Activates the Jamaican league and the Caribbean continental cups.
(CONCACAF qualification rules fixed to real life overall so Caribbean champion qualifies for next CCL, but could not get it to work for 2nd & 3rd Caribbean + Shield winner to qualify for next CONCACAF League- if anyone get get this to work, would be grateful if you let me know how)

EDIT: more serious issues with the CONCACAF league in particular (+ Caribbean Shield) than I thought than just wrong teams qualifying, also losing teams in first rounds sometimes qualifying for 2nd round instead of higher seeded teams. Will re-upload when fixed
4 years ago
2 days ago
Has the problem fixed yet?
16 years ago
1 day ago
I can't get Caribbean Cups working properly with the CONCACAF League unfortunately, so have removed that file.
Bermuda league added however with the Jamaican file.

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