I'm delighted to be able to announce the availability of this file.

Due to the large file size and related restrictions on file hosting on this site, the file available for download here contains just the editor data league file. You can download the full file, including the below graphics, from here.

Apart from the playable league files, this download also includes:
a) Around 3,000 Maltese and Malta-based player cut-out faces
b) Logos for all Maltese clubs and competitions
c) Kits for all Maltese clubs, both on the information page and, for the first time in this patch, also during matches

Thanks to @StuartNG, @Jacob Michael and @gianni1970 for the great work with the SS kits, to @StuartNG for the 3D kits and to the makers of the Cut-out Faces and Metallic Logo megapacks for the faces and logos respectively. I am also massively, massively indebted to @Weiry for his assistance with the league rules on the advanced editor.

When you start a new game, you will be asked to choose one of the 2 Maltese files. The file named FM21 Malta v2.0.fmf will give you the regular Maltese data, while the FM21 Malta v2.0 professionals.fmf file will see all the clubs set as professional to allow a wider choice of foreign players and giving you a better chance to progress in your career. You can only choose one of these options: the choice is yours'!

Information about this file:

Data is up-to-date as of 16/03/2021.

Over 30,000 individual data edits including but not restricted to:

• Around 200 existing persons edited to update everything from abilities to reputation, from personal information (date of birth, hair colour etc) to contract status, from player position to transfer and history information, and much more;

• Over 1,200 new persons added so that ALL clubs have a full squad complement, including youth team players and backroom staff where known, and also referees;

• All 67 clubs massively overhauled to update everything from reputation to youth stadiums, club histories to player and goalkeeper kit colours for all clubs, and also affiliate clubs;

• All 67 clubs containing this season’s REAL players and backroom staff (wherever available) for maximum accuracy

• Realistic competitions, including the real-life set-up and rules for all 3 senior Maltese divisions, the 2 Gozitan divisions and Sections A to D of the Youth FA competitions, as well as a semi-realistic Gozitan youth league. These competitions also taken into account the changes to be effected with regards to promotion/relegation between the 2020/21 and 2021/22 season;

• National characteristics so that wages and transfer values are as close to real-life values as possible and also to regulate future transfer movement from foreign countries and regions in a realistic manner;

• 30+ Awards added to mimic real-life awards, some of which can be voted for by the user;

• 20+ Stadiums added and assigned to clubs in order to correctly represent as closely as possible the real-life situation, within the limits of the editor.

As can be clearly seen, this was a massive undertaking and lots of time went into the research and preparation for this file. We’d like to thank all the persons who provided us with assistance and information with regards to data gathering. If you notice any glaring mistakes, feel free to contact us so that the data may be corrected in future releases

A Facebook page with the link to this file and some screenshots can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/FMMaltaFanClub/
8 years ago
23 minutes ago
A totally brilliant piece of work by mons and a number of other contributors (gianni1970/ priority76 etc ....), to name just a few.

Just one little change that I thought I would add for people who wish to use this patch. I attach the new Oratory away kit in 2D format. Just save it in the 2D folder route ..... Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\graphics\kits\Malta\4. Gozo D1

This should save over the yellow kit in the file, which was last years' away colours.

16 years ago
49 minutes ago

v2.0 has been released, which is compatible with 21.4 👍

marcelo mateos
10 years ago
3 months ago

Very good work. The most complete and realistic league system I ever downloaded for FM. Cheers!


16 years ago
49 minutes ago
By marcelo mateos 10 June 2021 - 10:55 AM UTC 

Very good work. The most complete and realistic league system I ever downloaded for FM. Cheers!


Thanks for your kind words 🍻

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