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1 year ago
9 months ago

Hello guys,


Im probably asking for a lot of help, but it seems - eventhough i´m doing okay well - i´m uncerperforming. On the team comparison screen, my team is clearly one of the better ones, but it does not perform as such. 


my understanding of football and stats might not translate from real life to fm. I might be using my players in a different way, then what i should. Nonetheless its should probably be going a bit better i think. 


I´ve been promoted, relegated, promoted and relegated. Now im fighting for promotion again. 


I´d really appreciate help with a tactic for me as a favorite and an underdog. If possible an explaination as to why this setup would/should work for the players i´ve bougt. 


I dont know if its possible to upload my savegame here or another place, if anyone would be so kind as to help




17 years ago
2 days ago

Hey @dennis22nielsen hows it going? So theres a few factors buddy. Are you changing tactics alot, lots of transfers in a short time? Praising and critising when its necessary. 


Unprofessional players perhaps, speaking to the captain does he bring up any issues?



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