12 years ago
1 month ago

I always play as conference team and work my way up the leagues. This year I want to actually create a club in the lowest league and customise it as fully as possible.


In beta I noticed it had a create a club mode, but it was incredibly wonky, it required you to effectively paste over an existing team. Personally I would have thought a feature like this provided by SI would be smarter, so say create completely new club and make promotions and relegations to accomodate this.


Also when I started adding kit mods it seemed to overwrite some of the stuff I designed.


The kit creator was dreadful as well.


I have purchased the data editor, thought this is something I have never used.


With the new update I have just finished updating all of my mods and wish to try again with this. I also want the club to have no staff or players and be upto me to recruit everyone. If I could create a director and board this would be even more perfect.


My question is as follows. What is the best was to achieve this? Has there been any improvement to the in house create a club option, or is it best for me to use the editor if I want to create something more complete and realistic? 


Open to all suggestions, thanks in advance!

8 years ago
12 hours ago

I think editor is the most complete way to create a new club. I do this 2 times and works perfect back in time. Maybe needs more patience but the result rewardig you. 

7 years ago
10 hours ago

Editor every time, means you can add Kit Packs, Stadium Images etc. to really make it like a real club. 

There is quite alot to consider when doing that to get it right so will need trial an error, but lots of help on forums like this and Editors Hideaway on SI forums.

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