Scotlands Future 2022 database is the proposed league setup from the 2022-23 season onwards, minus league playoffs. 




                                                               League One

                                                               League Two

                                           Highland League      Lowland League

North Caledonian League,  North Junior Superleague, Midland League,  East Of Scotland Premier, South of Scotland League, West of Scotland Premier

                                                North First Division                                             EOS First Division                                                                 WoS First Division

                                                                                                                               EoS Second Division                                                            WoS Second Division

                                                                                                                               EoS Third Division                                                                 WoS Third Division

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             WoS Fourth Division


All teams have been allocated to divisions based on their league positions at 4/2/2022. I will update these at the end of the season when the tables are finalised. I have removed all the playoffs from the leagues so the top 4 leagues are straight 2 up 2 down. Highland/Lowland league are 1 up each and one promotion playoff place with the 8th placed team in league two. 3 down from highland/Lowland leagues with one up from each of their feeders. All the feeders and below are 3 up 3 down. This means there is plenty of movement around the leagues (I believe this is the setup which should be implemented in real life). North juniors first and second divisions have been merged. All the cups work fine and the database has been tested for 10 years in game with no problems.


Known issues-Some teams do not go to the correct league. For some reason Fort William usually end up in the Midland League, Don't know why but I will try and fix that. 


Any other Issues, please let me know and I will attempt to fix them.

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