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I'm about a third of the way through my first season with Tottenham and i'm struggling to get Harry Kane to score. He isn't playing poorly by any stretch but he only has 4 goals in 12 games. Whereas Alexander Isak who i bought in and is playing the same role has 7 goals in 8 apps. We don't have any issues scoring goals as we're only 3 behind the leader. 


I'm trying to emulate Contes style a little bit and also just wanted to try out a 3 at the back. Wondering if anyone has some potential help? 


Here are the tactics

Mainly use this one for Cups and Conference League
This is my most commonly used
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Note - IF and IW roles are not working properly yet (not cutting in enough) along with the possession ME problem that SI has acknowledged but not yet fixed.

WCB roles though are playing wonderfully apparently.




The DLF you have set HK to is more of a link up/creative forward than a goal scorer.


I see in the 2nd picture HK is set to support, change that to attack and/or swap positions with Moura or set Moura on support instead if you dont want both strikers on attack.


Try different roles for HK - Poacher/Complete Forward etc…(make sure he is training in the position/role he plays so too)

Also check Alexander Isak's ppms, set HK to play a role with simialar instructions (not ppm training but striker roles)


Check his morale is good, no negative issues etc…


Experiment with whipped crosses, float ball, play to feet etc… see what he responds to best.


Individual training -try extra ‘finishing’ or ‘headers’ or 'composure' or ‘technique’ or ‘long shots’ etc...

Always praise his training if it is merited.


Set him to direct free-kick taker and penalty taker, make sure crosses are aimed at him from corners.


If he's captain you could try jolting him a bit by ‘threatning to remove captaincy’ (Cap's usually respond postively on the first instance but could back-fire too).


Keep playing him alongside a certain player so he builds a ‘green bridge link’ partnership with them (AM or another striker).


Rest HK for a while.


Fine him two weeks wages if he performs poorly (6.5, 6.4, 6.3 etc…).


Check HK's ‘tactical famialrity’,  it might not be all full white bars yet and he might still be getting used to your tactic.


Small tip - Try Praising his conduct one day before match day.


You could also try this FM22 Conte tactic -










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