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First things first, thank you so much to everyone who contributes to such an amazing database update!


This year, I decided to have a go at a ‘non-league to Premier League’ type save, but noticed that after the first season the English National League and National Leagues North and South don't increase the number of competing teams to the numbers planned for 2022/23 - info at this link: and also here: 


I'm not skilled enough with the FM22 Editor to work out if there's something that needs tweaking in the data files, or if it's my fault and something I'm not setting up correctly, but I tried holiday-ing a new save file on a couple of years without the database update loaded, and as standard FM22 seems to have the 2022/23 numbers of teams starting from 2021/22.

Nick Kotsonis
8 years ago
2 days ago

I'm currently using the English Level 10 - FM22 Database file by Ivanator which claims that it goes back to 24 teams after the 1st season. I say claims because I haven't finished my 1st season yet to know if it's true, but you can download it and test it to see if it suits you. 🙂

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