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This editor file will add the following players to AFC Ajax. They have realistic current and potential abilities and are missing from the FM22 database. A couple of players are likely to be added to the real database during the winter update. You are able to share, modify and reuse this file in any other update.


Name, POT

Jorrel Hato, 120-150

Don-Delaiah O'Niel, 110-140

Don-Angelo Konadu, 110-140

Tommy Setford, 110-140

Skye Vink, 110-140

Kayden Wolff, 110-140

Avery Appiah, 100-130

Gabriël Reiziger, 100-130

David Easmon, 100-130

David Voute, 100-130

Darcy Turner, 100-130

Dies Janse, 100-130

Mark Verkuijl, 90-120


If you are looking for the missing staff members, please use the Sortitoutsi Licensing and Real Name Fix for FM22.


If you want other clubs to be done, let me know via PM or comment below.

5 years ago
1 day ago
Added players are selected
5 years ago
1 day ago

Update fixing a couple of small bugs (mainly preferred positions) now  live 

5 years ago
1 day ago

Updated for FM22.4. Any interest in adding missing youth to more clubs?

15 years ago
1 month ago

great work, yes of course 🙂

10 years ago
2 days ago

Ben Doak is at Celtic, he is Scottish and is 16, has just signed for Liverpool (official confirmation pending) but isn't in the game until FM23. This video might give you a start in terms of stats. He has played a couple of times for Celtic this season but has decided to go to Liverpool rather than stay.  Until it is announced he would probably be at Celtic in game, with a future transfer set for summer. Rumoured to have signed a £12,000 a week deal at Liverpool. More info in the articles. 


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