Eric Portapotty
11 years ago
1 day ago
They did it for FM05 or 06 iirc

Can't imagine it being too much fun tbh, always found it difficult playing FM on consoles - tried FM07 on PSP, not a good experience
Tommy Hughes
8 years ago
3 hours ago
Yeah, the basic UI isn't really console-friendly to begin with. I'd imagine it can get very tiring to have to continuously drag the pointer across the screen and click around back and forth. Wonder how easy it is to find a suitable mouse and keyboard for Xbox, because that seems a must if you play FM a lot.
10 years ago
10 hours ago
They changed the matchday UI (which is awful now) precisely to pander to the console audience.
12 years ago
1 day ago
Yeah I am not a fan at all of the new matchday UI.
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