaka and Sancho as a possible English core of the starting XI for years to come. If he can develop his tackling then he will be a great all round central midfielder.


He was signed to provide back up in centre midfield. He does have resale value to to a club outside the top 6.


I needed a player or two that are similar to McTominey to provide some bite in midfield. He is going to be a top class midfielder and I will be making sure he gets enough game time of the next couple of season before he is making regular appearances in the starting line up.


Pau Torres, Axel Tuanzebe and Jonathan Panzo will be the foundation of the defence for the next few seasons with Wan Bissaka and Martin at full back should be a decent defence which would take the pressure of De Gea and Henderson.


He is going to partnering Bruno Fernandes in midfield. I had to trigger the release clause to sign him.



I needed a 3rd striker after Dembele was a disappointment. I am not expecting him to replace Lautaro Martinez and Greenwood but I am hoping that he will bag a few goals when he does play. He also provides me with other options for formations in lesser important games.



He could be a top class Premier League striker and hopefully be part of dominant striker force with Martinez and Greenwood.



I tried to make sure everyone played alongside each other more than once so I can find the right balance when I need to rotate players from January to the end of the season due to the World Cup taking place in November and December.


Premier League

Lautura Martinez was sitting at the top of the goal scorers table until a broken foot sustain in training ruled him out for 3 months and he did not waste time finding the back of the net on his return against Norwich. The rest of the strikers and attacking midfielders stepped up to fill in for Martinez for the 3months he was out. Brentford and Bournemouth were the highest scoring games of the season. Thanks to my experience in the MLS I managed to fixture congestion every well making sure the team had the right balance for each game so that players remained fresh.


There was only 2 points separating us and Liverpool however we had 2 games in hand from January onwards due to various Cup runs. The Board's expectation of winning the League Title was to be done after 3 years. Arsenal and Spurs for the 3rd season running failed to qualify for the Champions League.


League Cup

The Board regards this competition of no importance but for me getting a Trophy in the first season was important to gain confidence and momentum for the other competitions.


FA Cup

3rd Round
4th Round

Lincoln and Norwich were the clubs that provide that the narrative for this season's FA Cup. We were given a fairly easy draw this season and was able to field a mixed XI for certain games.


Champions League

The Group draw saw groups E and F being potential Group of Death. I felt we could finish at least 2nd and make it to the first knock round which was the Board's minimum expectation.


Barcelona v PSG, Real Madrid v Juventus and Liverpool v Manchester United are games that people will want to see. The final was close which I was expecting it to be and it means that we are going to the FIFA Club World Cup in the winter.


Towards the end of the season there were rumours of the club being sold and it is part of the clubs vision for the next few years. I have players that have been on loan that I do not want at the club and hopefully can be sold in the summer if not I will get the Director of Football to sell them for any price in January. I am looking for another central defender and central midfielder.

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