Standard Kits Megapacks

Our Football Manager Standard Kits Megapack matches the same design as the Default Kits in Football Manager but includes all the real Kit Designs that Football Manager doesn't come with by default.

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  • 2023.02 - Released on 23 Nov 2022
Standard Kits Megapacks

Please request your kits here.
4 years ago
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By AureaOlivas 17 February 2021 - 07:13 AM UTC 

Nice. it is a good thing that you can directly order from here and not have a difficult time in looking for the available shirts on their website. How can I pay for it? I am planning to buy a couple of shirts. Is there a limit on the number of shirts I am only allowed to order. I do hope that there is none. I know that some teams have other designs of shirts, does this team also have other variations of the shirt. I am also not sure about the sizes I am going to get. Is there a size chart available?


Hi, all kits are free. Within the pack, all kits of that league are located. Just click the download button on the right! Let me know in PM if you have any further questions.

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