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What would you say if we set the national youth potential to everyone at 100. OR… possibly with a deviation to a maximum of 10 points. So that poorer countries with a worse training system would have 90, and countries well-developed - 110. Their high training infrastructure should work as a natural tool to create a visible qualitative distance between the countries... Wouldn't it make the game more realistic? True geniuses would be rare, while most of players somewhat similar. After all, in real life, to kick a ball is to kick a ball, pretty much anyone can do it, and the quality hides in the details - like here. Football popularity would be even more important - which is very much in line with reality! What are your feelings?




Germany - 110

Netherlands - 110

Spain - 110

Poland - 110

Hungary - 110

Moldovia - 90

Gabon - 90

Latvia - 90

China - 90


Don't get upset if you disagree, it's just a thought experiment.

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