Standard Kits Megapacks

Our Football Manager Standard Kits Megapack matches the same design as the Default Kits in Football Manager but includes all the real Kit Designs that Football Manager doesn't come with by default.

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  • 2023.02 - Released on 23 Nov 2022
Standard Kits Megapacks

2D and 3D kits for the Republic of Ireland First Division and below. 


Best used with the RoI Lower and Regional leagues database here:


A few notes:

  • Includes kits for sides in the League of Ireland First Division down to Step 5, plus third kits for selected Premier Division teams.
  • The majority of these are custom kits based on the real-life colours of these teams. 
  • Some kits, such as Dundalk's custom third kit shown here, will not display in-game until I update the RoI database to include it. 
  • Some kits aren't displaying in-game, and I can't work out why! For example, Pioneers and Drumcondra kits not showing as expected. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!


With thanks to bolid74 for the 3D templates, wfm18 for the standard kit converter and DokteurHaisse for the standard kit converter script!

4 years ago
18 hours ago

Nice job buddy!

10 years ago
5 hours ago

Fantastic work!

Shane Flynn
7 years ago
1 week ago

great work but you never included cork city or bray wanderers! any reason?


Rob Ralphs
8 years ago
7 months ago

absolutly fantastic, love it. thank you so much 😀 

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