8 years ago
1 hour ago

Has anyone been Sparta Prague in FM22?


I have just started a save and under the expectations for the season their owner has tasked me at minimum to reach the Champions League Semi Final……….WTF


I can't even remember Sparta Prague being in the group stages of the Champions League in recent years let alone attempt to reach the Semi Final. 

I checked in the editor files and under the club visions there is no sign of reaching the Semi Finals. It says win the league, play attacking football and the board aren't bothered about the Czech Cup. So I am baffled as to why the Champions League objective appears.


I know in real life their owner is a very successful businessman, he's a billionaire and he's got some involvement at West Ham. For a team that last won it's league in 2013/14 season it's a fair old task I've been set. I was wondering if anyone else has been them and encountered such a ludicrous objective. 

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