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Does anyone have experience playing in the USA in general? I would like to start my career with a smaller club, but I wonder if there is any chance in FM (and what it takes) for the club to actually get into the MLS? Or is it just permanently blocked?

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You can find several mods on Steam (if you use such a thing) that caters to this very thing. I have one downloaded that allows you promotion - relegation and it is quite good. I am away from my machine and so can't remember who made it. If you type in through workshop and then Football Manager 2022, click on league / nation editor on the right and then put USA (or America) in the search field. There will then be a selection of mods. Have a read through their different descriptions, as some allow you to play lower down the period but with no promotion or relegation. I personally always enjoy playing as New Mexico United in the USL Western Conference.



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