Keane Mandles
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'I need a new challenge' he thought to himself. His thoughts meandered and begun down a path of discovery. 'I've tortured countless people with an array of devices and traps, all whilst still being able to evade Law Enforcement. The only consistency in my life is critically injuring everybody I come in contact with and my hatred for that  team Ajax' As a younger man he remembered the years in his home land watching his team Feyenoord. They had only won five Eredivisie since 1970 when he first watched them play all while Ajax had won twenty. His team had even runner up twelve times in that period.

Now this unhappiness at the status quo is inside all true Feyenoord fans but within John Kramer it was at a constant simmer. He decided to take it upon himself to teach finally teach Ajax a lesson in humility. It was going to take immense effort to attain his goals. He needed to attain his Continental Pro Coaching License, travel home and hope that Ajax had an opening in the Management position.

'This is all falling into place quite easily' Kramer musing to himself as he strolled out of his job interview. 'All I had to do was promise the Board that I would follow the Ajax method and I will be successful' He went into the interview with a clear plan. Clear out everyone. Everyone. From scouts to coaches to u/19 players, get rid of them all. For his plan to work he needed the purest form of a football club. Completely positionless.

'Congratulations, Mr Kramer. You are offically the manager of Ajax' exclaimed Mr Hans Wijers, the Chairman of the club. 

'I know you will lead us to countless trophies and accolades' touted Director Edwin Van Der Sar. 

'Thank you both. I look forward to joining such an established club. Hopefully I live up to your lofty expectations. I just hope we can build a team that can crush the scum from Feynoord over and over again' Kramer sneered trying to hide his gleeful smile. His plan had been set into motion.

'Now after much consideration and discussion with the board we have granted your bizarre request of terminating every employee we have. You sir Mr Kramer have a blank canvas to work with. Please be our Vincent Van Gogh and paint us a masterpiece!' Mr Wijers fidgeted at the thought of clearing out his beloved football team but he knew this was the way to move Ajax into the future.

John Kramer sat at his desk, he had an extensive budget to work with and he needed to fill his team. He wrote down the key components for the detailed destruction of the fabled Ajax dynasty.

1. Sign the most injury prone players from around the world. Regardless of price and age. This will cause suffering to both fans and players. Making it more difficult to win anything.
2. Sign the coaches who train player the hardest. If the players have to train hard this will increase the likelihood of injury as they will have to be constantly working hard.
3. Sign physio's at the forefront of their respective fields. This will allow players to recover quicker from injuries which will hopefully lead to further injuries.

With his Modus Operandi set John Kramer went to work. He knew exactly who to call to make this all come together....

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