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Switzerland Build A Nation Clan Network Game


So I discovered recently that a few Swiss teams have Sugar Daddy owners whether its Forground, Background or Underwriter.


I think building Swiss to be the best Nation and have the best league is too good of a proposition but I can't do it on my own but before we go into that I just want to list the Swiss teams with Sugar Daddy owners.




FC Grasshoppers Zurich - This is the team I would like to manage but I am happy to change that if it helps.


FC Lugano




Neuchâtel Xamax FCS


Fussballclub Schaffhausen


FC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy


FC Rapperswil-Jona


FC Stade Nyonnais


SC YF Juventus


FC Black Stars


Yverdon Sport FC


Fussballclub Zürich


FC Lausanne-Sport


FC de Sion




Fussballclub Winterthur


Association du Servette FC


Fussball Club Luzern


Berner Sport Club Young Boys


I will be downloading a file to have all of the Swiss leagues to make sure all of these teams are available to us.


What Am I Looking For


I am looking for dedicated players who play 3-4 evenings a week when possible. I am looking for 4-10 people to play which is a big ask but with the right people involved it is doable. I would prefer English speaking people and people over the age of 18 years old as I find it weird talking to anyone under 18.


So if you are interested in taking on the challenge then feel free to add me on Steam. My Steam name is boydy122 or just inbox me if there is any issues finding me. 


Once I have got at least 4 people then I will look at starting this. 



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