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I explore a bit with the editor, but with this one file (attachment) I have a problem that I cannot solve.


1) I wanted to unlock the 5th Swedish league (3rd Division) and I managed to do this - it is visible when starting a new game, but later on I cannot pick it in the club selection step.


2) The Swedish system has a reserve league with three divisions - North, Central and South. I increased each from 9 to 12 teams and placed specific teams in them (my fancy), but when I start the save, the game still goes back to the old settings and the default club selection.


Could someone more experienced take a look and fix the file, pretty please?


PS If someone would be so nice to fix it, I'd love to share with him my 2D and 3D and logos for the fictional Stockholm club I've created for him to start a totally original save 🙂 [I'm good at graphical content, it's worth it]

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