FC'12 Kits

The FC'12 Kits are a beautiful collection of kits made by the guys at FM Slovakia. A great alternative to the SS Kits.
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FC'12 Kits

FC’12 style is a kit style project of FM Slovakia. FM Slovakia has become famous for its quality and interesting creation of unique graphic addons for Football Manager. But the most famous are probably our 2D kits in our own style called FC’12, which was originally developed by our friends in France. We’re creating kits in this style since 2013. This style has become very popular over the years and has found a place in the graphics addons and hearts by many Football Manager players, to make his playing experience more enjoyable. This pack contains 55 real kits; home, away and third for most clubs in this style. It is intended for use with FM 2022, but it will work with all versions of the game from FM 2009 onward.

Notice for all users:

We made this fan art for our own purpose. If you download this file and use it in your game, you have to be aware of violating the copyrights of its holders as it contains pieces that are and can by copyrighted. The authors of FM Slovakia hereby do not guarantee any legal protection and it is only up to the user whether to download and use the file or not. He will then have to take responsibility for the copyright infringement.



Download “hot-fix” here. Remember that you need to start a new game for the fix to work! This will make all kits appear correct in the game

11 years ago
12 hours ago

A “hot-fix” has been added to the opening post! 

Please read instructions in the link BEFORE asking questions 😜

3 years ago
3 weeks ago

Hello, I'm experiencing issues applying the kits to two teams, Botafogo SP and Tombense. I have the editor and have checked the ID, but even though I've corrected them, they will still not apply. Any ideas?

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