18 years ago
27 minutes ago

I've been hard at work adding the ability to browse SS Kits.


You can now visit the link above to get an overview of all the SS Kits we have available.


When you click on a nation you can view home, second and third kits for that nation as well as quickly jump to a list of competitions within that nation.


When you view a competition you'll again see the home, second and third kits for each club and you can click the “Club Kit History” button to view an overview of how the kits have evolved over the years.


What's more we've also included all the Retro Kits as well!


Check out this Southend United example where you can see kits dating back to to FM10 and then some sporadic retro kits before that.


I've love to add all the Fantasy Kits as well, but it will take some work since there's so many.


Still on the todo list:

  • Allow you to download individual kits e.g. if you want to use an old kit from FM13
  • Add Fantasy Kits
  • Add better attribution acknowledging those who created each individual kit
  • Add browsing and previews for 3D kits.


If anyone has any suggestions for how it could be improved or spots a bug, please leave a comment.


Thankyou to all the people that contribute to the SS Kits, to name just a few:











Apologies if you're not included it's hard to remember names on the fly, of course there are many many more 🙂 


All feedback is appreciated 🙏

3 years ago
6 months ago

Incredibly useful, thank you! Seeing kits on each teams profile page is also really helpful 🙂

3 years ago
17 hours ago

Absolutely amazing work! Thank you!

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