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I've been experimenting with adding nations to the game using existing or extinct nations but for some reason they keep reverting back to the original nation names in game.

Like “Raj or Sarawak”, “East Germany”, “Northern Mariana Islands”, etc.


To try to bypass this I was trying to see if there was a way to restore the once available feature of adding nations in the editor through the comp editor but so far I've not had any luck with that other than restoring the add button back to the nation's filter but when clicked, the change is not registered and the attempt to add a nation fails.



I was able to make it so I can add regions to the game and the change is registered by the editor.




Now I am wondering what other things are available in the comp editor to restore, that were available in previous editors. 

For example the population of a nation or the capital city, which were both available to add to a nation previously but no longer function.

8 years ago
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I have managed to restore the Capital City option for the nations panel in the editor.

Although I can't actually see if it functions in the game because it doesn't show up in the game or at least I can't find where it does.




The options exist in the code still but are just commented out.


You can see this in the 

nation.xml file


and the nation ui file


What would be interesting is if it might be possible to add a population tab to the UI for nations so that when you edit a nation it doesn't have to have the previous nation's population as it's default.


Like this for example, where it shows the population as 42 thousand.



This potentially could be done as the database reference for population must exists but I do not know it.

To call the nation data in the nation ui screen the code uses the term “nati” followed by the reference code to the data within the nation (e.g. name = “Nnam”, Hashtag = “TCht”, Capital City ="Ncpi").

In order to add the population tab the reference code for population is required but I am not sure how I would access the database to know this code.

I imagine it would include something like "Pop" in reference to population but I would just be guessing.

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