England Challenge


Start New Career game and select Club and International Manager
Ideally select as many nations as possible to increase competition.

Choose England FC and England


England FC

Start with 30 Senior and 30 Youth Players, by squad registration at the start of season two (But ideally as soon as possible) reduce this down to two squads of 23 players in line with international rules. Only register 23 players. No squads of 25 senior players, last 2 places must be left empty.


Only sign English players declared for England, No signing Haaland for example as he was born in England.

Once at 23 Players, transfers must be done on a one in one out basis.

Release or Sell any youth players or senior players who dont or no longer meet the requirements. If you get a wonderkid of a different nation who could play for England in the future if he stays long enough its bad luck, hes gotta go asap.

Only play players who meet the requirements

Staff must all be English


Goal to Win

Premier League
FA Cup
League Cup
Community Sheild
Champions League
Super Cup
World Club Championship
Europa League

All at least once


England (Nation)

Only Select players who play for England FC, If a player starts making waves at another club you had better get the cheque book out.
Players out on loan unavailable for selection, players in on loan your choice.

Win the World Cup, Nations League and Euros all at least once.



Canning Town changed to England FC

Reputation set at 7050 in line with England Nation, sets it as the 8th most reputable club in England, sitting between Leicester and Everton.

Finances set at a reasonable level for a club of that size

Ticket prices set roughly half way between levels set for Arsenal and Crystal Palace as two nearest London Clubs on reputation.

£100m Total Commercial Income set to keep club with no profit or lose projected for first 3 seasons

All player contracts set as default from previous club, no staff wages or expiry dates set, should be random.

Stadium Wembley, Attendance set to International levels, Season Tickets set to same as Man Utd due to large stadium.


Added English staff to various positions who either hold that role with England National sides or were unemployed, highest current ability used to position unemployed staff with exceptions made to give some roles to BAME and Female staff members. No Staff taken from other sides unless already a member of England Set up.


League Movements
England FC replace Sheff Utd (Bottom side currently set as requirement)
Sheff Utd replace Wycombe
Wycombe replace Rochdale
Rochdale replace Grimsby
Grimbsy drop down to Vanarama National League


Images not my own work. Kits from https://fmslovakia.com/downloads/kitpacks/fc12-season-2020-21/

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My First shared Database, hopefully people enjoy it. As Yet not fully tested will update if issue arise

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