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6 years ago
8 months ago

I can not seem to find any sports interactive folder in the documents area of windows 11. 

Am i missing something???


Can someone whelp me as I really am going out my mind trying to find the folder to add the graphics and data too!


“Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2022 / editor data”


Doesnt seem to exist on my PC

Giuseppe Simo
9 years ago
1 week ago

You just have to create it, it happened to me too by updating windows 11

4 months ago
4 months ago

I know this reply is a bit late, but I wanted to drop in a share some ideas. Have you tried searching for it using the Windows search bar? It might also be worth checking if the folder is located in a different directory. I also wanted to mention that if you or someone else is looking for cheap windows 10 keys, there are some trusted online communities you can check out. These communities can help you find legit sources for cheap keys, which can save you money while still ensuring that you have a legal copy of Windows.

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